July 7, 2014
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Where's the Fountain?
story and photos by Desiree M. Cooper
Communication Services

"The new central campus feature will be a prime destination for students once it is completed." – Ted Fares

Construction begins on a new central campus feature

The mystery of the missing fountain in the middle of Eastern New Mexico University has been solved. Ted Fares, the director of Physical Plant, revealed that a new central campus feature is being constructed to replace the old fountain.
The idea for an updated feature began when Mr. Fares and his staff examined the fountain this spring. They found “leaks in the piping; the area was completely wet. After taking soil out to replace the pipe, we found problems with cracking and settling.

“We had to do something to stabilize the structure, which was going to be very costly. We would have had to go under the area and do a new foundation,” he explained.
“Keeping the old fountain would have been a headache maintenance-wise. We would have had the same issues year after year,” he continued. “We would have spent a lot of time taking care of it without the fountain having the results it is supposed to have.
Plan for the central campus feature (subject to change)

“We looked at alternatives to the work that would be less expensive. We wanted a permanent fix,” Mr. Fares said.
The construction, which is tentatively scheduled for completion in mid-October if extra materials are delivered on time, is being handled by Physical Plant staff and a few student workers.
The Physical Plant director, who has worked at ENMU for four years, said the updated area will have “benches, better lighting, landscaping and a very small water feature that will be easy to maintain.”

While some parts of the plan are subject to change, Mr. Fares revealed that two new greyhound sculptures will definitely be a feature.

“The sculptures will be similar to the ones from before. After one of the old greyhounds was stolen, we had a hard time finding one exactly like it. Instead, we found two matching ones that were reasonably priced,” he explained.

Mr. Fares believes the central campus feature will be a “prime destination for students once it is completed. It will be a place people will want to go to take pictures after graduation.
Site Plan  

“The whole fountain is really exciting,” he continued. “Physical Plant is proud to do this project without contractors. We will be able to look at it and know we built it.”

For more information, contact Mr. Fares at 575.562.2511.

View from West View from Northeast View from Southwest

Greyhound Pride: The Old Fountain
(courtesy photos)

New Lead Teacher Kids Around
story and photos by Desiree M. Cooper
Communication Services

"Kid's College has been a great experience. I love kids and it is a fun environment."
Veronica Ayala

Veronica Ayala with some of her students

Eastern New Mexico University's Kid's College has become a summer paradise for local children thanks to Veronica Ayala, a camp counselor who was recently promoted to the position of lead teacher.
The Kid's College gives children ages six to twelve the chance to participate in a wide variety of activities, including swimming, physical education, art, reading and science, every weekday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
The fee each week is $75 per child, which includes breakfast, lunch and a snack. Children are separated into three different age groups: six to seven, eight to ten and eleven to twelve.
"I am liable for anything that happens at the camp," Ms. Ayala explained. "I have a lot more responsibility this year."
These responsibilities include handling conflicts with parents, completing paperwork, creating documents, organizing field trips and planning events.
"We took a field trip to Roller World, had water balloon fights, competed in an Olympic field day, visited the animal museum on campus and had a kite day. I am also planning out a carnival for the end of summer," said the ENMU student, who has been working at Kid's College for three years.
"We have had dress up days with themes like Disney, rock 'n roll, under the sea, dinosaurs and stars and stripes during the week of the Fourth of July," said Ms. Ayala. "They really get into the themes."
The Portales native, who participated in soccer, track, band, choir and dance in high school, helps the kids play "anything from kickball to limbo to jump the river (a game where two jump ropes are placed farther and farther apart as participants try to jump over them) during P.E. The younger groups often play simpler games such as 'Duck, Duck, Goose.'
"During the science portion of the day, we do experiments and we explain concepts like volcanic eruptions, chemical reactions, how glue works and more," explained the ENMU choir member. "We want them to understand what things do and why they do it.
"I enjoy thinking of new, cool, creative art and science projects," she said.
Another activity Ms. Ayala enjoys is dancing. She has been a dance instructor since the age of 14 and says the experience kicked off her "love of working with children."

