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FREE - groundcover plants - vinca major (periwinkle)  
 FREE - garlic chives, lemon balm
 FREE - shade plants - Four O'Clocks  
 FREE - seedling trees - tree lavender, apricot, elderberry, mulberry, red oak, elm  
 FREE - orange trumpet creeper - great for humming-birds and hawk-moths. 
 FREE - Houseplants - Queen of the Night Cactus; Tradescantia (purple leaves, trailing or hanging plant)  Donations of empty plant pots will be gratefully recieved.
 Contact : Shirley Rollinson or 763-0101 leave message. (11-5)

Rescue Kitty needs loving home  grey with white paws and bib,  had shots,  gentle, affectionate, clean, box-trained,  Will bring to new home. 
 Call 763-0101 leave message  
 or email (11-5)

sale: Yamaha upright piano, excellent condition, ebony finish. $1500.00 OBO. 575--359-0400. (10-29)

2-person touring scooter. 50 MPH, 75 MPG. Runs great. $825. 575.749.1631. (10-29)

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