Department Directory

Additional campus telephone numbers may be obtained from the University operator at 575.562.1011.

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Campus Union
Station 39
Phone 2108
Fax 4321
Mr. Jose Mendoza Support Service Tech III2631CUB 108
Mr. Draco Miller Asst Football Coach2108CU 104
Nicky Reid Coordinator, Campus Union2108CU 104
Mr. Steve Reuland Support Services Tech II2631CUB 108
Campus Union Information Desk
Station 39
Phone 2106
Fax 4321
Station 4
Phone 2619/2620
Fax 2428
Ms Debra Crozier Cashier II2619
Ms. Janice Weems Cashier II2620ADM Foyer
Central Receiving
Station 50
Phone 2425
Fax 2426
Station 33
Phone 2174
Fax 2192
Dr. James Finley Associate Professor of Chemistry2152RH 219
Dr. Elliott Stollar Assistant Professor of Chemistry4973S 213
Dr. Juchao Yan Professor of Chemistry2494RH 124
Child Development Center
Station 26
Phone 2805
Fax 2080
Sharon Goins Master Teacher, CDC2805
Eric Harrold Kitchen Manager2524CDC
Childcare Training and Technical Assistance
Station 9
Phone 2850
Fax 2305
Ms. Michelle Terry Director2983QH 111
Ms. Cynthia Cicero Training/Tech Dev Consultant4343QH 113
College of Business
Station 49
Phone 2342
Fax 4331
Jan Bradburn Lecturer of Business
Dr. Pattarapong Burusnukul Assistant Professor of Marketing2366COB 214
Miguel Bustamante Assistant Professor of Information Systems2370COB 232
Dr Janet Buzzard Dean, College of Business2343COB 207
Corey Cole Lecturer of Finance and IS4728COB 183
Deborah Corbin Assistant Professor of Accounting2356COB 217
Dr. RT Ervin Professor of Agriculture2579COB 222
Roberto Gamarra Assistant Professor of Management2344COB 209
Jean-Marc Gandonou Assistant Professor of Economics2352
Frederick Greene Associate Professor of Business Law and Management2033COB 212
Mr. Rayburn Hayes Instructor of Information Systems2361COB 211
Dr. David Hemley Professor of Finance2172COB 219
Cheryl LaCounte Lecturer of Business
Dr. John Luhman Associate Professor of Management2066COB 227
Mr. Byron Mitchell Instructor of Information Systems2365COB 224
Dr. Veena Parboteeah Associate Professor of Information Systems2442COB 214
Kassie Patterson Department Secretary, COB2702COB 204
Ms Kathie Rolston Senior Secretary2343CUB 108
Dr. Sue Stockly Associate Professor of Economics2364COB 231
Debra Stone Instructor of Accounting2359
Michael Turner Assistant Professor of Management2816
Konni Wallace Instructor of Accounting2704COB 226
Crista Wiegel Instructor of Business Administration2549COB 230
Man Zhang Assistant Professor of Marketing2542COB 215
College of Education and Technology
Station 25
Phone 2443
Fax 2559
Ms Joan Accardi Assistant Professor of Education Administration2782ED 145
Mr. Manuel Bustamante Lecturer of Education
Dr. Mary Daughrity Associate Professor of Elementary Mathematics2481ED 135
Dr. Rebecca Davis Associate Professor of Special Education1530
Dr. Kathleen Donalson Associate Professor of Reading Education2922ED 159
Stephanie Foster Lecturer of Reading
Mr. Billy Gaedke JrInstructor Emeritus of Educational Studies2491ED 109
Ms Kathy Gilbert SPED Resource Faculty
Dr. Katherine Good Associate Professor of Special Education2603ED 159
Dr. Amy Hazelrigg Associate Professor of Elementary Education1524
Ms Vera Jones Lecturer of Reading Teacher Education2972ED 111
Dr. Penny Jones-Garcia Dean Education2443ED 156
Dr. Mary Kallus Associate Professor of Reading Education2219ED 137
Ms Yetta Massey Instructor of Education Foundations2266
Dr. Janet Roehl Professor of Journalism2113ED 143
Mrs. Dana Russ Lecturer of Education Administration
Dr. Michael Shaughnessy Professor of Special Education2791ED 144
Martha Trost Lecturer of Early Childhood Education
Mark Viner Assistant Professor of Educational Technology2538
Heather Voran Lecturer of Education
Dr. Charles Waggoner Associate Professor of Education Administration2863ED 142
Kathleen Wagner Assistant Professor of Secondary Education2784
