Department Directory

Additional campus telephone numbers may be obtained from the University operator at 575.562.1011.

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Station 19
Phone 2438
Fax 2142
Mr. Isaiah Vance Lecturer of Religion
Physical Plant - Building Services
Station 23
Phone 2511
Fax 2999
Mr. Miguel Barrera JrBuilding Trades Worker IV2511PP
Randy Brian Building Trades Worker2511
Mr. Ray Garcia Apprentice Locksmith2511PP
Mr. Jess Harwell Building Trades Worker2511PP
Mr. Michael Nuckols Project Manager2511PP
Mr. Polo Ortega Building Trades Worker IV2511PP
Mr. Gene Salaz Building Trades Worker IV2511PP
Mr. Michael South Painter IV2511PP
Mr. Richard Tivis Building Trades Assistant2511PP
Physical Plant - Custodial
Station 23
Phone 2511
Fax 2999
Cossondra Amos Custodian I2511
Mr. Edward Anderson Custodian II2511PP
Ms. Chrisanta Armijo Custodian II2511PP
Ms. Michelle Benda-Taylor Custodian II2511
Mr. Bryan Bronson Custodian II2511PP
Ms. Doris Castillo Custodian II2511PP
Ms. Stacy Epperson Custodian II2511PP
Mr. Darin Fike Manager Custodial Services2511PP
Ms. Bernadette Gallegos Custodian II2511PP
Ms. Irma Garcia Custodian I2511PP
Mr. Bryant Goodluck Custodian II2511PP
Mr. Richard Gormany Custodian II2511PP
Ms. Maria Gutierrez Custodian II2511PP
Austin Hawkins Custodian I2512
Ms. Noelia Hernandez Custodian II2511PP
Jesus Juarez Custodian I2512
Mr. Kent Kreps Temporary Custodian I2511PP
Biatriz Larez Custodian I2512
Mr. Douglas Lee Groundskeeper II2511PP
Ms. Christine Mendoza Supervising Custodian Evening2511PP
Ms. Linda Moyer Custodian II2511PP
Maria Ontiveros Custodian I2512
Ms. Cruz Parra Custodian II2511PP
Ms. Rosa Perez Custodian II2511PP
Ms. Brenda Pesch Custodian II2511PP
Ms. Carla Plaster Custodian II2511PP
Gregoria Rivas-Varelas Custodian I2511
Ms. Patricia Salazar Custodian II2511PP
Ms. Hermelinda Sanchez Custodian III2511PP
Ms. Mary Simmons Custodian II2507PP 112
Kenneth Stallings lll Custodian2512
Ms. Kathy Vigil Custodian III2511PP
Mr. Peter Zamie Custodian II2511PP
Ms. Elia Zamorano Custodian II2511PP
Physical Plant - Grounds
Station 23
Phone 2511
Fax 2999
Mr. Tyler Bare Custodian I2512PP
Mr. Larry Bittick Recycling Collector2511PP
Mr. Larry Bryant Groundskeeper II2511PP
Mr. Trampas Callaway Groundskeeper II2511PP
Mr. Dusty Cathey Truck-Tractor Drvr/Ld Grndskpr2511PP
Ryan Doolady Custodian I2511PP
Mr. Raymond Fulton Groundskeeper I2511PP
Mr. Arthur Gonzales Groundskeeper I2511PP
Mr. Michael Johnson Grounds Mechanic2511PP
Mr. Thomas Kent JrPhysical Plant Technician2511PP
Mr. Dent McGill Manager Grounds Services4610PP
Mr. Jorge Ochoa Groundskeeper2511PP
Mr. Gabriel Trevizo Groundskeeper I2511PP
Mr. Mike Trujillo Irrigation Specialist2511PP
Mr. Florencio Urioste Custodian II
Physical Plant - Mechanical
Station 23
Phone 2511
Fax 2999
Mr. Jonathan Flen Plumbing/Mechanical Tech2511PP
Mr. John Kanmore Operations Manager, Services2511PP
Physical Plant - Motorpool
Station 23
Phone 2511
Fax 2999
Mr. Marcus Hart Mechanic2511PP
Physical Plant Office
Station 23
Phone 2511
