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ENMU News and Events Publications Monday Memo Monday Memo - February 25, 2002

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General News

ENMU Visiting Professor Continues Series
on Darwin and Evolution

by Wendel Sloan
Communication Services

PORTALES-Dr. Jonathan Smith, who holds the Jack Williamson Visiting Endowed Chair in Science and the Humanities at Eastern New Mexico University in Portales, is conducting an on-going colloquium on “Darwin and Darwinism Today: Contexts and Controversies.”

The next presentation is on "Darwin and Evolutionary Biology Today" at noon on Tuesday, Feb. 26, in the Sandia Room of the Campus Union The presenter is Dr. Marv Lutnesky, associate professor and chair of ENMU’s Department of Biology. It will be a brown bag session. [more]

ENMU Schedules Performances of ‘Cabaret’

PORTALES--The original version of the smash Broadway hit "Cabaret" will be playing in the Eastern New Mexico University Ballroom from Feb. 28 through March 3, with a Sunday afternoon matinee.

The show is set in Berlin between the two World Wars, and depicts the lives of several characters and how they are affected by the rise of the Nazism. Sally Bowles is the star of the Kit Kat Klub, a Berlin nightclub. She meets--and inserts herself into the life of--Clifford Bradshaw, a young American writer traveling Europe in search of inspiration for his first novel. Clifford rents a room from Fraulein Schneider, a German woman who was born into a wealthy family but lost her wealth and love. Another of her tenants is Herr Schultz, a Jewish fruit shop owner who falls hard for his landlady. The cast includes a cynically amusing Master of Ceremonies, a group of beautiful Kit Kat Girls, Fraulein Kost, a woman with a lust for life, and the sinister Ernst Ludwig, a Nazi sympathizer. [more]

ENMU Graduate Student Assists Local Firemen

by Shane Brown
Communication Services

Portales-Eastern New Mexico University graduate student Floyd White is designing a fitness program for the Clovis Fire Department. Tim Peterson from the Clovis Fire Department contacted Dr. Mary Drabbs, assistant professor of health and physical education, for assistance on a fitness program for firefighters. Drabbs then put White in charge of the program.

“My basic role is to develop the work-out program, and supervise the first couple of weeks to make sure the firefighters are doing the proper techniques,” White said. The program is voluntary and designed to help with assessments, cardio, muscle strength and flexibility. [more]

Personnel Briefs

Dr. John Humphreys, assistant professor of management, and Dr. Walter Einstein, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, appear as authors in the latest offering from Idea Group Publishing (2002). Dr. Humphreys and Dr. Einstein co-authored the opening chapter titled, "The Changing Face of Leadership: The Influence of Information Technology," in E. Szewczak and C. Snodgrass (Eds.), Managing the Human Side of Information Technology: Challenges and Solutions: pp.1-34.

Dr. Antony Oldknow, professor of English, and Dr. Cyndy Hendershot, ENMU alumna and assistant professor of English at Arkansas State Univerity, made a joint presentation titled "Anti-Communist Propaganda Maps in Popular Magazines" in the Section Cold War Conflicts: Politics and Culture I at The 23rd Annual Conference of The Southwest/Texas Popular Culture Association at the Hilton Hotel in Albuquerque on Feb. 14. Dr. Oldknow also chaired the meeting.

Dr. David Batten, Department of Anthropology and Applied Archaeology has received a grant from the New Mexico Historic Preservation Division to do archaeological survey between Villanueva and White Lakes, N. M.. This is part of his ongoing Las Tapias Escarpment Project to investigate changes in prehistoric agricultural settlement in that portion of the Pecos watershed.