Solicitation and Posting Policy

The following guidelines pertain to all areas in the Campus Union. The director of the Campus Union must authorize any question not covered here.

  1. All posters, flyers, etc. Must be appropriately stamped at the Campus Union Guest Services and Information Desk prior to posting.
  2. Posters, flyers, signs, etc., may be hung on bulletin boards or poster sticks only.
  3. Posters larger than 11" x 17" require approval of the director of the Campus Union.
  4. Advertisements may not be posted longer than a two-week period prior to the advertised event. Exceptions/extensions must be approved by the director of the Campus Union.
  5. Advertisement must be removed by the sponsoring organization within 24 hours after the event has taken place.
  6. Advertisement containing explicit or implicit pornography, those containing alcohol related material (i.e., BYOB, keg parties, etc.), or those containing explicit or implicit vulgarity are prohibited in the Campus Union. The Campus Union staff reserves the right to remove such advertisements without prior notification.
  7. Non-dated advertisements are removed on the first day of each month.
  8. Non-glassed bulletin boards are available to everyone with approved posters. Only one advertisement per event is to be posted on each available bulletin board.
  9. Advertisement may be hung on bulletin boards with thumbtacks or pins only.
  10. No advertisement may be placed on doors, walls, woodwork, large poles supporting the overhang at the north and south entrance to the Campus Union, or glass windows/doors. For dining room exceptions, consult the director of the Campus Life or director of Food Services.
  11. Table tents are permitted on tables, flyers are not. There is no guarantee that tables tents will remain on the tables for a specific period of time.
  12. No scotch tape, adhesive, tacks, staples, nails or other mechanical devices may be used to attach signs to Campus Union property. These regulations concerning decorations and posting apply to all meeting rooms, furniture, woodwork, windows, walls, ceilings, floor (sidewalks) and doors. Only drafting tape or other non-destructive adhesive materials will be allowed. Any hanging materials must be suspended by Campus Union staff. All hanging items must have holes (grommets) at the top to be hung properly.
  13. Functions sponsored by University groups will take precedence over functions sponsored by non-University groups.
  14. The Campus Union staff reserves the right to remove or move advertisements.
  15. Banners must be approved by the director of Campus Life. Consult with the Office of Campus Life for details.