Facilities and Regulations

Campus Union facilities are part of the properties of Eastern New Mexico University. As such, the rules and regulations governing the use of campus buildings are approved by the president of the University and, ultimately, by the Board of Regents.

Note: Request for exceptions to any of the below are to be made in writing to the director of the Campus Union two weeks prior to the date of the event.

Specific regulations for the use of the Campus Union are:

  1. Lounging shall be confined to areas designed for such purpose.
  2. University property in the Campus Union such as furniture or equipment may neither be taken from the building nor moved from one part of the building to another
  3. No commercial concession, selling or soliciting will be permitted unless space for such is rented and approved through the director of the Campus Union.
  4. No candles, incense, or other flammable materials may be used.
  5. Smoking is permitted is designated areas outside the building and nowhere else.
  6. Glitter on posters or other decorations may not be placed on bulletin boards or utilized in any area of the Campus Union.
  7. No animals of any type, except service animals, are allowed in Campus Union with the exception of official University mascots.
  8. Any person found in possession of or damaging University (Campus Union) property will be subject to disciplinary action restitution, or criminal prosecution.
  9. The Campus Union will not be responsible for any articles lost or stolen in the building.
  10. Bicycling, skateboarding, roller blading or physical activities that could endanger Campus Union patrons are forbidden inside the Campus Union. These items also may not be ridden on the patios or ramps adjacent to the Campus Union.
  11. Scheduled activities must not in any way disrupt or interfere with other meetings, classes or scheduled activities.
  12. All food and beverage served in the Campus Union, except vending, are the responsibility of contracted food service vendor. No food or beverage may be brought into the building from outside source unless approved, in advance, by the general manager of Food Services and the director of the Campus Union. This regulation is necessitated by the exclusive food service contracted between Sodexo and the University.
  13. Individuals and groups will be help financially responsible for any damages or excessive cleanup following their events.
  14. If the University seems it is necessary to call additional security at an event, including but not limited to specific incidents, the cost will be charged to the user’s contract.
  15. Lobby computer are for current student use only and must have a valid I.D. card.