The communicative disorders major with minors in Spanish and theater wants to continue working with kids in the future.

"I want to work with them and help them. I'd like to work with articulation disorders and fluency disorders," explained Ms. Ayala, who has taken part in three ENMU plays.
"I feel like learning to be a speech therapist is a challenge everyday. There is tons of research to be done," she continued. "I can help kids by challenging myself, which makes it worth it."
To accomplish this task, Ms. Ayala wants to get into the competitive ENMU master's program for communicative disorders.
"I like how small ENMU is, because the instructors give me individual attention anytime I need help," she said of her ongoing undergraduate work at the university. "My major has tough courses, but I feel supported by my professors. They have given me opportunities to succeed."
One of those opportunities was to work at Kid's College. Since Ms. Ayala's brother previously worked there, the program's director invited her to try it out, too.
"It has been a great experience. As far as summer jobs go, it was my best option. I love kids and it is a fun environment, " the lead teacher explained. "This may sound cliche, but kids say the darndest things. They make me laugh everyday."

For more information about Kid's College, contact Distance Education at 575.562.2165.

4th of July Fireworks
(courtesy photos)

ENMU Greeks Honored
(courtesy photos)
Chi Omega Theta Zeta was awarded the Certificate of Advancement at the Chi Omega 2014 Convention in Orlando, Fla.
Zeta Tau Alpha Delta Pi was awarded the Crown Chapter Award of Excellences at the Zeta Tau Alpha 2014 Convention in Los Angeles, Calif.

Photoshopped Picture of the Week


Dr. Yan pictured with the Osmotic Power Component Team at New Mexico Tech

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Could Be a Nippy Winter in Administration Building

Staff from the Physical Plant and the GranCor company met with employees from the Administration Building on Wednesday to discuss upcoming work in the building.

The Administration Building will undergo asbestos abatement in the process of getting new heating/air conditioning.

The work will begin on July 7.  Asbestos abatement will be completed by the end of August.

From Oct. 1—Dec. 30 there will be no heating (except for portable heaters supplied by the Physical Plant).  Heating will be completed by the end of January.

Air Conditioning will be completed by the end of April.

Employees will not have to move out of their offices during the project. (photo by Wendel Sloan)

Refresher Defensive Driving Class Offered July 8

If you have taken the required six-hour Defensive Driving Course, you are required to renew your six-hour certificate every four years. The four-hour Defensive Driving Course will be offered July 8 at 8 a.m., pending enough people (7) register for the class.

To register for the class, please email sara.fares@enmu.edu. Upon registering for the class you will be given the location of the class. Please bring your drivers' license and pen/pencil to class.

Initial Defensive Driving Class Offered July 18

In order to drive a University vehicle or an Enterprise vehicle for the University, the State of New Mexico requires you to have completed the six-hour National Safety Council Defensive Driving Certificate program. The six-hour Defensive Driving Course will be offered July 18 at 8 a.m.

Employees may register for the class and get the location information by e-mailing Sara.Fares@enmu.edu.  Please remember to bring your Driver's License and a pen to the class.

ENMU Surplus Auction July 19

Eastern New Mexico University will hold a surplus auction on July 19 in the Greyhound Arena Parking Lot at 9 a.m. Departments are asked to start planning for items they want placed in the auction.

Please identify obsolete items that need to be placed in the auction and notify the Inventory department at 2956 or email lee.quick@enmu.edu with a description, inventory tag number, if applicable, and location by July 1, 2014.  This will give inventory time to mark and catalogue the obsolete items.

Inventory staff will pick-up items identified a few days before the auction, as storage space is limited. 

Employees are welcome to bid at the auction, so stop by and check-out what treasures will be for sale.