Fax 2999
Mr. Ted Fares Director Physical Plant2511PP
Mr. Stephen Collins Manager, Building Services2511PP
Dianna Mathews Office Coordinator2512PP-103
Ms. Jana Small Department Secretary Phy Plant2511PP
Mr. Ralph Zapata Maintenance/Custodian
Physical Sciences
Station 33
Phone 2174
Fax 2192
Dr. William Cooper Assistant Professor of Chemistry2496RH 118
Shawn Cordaro Lecturer of Aviation Science0890
Dr. Robert Elliott Assistant Professor of Aviation Science2732RH 123
Mr. John Mead Lecturer of Aviation Science
Dr. Juchao Yan Professor of Chemistry2494RH 124
Station 33
Phone 2174
Fax 2192
Dr. William Andersen Associate Professor of Physics2355S 211
Mr. Huie Brown Science Technician2462S 207
Planning and Analysis
Station 2
Phone 2315
Fax 2244
Ms. Betty Johnson Title V Project Director4280QH 202
Stacey Bennett Institional Research Specialis2468
Dr. Patrice Caldwell Exec Dir Planning & Analysis2315ADM 204
Ms. Cris Watson Executive Secretary2315ADM 204
Planning Services/Institutional Research
Station 2
Phone 2467
Fax 2244
Ms. Amy Holt Asso Dir Institutional Researc2467ADM 212
Ms. Deborah Strong Department Secretary2467ADM 212
Police Department
Station 55
Phone 2392
Fax 2081
Mr. Bradley Mauldin Chief2392PD
Maggie Chavez Law Enforcement Support Specia2393UPD
Roderickus Collins Police Officer IPD
Mr. Chad Davis Sergeant2392PD
Shawn Gore Police Officer II2393
Nathan Mclaughlin Police Officer I
Jason Spalding Sergeant Patrol
Ms. Patricia Terry Police Officer I2392PD
Ms. Vyanca Vega Police Officer I3520PD
Political Science
Station 35
Phone 2257
Fax 2654
Dr. Daniel Acheson-Brown Professor of Political Science2923COB 168
Gary Bond HHSO Resource Faculty2591
Steven Brust Assistant Professor of Political Science2509COB 165
Ms. Kelly Cradock Department Secretary2257COB 161
Ms. Nicole Hausman Lecturer of Psychology
Ms. June Shepherd Lecturer of Psychology
Ms. Mary Shuttlesworth Lecturer of Psychology
Post Office
Station 42
Phone 2633
Fax 2844
Mr. Michael Marshall Manager Post Office2953LH 157
Ms. Esther Morrison Post office Clerk II/Del Exp2633LH 151
Ms. Betty Salaz Post Office Clerk I2767LH 151
PPOHA Grant/TitleV
Station 30
Phone 2541
Fax 2391
Mr. Ricardo Arredondo Prgrm Mngr/Grad Stdnt Serv Spe2528CUB 16
Mrs Martie Chacon Nurse Transition/Outreach Coor4280QH 210
President's Office
Station 1
Phone 2121
Fax 2980
Dr. Steven Gamble President2121ADM 102
Ms. Deborah Bentley Executive Secretary2091ADM 102
Professional Technical Education
Station 11
Phone 2526
Fax 4249
Dr. Timothy Whicker Assistant Professor of Career Technical Education4124UA 112A
Station 35
Phone 2257
Fax 2654
Mr. Johnny Casady Lecturer of Psychology
Dr. Fred Cordova Professor of Psychology2581COB 169
Dr. Leslie Gill Professor of Psychology2045COB 167
Dr. Elizabeth Self Professor of Psychology4355COB 166
Station 50
Phone 2425
Fax 2426
Mr. Bradley Kemper Director of Purchasing2425PUR
Ms Jane Blakeley 2425PUR
Ms. Patricia Holbrook Accounting Clerk II2425PUR
Ms. Jerri Kent Buyer II2425PUR

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