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Authorized Absences

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Authorized Absences for the Week of March 11, 2013

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Sponsor Making Trip: Dr. Boot Chumbley
Purpose of Activity: ENMU FFA District Contest
Destination: ENMU Campus and County Farrgrounds

Emergency Phone: 2517
Email Address:
Emergency Address: Station 11
Departure Date: 3/19
Departure Time (MST):
Return Date: 3/21
Return Time (MST):
School Vehicle:
Personal Vehicle:
Does owner of personal vehicle have medical and liability insurance?
Participating Students: Chelsey Tillman, Nicole Harris, Pasquelena Curley, Eseqiel Salazar, Ashlee Chadbourne, Katie Padilla, Leigh Ann Omar, Login Medlin, Zhang Chen, Felicia Lucero, Shaylyn Price, Casie Jacquez, Sara Hutto, Tiada Gray, Kearan Herrick, Kye Skelton, Sergio Olivas, Madison Anderson, Rodney Garcia, Daniel Castillo, Dario Samora, Aaron Meadows, John Paneral, Krisitn Smith, Lionel Martine, Cody Mortenson, Reydecel Coss, Deanna Carruth, Trent Bilberry, Kadee Grubbs, Logan Bilbrey, Ashley Butler, Conner Hall,! Brody Stallard, Daniel Lee, Gus Payne, Billy Good, Shawn Holgate, Danielle Castro, Christian Pettigrew, Noel Cardon, Maxie Kiene, Edgar Aldaco, Amber Martiniez, Jamie Shea, Kaylee Tibbs, Jake Perez, Sam Brake, Trevor Fraze, Cynthia Varela, Sammy Schurman, Alec Acree

Sponsor Making Trip: Albert Flinn / Rodeo coach
Purpose of Activity: College Rodeo
Destination: South Plaines College

Emergency Phone: 575 760 0104
Email Address:
Emergency Address:
Departure Date: 03 21 13
Departure Time (MST): 1:00 PM
Return Date: 03 23 13
Return Time (MST): 11:30 PM
School Vehicle: No
Personal Vehicle: Yes
Does owner of personal vehicle have medical and liability insurance? Yes
Participating Students: Anderson, Madison Banister, Trevor Bilberry, Trent Chambers, Krista Mari Bonner, Clay Clark, Jesse Clark, Darcy Cleveland, Kortney Cogdill, Victoria Devenport Macy Flewelling Gina Garcia Rodney Good, Billy Gray , TiAda Hall, Connor Howe, Hadley Huntington, Sorrel Kirkes, Jessie Lide, Katelynn Medlin, Logan Mitchell, Adam Passig, Cade William Pettigrew, Christian Ray, Kaity Saavedra, Mackie Sharp, Zoey Smith, Taylor Southern, Trey Stallard Brody Stone, Jamie Thomas, Pecos Thorne, Gary Truijillo, Michael Yazzie , Nyera Yazzie, Odessa Kirkpatrick, Cooper Doughty, Loren

Sponsor Making Trip: Dr. Marvin M.F. Lutnesky
Purpose of Activity: BIOL 430 field trip
Destination: Muleshoe National Wildlife Refuge

Emergency Phone: 575-607-5005
Email Address:
Emergency Address: -na-
Departure Date: Fri 3/22/13
Departure Time (MST): @ 8:30 AM
Return Date: Fri 3/22/13
Return Time (MST): @ 5:00 PM
School Vehicle: Yes
Personal Vehicle: No
Does owner of personal vehicle have medical and liability insurance?
Participating Students: Mouser, Ashley Little, Ellisa Mae Wilmeth, Emily Cummins, Hunter Medrano, Jessie Reid, Justine Hammond, Kyle Doughty, Loren Whitmore, Madeline Cordova, Mercella O'Hare, Michael Bouton, Peter Flores, Ricky Sabrina, Michael Graff, Sara Kirsch, Sean Robinson, Stacey

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