Retirement/Insurance Contribution Rates Increasing – Effective July 1 the New Mexico Educational Retirement Board (NMERB) will increase our contribution rates. To see rate changes you can visit http://www.nmerb.org/Employers.html .  Please contact the Office of Human Resources with any questions regarding your NMERB rate change.

Effective Oct. 1, New Mexico Public Schools Insurance Authority (NMPSIA) will increase the premium rates for all medical insurance. All medical benefits are paid a month in advance, so the changes to your premiums will start the first payroll in September (Sept. 12 pay date). To view NMPSIA premium rate changes you may visit https://nmpsia.com/Premiums2.html.

If you experience difficulty in opening up the links, please copy and paste the address in your browser.

ENMU/Portales Hosting KFDA-TV's Summer Celebration on Friday, July 25
by Robert Graham
Coordinator of Alumni Affairs

The Amarillo-based news station KFDA-TV spotlights three small towns in a one-week span for its Summer Celebration, with the spotlights falling on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. 

KFDA will spotlight Portales and ENMU on Friday, July 25, in front of the ENMU Administration Building.

On average, KFDA-TV finds that 1,000-2,000 individuals attend the spotlights.  Unofficially, the spotlights serve as a friendly competition between the competing Eastern New Mexico and West Texas towns.  For 2014, KFDA-TV will also visit Dumas, Texas, on Monday, July 21, and Childress, Texas, on Wednesday, July 23.   

The City of Portales and Eastern New Mexico University serve as the leads for Summer Celebration 2014; Mayor Sharon King, Executive Director of Planning and Analysis Patrice Caldwell, Vice President of Student Affairs Judith Haislett, and Director of News Services Wendel Sloan are the direct points of contact for the project. 

The spotlight will bring together the following entities:

ENMU and the Portales are co-planning the event, which will begin in mid-afternoon, and will feature vendors, musicians, presenters, and fun and games.

The event will also be the kickoff for ENMU's celebration of its 80th birthday.

For more information, contact Dr. Patrice Caldwell at 2315.

Events Being Planned for ENMU's 80th – Although much smaller in scope than the 75th anniversary, ENMU is planning a few events to celebrate its 80th Ruby Jubilee Anniversary.

The official kickoff will be on July 25 when KFDA-TV (CBS) of Amarillo comes to campus to broadcast four evening newscasts from the esplanade between the Administration Building and Highway 70.

Working with the Roosevelt County Chamber of Commerce, the event will feature vendors, music, games and speakers commemorating ENMU’s 80 years of growing from a junior college to the third largest university in New Mexico.

Homecoming activities on Sept. 26-27 will also celebrate the milestone, as well as commencements and a spring fine arts event.

Employee Evaluations Due July 31

All employee evaluations are due by July 31. Please note that a signed job description will need to be attached to all completed evaluations.

Please call the Human Resources office at 2115 if you have any questions.

New Faculty/Staff and Student Parking Decals are Available

The current ENMU Faculty/Staff & Student parking decals from last school year expired on June 1.  The new ENMU Faculty/Staff and Student parking decals have arrived and are available for distribution. 

The new Faculty/Staff & Student parking decals are scheduled to expire on June 1, 2015. 

If you will be attending ENMU in the fall and want to get a step ahead of the game, you can register your vehicle immediately. 

Parking enforcement at the University for violations associated with failure to register or improper display of registration will begin on Sept. 22.  This will give students a reprieve through the summer and a one-month grace period to get their vehicles registered after the first day of classes for the fall 2014 semester. 

We also want to remind the campus community to notify the University Police Department, in advance, if you are expecting visitors to campus so they may brief staff on such activity.  In the event a visitor is issued a citation for  "Failure to Register" they can fill out the brief visitor form on the back side of their citation and mail it in or drop it by the University Police Department. 

These citations are automatically voided for visitors and this applies only for "Failure to Register" violations.  If you have any questions or concerns, contact the University Police Department at 562.2392.

