Department Directory

Additional campus telephone numbers may be obtained from the University operator at 575.562.1011.

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Academic Affairs
Station 2
Phone 2311/2312
Fax 4305
Ms. Nikki Howard Executive Secretary II2312ADM 204
Dr. Jamie Laurenz VP Academic Affairs2312ADM 204
Ms. Laurel Petty Lecturer of English/Freshman Seminar2229
Academic Services
Station 2
Phone 2314
Fax 4305
Nicole East GPDV Graduate Assistant2314AD 201
Dr. Renee Neely Asst VP Academic Affairs2314ADM 201
Ms. Laura Smart Senior Secretary2314ADM 201
Accounts Payable
Station 60
Phone 2557
Fax 4299
Ms. Terri Campbell Accounting Clerk II2557ADM 207
Station 7
Phone 2178
Ms. Barbara Nations ADMS Clerical2243SAS 145
Admissions: Graduate School
Station 24
Phone 2147
Fax 2500
Advising Center
Station 29
Phone 2338
Fax 2855
Ms. Susan Cramp Director, Advising Center2338SAS 214
Ms. Melissa Casanova Department Secretary2856SAS 145
Ms. Betsy Chavez Retention Coordinator2338SAS 214
Ms. Treva Little Student Success Specialist2338SAS 214
Mr. Rodger Neely Student Records Clerk2338SAS 173
Ms. Mickie Stowe Advisor2338SAS 214
Ms. Elizabeth Wooley Lecturer of Sociology2338SAS 214
Affirmative Action
Station 21
Phone 2991
Fax 2547
Agency for Conservation Archaeology (ACA)
Station 53
Phone 2180
Fax 2291
Station 11
Phone 2521
Fax 2080
Dr. Steven Chumbley Assistant Professor of Agriculture Education2517AG 114C
Dr. Darron Smith Associate Professor of Agriculture2363T 111
Ms. Julia Tucker Lecturer of Agriculture
Alumni Affairs
Station 48
Phone 2125
Fax 2061
Mr. Robert Graham Coordinator of Alumni Affairs2125ADM 101
Anthropology and Applied Archaeology
Station 53
Phone 2206
Fax 2291
Stephanie Borios Assistant Professor of Anthropology2322AA 135
Dr. Everett Frost Professor Emeritus of Anthropology2883AA 117
Dr. Kathy Gore Professor of Anthropology2303AA 133
Dr. James Kilby Assistant Professor of Anthropology2583AA 141
Dr. Kerriann Marden Assistant Professor of Forensic Science2463 20779813
Dr. John Montgomery Professor of Anthropology2180LH 120
Ms. Barbara Senn Department Secretary2206AA 113
Station 54
Phone 2778
Fax 2388
Mr. Jonathan Barr Assistant Professor of Digital Film Making2229UTC 109
Ms. Jennifer Bower Lecturer of Art
Ms. Diane Cole Instructor of Theatre2720UTC 142
Mr David Deal Assistant Professor of Art2162AA 108
Ms. Teresa Ebie Lecturer of Art
Mr. Greg Erf Professor of Art2652AA 107
Mr Brad Hamann Assistant Professor of Art2729AA 109
Heather Hancock Lecturer of Art
Ms. Mic Muhlbauer Professor of Art2515JWLA 105C
Mr. Gregory Senn Professor of Art2687AA 103
Mr. Ron Shipp Lecturer of Art
ASAB (Associated Students Activities Board)
Station 39
Phone 2631
Fax 4321
Station 17
Phone 2153
Fax 2822
Mr. Gary Carter Director of Intramurals & Rec2297GA 14
Dr. Jeff Geiser Athletic Director2153GA 45
Mr. Adam Pitterman Sports Information Director4309GA 1A
Mr. Jeff Caha Asst. Women's Bsktball Coach4312GA 6
Mr. Stott Carter Assist Men's Basketball Coach2685GA 27
Bill Cathey Athletic Bus Driver
Ms. Karen Doherty Admin Office Coordinator III2153GA 45
Ms. Lora Ferguson Assistant Athletic Trainer4174GA 17
Mr. Albert Flinn Rodeo Club Sponsor2268GA 3A
Mr. Levi Gallas Asst. Football Coach2882 FFH
Mr. David Gomez Baseball Coach2889BFH 3
Ms. Sara Hill Mgr, Athletic Promotions/Event2236GA 24
Ms. Hilary Ishii Assistant Athletic Trainer4176GA 25
Mrs. Rachel Johnson Coordinator of Compliance2971GA 1
Ms. Danielle Kcholi Head Cross Country Coach2982GA 6C
Mr. Kelley Lee Assistant Football Coach2204GA 51B
Mr Travis Lee Assistant Football Coach
Mr. Josh Lynn Head Football Coach2238FFH
Mr. Omar Morales Head Women's Soccer Coach2275GA 5D
Mr. Sia Poyer Head Women's Volleyball Coach2918GA 32
Bryan Principe Coordinator of Compliance2153GA 45
Mr. Josh Prock Head Women's Basketball Coach-HPE Lecturer2233GA 6
Mr. Adam Rooks Assistant Athletic Trainer-HPE Lecturer4137GA 26
Ms. Kristen Soukup Women's Softball Coach4349SFH
Mr. Oliver Soukup Assistant Football Coach2204GA 5C
Ms. Norma Stroik Admin Office Coord III2141GA 27
Mr. Larry Varnado JrAssistant Football Coach2882GA 3A
Mr. Jerry Varnell
Mr. Matthew Wilson Assist Men's Basketball Coach2978GA 5B
Aviation Science
Station 33
Phone 2732
Fax 2192

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