Department Directory

Additional campus telephone numbers may be obtained from the University operator at 575.562.1011.

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Station 37
Phone 2711
Fax 2961
Mr. Bryan Hahn Department Secretary Art2778AA 111
Digital Film Making
Station 37
Phone 2711
Fax 2961
Ms. Shelly Short Assistant Professor of Digital Filmmaking2712UTC 108
Disability Services/Testing
Station 34
Phone 2280
Fax 2998
Ms. Danette McGuire Coordinator,DisabilityServices2280SAS 232
Distance Education - Hobbs Outreach
Station 25
Phone 575.392.6840/1530
Fax 7993/575.392.7564
Distance Education - Roswell Outreach-Portales Information Center
Station 25
Phone 1531
Fax 575.624.7358
Ms. Rebecca Cree Office Coordinator1531Roswell
Distance Education and Outreach
Station 25
Phone 2165
Fax 2168
Ms. Trish Maguire Director, Extended Learning2360ED 103
Mr. Brenton Andes Dual Course Lecturer2435ED 102 A
Mr. Michael Barnes Dual Course Lecturer
Mr. Michael Blankenship 2447ED 102 A
Scott Bryant Dual Course Lecturer
Ms. Amy Collins Lecturer of Heath and Physical Education
Cassidy Cordova Dual Course Instructor
Mr Mark Daugherty Dual Course Lecturer
Mr. Steven Dimitroff Dual Course Lecturer
Mr. John Erdmann JrLMS Helpdesk/System Admin Bkup4625ED 104
Mr. Jerry Faver Dual Course Lecturer
Ms. Natalie Garcia Dual Course Lecturer
Ms. Ellen Gardiner Distance Education Coordinator2390ED 107
Ciara Gilliland Department Secretary, Dist Edu2166ED 102
Mr Edward Gurrola Dual Course Lecturer
Mrs Jane Hamann Lecturer of Freshman Seminar0346COM 126
Mr. Milton Harbert Dual Course Lecturer
Mr. Beau Jackson Dual Course Lecturer
Amanda Jaramillo Dual Course Instructor
Vickie LakeFinch Dual Enrollment Lecturer
Mr Clay Lightfoot Dual Enrollment Lecturer
Ms. Jane Liu Lecturer of Health and Physical Education
Mr. Julian Marta Dual Course Lecturer
Ty Middleton Dual Enrollment Lecturer
Ms Malisa Molina Admin Office Coordinator II4110ED 127
Mr. Thomas Montes Dual Course Lecturer
Houston Moore Dual Course Lecturer
Ms. Sharon Nelms Dual Course Lecturer
Mr. Michael O'Connor Instructor Emeritus of Agruiculture
Gianetta Olney Dual Course Lecturer
Ms. Judy Privett Senior Secretary2435ED 102A
Lynda Ray Dual Course Lecturer
Mr Rodney Savage Dual Course Lecturer
Ms. Brenda Tapia Dual Enrollment Lecturer
Ms. Yvonne Tarbet Dual Course Lecturer
Mr. James Tatum Dual Course Lecturer
Mr. Damon Terry Dual Course Lecturer
Mr Brian Uerling
Mr Larry Von Tress Dual Course Lecturer
Donald Walker Jr.Dual Enrollment Lecturer
Mr. Jack Willis Dual Course Lecturer
Anna Wilson Dual Course Instructor
Mr Nathan Wolf Dual Course Lecturer
Duplicating Services
Station 28
Phone 2537
Fax 2548
Ms. Deborah Grimes Reproduction Operator II2492COB 151
Ms. Goldie Montgomery Reproduction Operator IV2535COB 151
Ms. Dona Skinner Reproduction Operator II2492COB 151

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