Retirement Contribution Rates and Premiums for Medical Insurance

Click (some users may need to Ctrl + Click) on the following links to see the rate changes to the New Mexico Educational Retirement Board retirement plans and New Mexico Public School Insurance Authority medical plans.

If you are unable to open the links, ITS suggests that you use a different browser. If you still can't open the link, contact the office of Human Resources, and we will send you a copy of the rate changes.

Remember that the NMERB retirement changes went into effect on July 4's payroll and the NMPSIA changes will go into effect the first payroll in September.


Email Scam

Faculty/Staff and Students we have been advised of a scam that is circulating campus wide.  The e-mail is in reference to a position that is open for "A student officer payroll needed" for a private client. We have confirmed this position is not related with the University. 

If you have any questions upon receiving this e-mail please feel free to contact the ENMU Police Department at 575.562.2392.

ENMU Offering classes on Windows 8.1

ENMU is now offering classes on Windows 8.1 to ENMU faculty, staff, and students. Learn more about the new layout, functions, and features.

Explore Windows 8.1 and try it out to see if it’s right for you, your office, or group/team.

Learn more about the “the cloud”, cloud computing, and how it affects you.

For more information call 562.2906 or e-mail helpdesk@enmu.edu.

ENMU is offering lessons every Friday at 4 p.m. in University Computer Center Room 118 or on request when you are available.

Writing Center Open – The Writing Center in Golden Library 228 will be open Monday-Friday from 9-3 for the first summer session of classes. Students may also submit questions to WritingCenter@enmu.edu. Tutors do not edit or write papers for students.

Windows 8.1 Available – Windows 8.1 is now available from ENMU for office computers. ENMU is offering a short class explaining the new features and navigation of Windows 8.1.

For more information, call Josh McCarty 562.2906 or e-mail helpdesk@enmu.edu.

Brewed Awakening Coffee Shop – Brewed Awakening Coffee Shop will be open 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Monday through Thursdays during the summer. It will be closed Friday-Sunday and holidays.

Offering fresh bakery and limited  soups, salads and sandwiches for lunch.

Employees Can Download Microsoft Office

ENMU is proud to announce Microsoft Office is being offered for free to faculty, and staff while they are employees of ENMU. All faculty and staff members will now be able to install Microsoft Office on five devices for free. For detailed instructions on how to obtain your copy click here
or follow the following instructions to install on a PC or Mac.

1.            Open your Internet browser and go to https://login.microsoftonline.com‎
2.            In the first box enter your ENMU e-mail address and press the tab key. This will redirect you to an ENMU specific page the campus uses to log on.
3.            If you’re a faculty or staff member type ad\ then your ENMU user name and password to log on
               *since I’m faculty/staff my logon is mccartyj and I would type ad\mccartyj
4.            Once you have logged in click on the cog in the upper right hand corner
5.            Select office 365 settings from the drop down menu
6.            Click on the word software on the left side of the page
7.            Choose your language and click install
8.            After you install office 365 some versions require you to log on by typing your user name followed by @ad.enet.enmu.edu and your ENMU password.
               *Since my ENMU user name is mccartyj I would enter mccartyj@ad.enet.enmu.edu

* If you would like to use an older version of Office you can select office 2010 from the bottom of the page.
You will be able to install Office 365 on up to five personal devices. It will remain operational as long as you are a faculty, or staff member at ENMU.

For additional instructions or assistance on office 365 please submit a request to 562.4357(help) or helpdesk@enmu.edu.

To download Office 365 for the Ipad

  1.   Go to the app store on your Ipad and search for Microsoft Corporation
  2.  In your search results you should see Microsoft Word for Ipad, Excel for Ipad, Microsoft OneNote for Ipad, OneDrive, Microsoft PowerPoint for Ipad.
  3.  You can now download what parts of office you feel are most relevant to you and they will automatically install
  4.  After the download is finished office 365 will require you to log on by typing your user name followed by @ad.enet.enmu.edu and by entering your ENMU password.
*Since my ENMU user name is mccartyj I would enter mccartyj@ad.enet.enmu.edu.