Dr. Robin Wells Associate Professor of Special Education2264ED 145
College of Education and Technology-Outreach
Station 25
Phone 4110
Fax 2691
Ms. Alta Elder Outreach Coordinator2261ED 127
College of Fine Arts
Station 16
Phone 2373
Fax 2381
Dr Joseph Kline Dean Fine Arts2373MB 114
Mrs Joyce Stagg Senior Secretary2373MB 114
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Station 19
Phone 2421
Fax 2555
Dr. Mary Ayala LGLT Faculty 9/10 mo2421BH 118
Ms. Mary Gardels Senior Secretary2421BH 120
College Success Program
Station 38
Phone 2455
Fax 2283
Ms. SueB Bracksieck TRIO Professional III2868CUB 20F
Station 27
Phone 2130
Fax 2847
Jonathan Ash Instructor of Communications2114BC 104
Dr. Patricia Dobson Assistant Professor of Communication2130COM 100
Dr. Amanda Gatchet Assistant Professor of Communication2272COM 107
Dr. Roger Gatchet Assistant Professor of Communication2841COM 102
Ms. Anne Jezek Lecturer of English/Lecturer of Communications
Sara Krafft Department Secretary, CAAS2130COM 126
Mr Lonzo Lassiter Instructor of Communication4045COM 105
James Lee FM News & Public Affairs Dir2593COM
Mr. Carlos Moreno Lecturer of Communications
Colt Owens Lecturer of Communication2741COM 119
Chad Painter Assistant Professor of Communication2415COM 103
Communication Services
Station 6
Phone 2154
Fax 2256
Brent Passmore Director2123ADM 218
Mr. Wendel Sloan Director News Services2253ADM 218
Mr. Wayne Allen Web Programmer2958ADM 218
Ms. Yvette Gossett Graphic Artist II2085COB 151
Scott Kendall Graphic Designer2189ADM 218
Ms. Wanda Newberry Graphic Artist I2534COB 151
Mrs Jennifer Poyer Web and Print Content Coord.2032ADM 218
Communicative Disorders
Station 3
Phone 2156
Fax 2380
Ms Nicole Bougie Instructor of Communicative Disorders2867LH 132
Mrs Adrienne Bratcher Assistant Professor of Communicative Disorders2823LH 134
Laura Bucknell Clinical Supervisor4232LH 203
Dr Karen Copple Assistant Professor of Communicative Disorders2380LH 209
Akiko Gray Lecturer of Communicative Disorders
Sheree Hall Lecturer of Communicative Disorders
Stephanie Lebsack Instructor of Communicative Disorders2379LH
Charlotte Mason Lecturer of Communicative Disorders
Dr. Phillip Million Professor of Communicative Disorders2158LH 222
Shannon Salley Lecturer of Communicative Disorders
Ms. Wendy Turner Department Secretary2156LH 205
Mr Dwayne Wilkerson Instructor of Communicative Disorders2159LH 115
Computer Science
Station 18
Phone 2309
Fax 4091
Janet Hung Assistant Professor of Computer Science2692BH 330
Counseling (Educational Studies)
Station 25
Phone 2491
Fax 2523
Danette McGuire Coordinator,DisabilityServices2211SAS 232
Esperansa Wells Wellnes Counselor2211SAS 225
Counseling and Career Services
Station 34
Phone 2211
Fax 2215
Ms. Susan Larsen Director Counseling/Career Srv2211SAS 232
Mrs Nikie Bonner Administrative Secretary2211SAS 232
Laura Dawson Assistant Professor of Counseling2169ED 117A
Jessica Walker Career Counselor2211SAS 232
Criminal Justice
Station 19
Phone 2438
Fax 2142
Dr. Andy Nazario Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice2966BH 243
Donald Raley Lecturer of Criminal Justice
Dr. Michael Ryan Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice2232COB 170
Freddie Salazar Lecturer of Criminal Justice
Erynn Swigonski Lecturer of Forensic Science2206AA 131
Culinary Arts (Family and Consumer Sciences)
Station 26
Phone 2521
Fax 2080
Dr. Charles Broz Assistant Professor of Family and Consumer Science2075FCS 100D
Curriculum and Instruction
Station 25
Phone 2491
Fax 2523
Dr. Jerry Everhart Professor of Elementary Education4311ED 134
Dr. Jerry Harmon Professor of Curriculum and Instruction4416ED
Rosalyn Mack Admin/Technical Support Assist2337ED 101
Dr. Doug Morris Assistant Professor of Reading2207ED 139
Dr Kathleen Pittman Associate Professor of Reading and Language Arts7917ROS
Dr. Patricia Whitney Professor of Reading/Literacy2151ED 138

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