General Policies for Campus Life

The Eastern New Mexico Campus Union, as a state building, is open to the University and community publics, but is subject to University policy, as set forth in the Administrative Governance Policy and Procedures manual and Campus Union policies and procedures.

An important purpose of the Campus Union is to responsibly and dynamically serve the University community. This includes effectively addressing the needs of individual students, staff, eligible organizations and general publics of the University in a matter that is financially sound.

In order to address the purpose for which the Campus Union was created, the use of the Campus Union facilities is restricted to students, faculty, staff and invited guest, except in those areas and on such occasions when all or part of the building is open the general public. The University reserves the right to require a current student, staff, or faculty valid I.D. card, or evidence of invitation as a guest or other suitable evidence of qualification for the use of the Campus Union facilities. This includes the computers that are located in the lobby of the Campus Union Building. Persons failing to provide such identification and who refuse to leave the building may be removed and charged with criminal trespassing of their actions disrupt the normal operation of the Campus Union.

A guest is a person who is invited: (1) by a University department or a registered University organization to use a Campus Union facility during a specific meeting, special function, tour, or official visit; (2) by a student, faculty or staff member to use a Campus Union facility for a specific occasion or registered program taking place in the building, and who is escorted to the building by that person and accompanied by them while there; (3) by an open invitation to events sponsored by a University department or organization, intended for the general public.

The use of the Campus Union facilities by guest is limited to the specific occasion to which they are invited and cannot be interpreted to include repeated use of the facility. Guests are subject to the rules and regulations governing the use of the Campus Union as stated by statute or appropriate University authorities. A student, faculty or staff member shall be responsible for the actions of his/her guest(s).



The lounges are intended to be placed for relaxation and the enjoyment of leisure reading, studying, television viewing and fellowship. As such, proper an acceptable conduct is expected at all times.

  1. No sleeping in the lobby
  2. No feet on the furniture
  3. No sitting on tables
  4. Keep trash picked up
  5. No fighting, wrestling or horseplay
  6. Furniture is not to be rearranged without permission of the director of the Campus Union
  7. Reasonable Volume
  8. No restricting access on traffic flow


Electronic Musical Devices

Amplification devices may not be used in areas where the use of such devices would interrupt and/or interfere with the normal operation of the University and its program. The University reserves the right to approve all times and areas in which such devices can be used. Groups may be asked to decrease volume so as not to interfere with other activities or the normal operations/activities of the Campus Union or offices located in the building. Individual electronic musical devices with headphones are allowed. The operation of radios and tape/CD players will not be allowed in public areas and lounges. Sound amplification in meeting rooms will be restricted to a low volume.


Distribution of Materials

The time, place and manner of distribution is governed by the Sales and Solicitation Policy on the Solicitation and Posting Policy page.



On the first "no-show" by an organization, the organization may be called by a Campus Union staff member and counseled as their responsibility to use a reserved space. After the second "no-show" the organization and advisor will be sent a letter and the organization may be required to make a deposit of $25 for future reservations. The deposit will be held until the end of the year or a third "no-show" occurs, at which time the deposit will be forfeited. A "no-show" for a third time makes the organization ineligible to reserve Campus Union facilities for the remainder of the semester.


Co-Sponsoring and Commercial Entities

Registered student organizations, faculty/staff and departments who co-sponsor events with an off-campus business or commercial entity should read sales and solicitation policy. Approvals require completion of a Solicitation Request form, available in Campus Life 104. Exceptions (waivers) are co-sponsored events that do not involve money; however, the co-sponsorship must be a substantive partnership, not rubber-stamped. If there are any questions see director of Campus Life.


Fund Raising Project

A fund raising activity shall be defined as any activity that involves a request for money (excluding dues).
All fund raising projects by registered student organizations must comply with the sales and solicitation policy. A Solicitation Request form, available in the Campus Life 104 and must receive approval from the director of Student Activities prior to the event. Any fund raising activity that is in direct competition with activities or services of the Campus Union or the Associated Students Activities Board will not be permitted in the Campus Union.

In no event shall a student, student registered organization or a University- department completion of all required forms and permission serve as a front for a private promoter.


Overnight Storage

The Campus Union shall not be responsible for the overnight storage, unattended property or display of materials supplies and equipment.


Early and Late Charges

Events which require an early opening or late closing of the Campus Union beyond the posted normal operating hours must be arranged through the Office of Campus Union before the date of the event. An hourly charge will be assessed for each hour before or after the normal operating hours.


Account Past Due

The Campus Union reserves the right to deny services to any individual or organization which has an account more than 30 days past due from the time the statement was dated in the Office of Campus Life.


Alcohol/Drug/Weapons Policy

Use or possession of alcohol, drugs, and/or weapons is not permitted in the Campus Union as per the student Code of Conduct and in the Student Handbook.



Conflict in the Campus Union Building at all events must comply with the Student Code of Conduct found in the Student Handbook.