ITS Helpdesk

Business Office Deadlines

Interfunds:  July 8, 2014
Interfunds for 2013-2014 must be received by the Business Office by July 8.  Interfunds received after July 8 will not be processed for payment.  Examples of on-campus charges include:  Sodexo, housing charges for camps, printing and duplicating charges, Physical Plant charges, etc.  

Corrections to Accounts:  July 8, 2014
Journal Vouchers and Budget Transfers are due in the Business Office by July 8.  Any expense transfers between budget lines are also due by July 8.

Class Schedules Online

Rather than wait for a printed class schedule from Eastern New Mexico University, students and the public can find the updated schedule online at www.enmu.edu/classes

The 2014 fall semester schedules is currently online.

The online link also includes class details such as course fees, prerequisites and co-requisites, etc.

For more information, contact 562.2314 or email belinda.wall@enmu.edu.

New Technical Training Page – Check out the new new technical training page. This is a resource offered by ENMU to better educate ENMU faculty, staff, and students on how to better use the systems and programs utilized by ENMU. You can check this page to learn more about when technical training classes will be offered on campus. If you can't make it to any of the class's, videos and documents will be posted on this page covering the same subject and material. To keep up with all the classes offered, you can check here or read the Monday Memo to find out what classes are currently being offered on a weekly basis.

My name is Joshua McCarty and I'm the technical trainer at ENMU.  I can be reached at Joshua.mccarty@enmu.edu or 562.2906.  If you ever have any questions, comments, or concerns about the training offered or what training should be offered, you can submit a request for training to helpdesk@enmu.edu.

The link to the training page is at: http://itsnv404.enmu.edu/Members/McCarty-2C-20Joshua/technical-trainer-page/.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you.

ITS Helpdesk

Insurance Marketplace Available on Campus – Need help navigating the Insurance Marketplace?  La Casa Family Health Center will staff a help desk on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the Campus Union Building. 

This assistance is by appointment only and you need to make sure that you provide yourself with enough time to complete the application process (one to two hours) and that you have the documents needed.  To make an appointment, please go by the ENMU Student Health Center and fill out a contact card and pick up a letter that outlines the documents needed to complete the process. 

You can also call Sonia at 359.3826 or Iris at 359.3857 and make an appointment.

Minors Need to be Accompanied on Campus – One of the primary concerns of Eastern New Mexico University is the safety and welfare of young people who visit campus.  Recently, there has been an influx of area youth using University facilities without being accompanied or supervised by an adult.  This happens most frequently when the public schools are not in session or on early release days.

Because of this concern, ENMU has adopted a policy that states people who under 18 and not University students must be accompanied and supervised by a parent, legal guardian or event facilitator at all times while on ENMU property.  This includes Greyhound Arena and its exterior property, Golden Library, the Natatorium, computer labs and other facilities. 

For more information, contact the ENMU Police Department, at 562.2392.

Homecoming Date for 2014 Set – The date for the 2014 Homecoming football game is Saturday, Sept. 27. The opponent is Texas A&M University Commerce.

Physical Plant Emphasizes Rules About Rental Vehicles – Just a reminder that when employees pick up their rental cars for travel, they will need to bring their driver's license and their defensive driving card. They WILL NOT be allowed to pick up the keys and packet to the car until these items can be produced to Physical Plant staff. These need to be shown every time a vehicle is picked up. If you have lost your certificate please contact Sara Fares, 562.2796, for information on how to attain a new certificate. This is a state law.

Also as a reminder, when returning the rental vehicle, please double check for all items and clean out your vehicle.

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to call the Physical Plant at 2511.

Approved Holidays for 2014-2015

Labor Day                                          Monday, September 1, 2014

Thanksgiving                                     Thursday & Friday, November 27-28, 2014

Winter Break                                    Close at 5 p.m., Tuesday, Dec. 23, 2014
                                                            Reopen at normal time, Friday, Jan. 2, 2015

Presidents’ Day                                Monday, February 16, 2015

Memorial Day                                  Monday, May 25, 2015

Independence Day                          Friday, July 3, 2015

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Me, Myself & I
National Juried Self-Portrait Show
June 1-Aug. 29
Runnels Gallery, Golden Library
Open Mon.-Thurs, 7:30-Midnight, Fri. 7:30 a.m.-5 p.m., Sat. 10 a.m.-5 p.m.,
Sun. 12-10 p.m.
For more information contact:
Bryan Hahn 575.562.2778

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International Early Arrival Program  Fall 2014

Monday, August 11

-         ENMU Campus Tour (meet at Intl. Affairs Office in “The Alley”)
-         International Advising Process (meet at SAS room 160)

Tuesday, August 12th

-         ENMU Campus Tour (meet at Intl. Affairs Office in “The Alley”)

Wednesday, August 13th

-         ALC Testing (For ALC students only. Times and location will be announced)

-         ENMU Campus Tour (meet at Intl. Affairs Office in “The Alley”)

Thursday, August 14th

-         ALC Testing (For ALC students only. Times and location will be announced)

-         Banks 1pm-4pm (meet downstairs CUB Laguna Room)

-         Phones 1pm-4pm (meet downstairs CUB Navajo Room)

Friday, August 15th

-         ALC Testing (For ALC students only. Times and location will be announced)

-         Trip to Wal-Mart 1pm-6pm (meet at CUB front door)

-         Trip to Clovis (meet at CUB front door)

Oriental Store 4pm-6:00pm*

Clovis Fair 7:00pm- ?*
* ENMU International Affairs will provide the transportation only. All other expenses (food, entertainment, shopping, etc.) are covered by students.
Saturday, August 16th: Dawg Days Start

-         Community Fair and BBQ 5pm-7pm (meet at ENMU Dallan Sanders Patio/Garden)

Sunday, August 17th: Dawg Days

-         Dawg Days: Ice-Cream Social 4pm (meet at ENMU Dallan Sanders Patio/Garden)

Monday, August 18th: Dawg Days End

-         ALC Testing (For ALC students only. Times and location will be announced)

-         MANDATORY International Advisor’s Orientation 2pm* (meet at CUB ZIA Room)
* The ZIA Room is located upstairs the CUB in the second floor in the opposite way to the restrooms.

Tuesday, August 19th: Classes Start

-         Post Office 10am and 4pm (meet at Intl. Affairs Office in “The Alley”)
Wednesday, August 20th

-         Trip to Wal-Mart 6pm-9pm* (meet at CUB Front door)
* Last trip to Wal-Mart with transportation provided by International Affairs.
Thursday, August 21st

-         Bookstore 5pm (meet at Intl. Affairs Office in “The Alley”)

Friday, August 22nd

-         1st International Social 2pm (meet at CUB Sandia Room)

Wednesday, August 27th

-         President’s Picnic Pick Up*  (meet at CUB front door)

-         President’s Picnic Starts 6pm

* In case of rain, President’s Picnic will take place at CUB Ballroom located upstairs in the second floor.

Upcoming Events!!
Thursday, September 4th: Multicultural Affairs Ice-cream Social 6pm (CUB Sandia Room) September 15th – Oct. 15th: Hispanic Heritage Month (attend events during the entire month)

* Some changes (time, date, location) may occur with short notice. Always check with Maria Garcia at enmu.internationalaffairs@enmu.edu or call 575.562.4915

* For all ALC students the ALC written test and oral examinations times will be updated as soon as possible. Always check with Dr. Carol Erwin at Carol.Erwin@enmu.edu.

Upcoming Events

Title: Multicultural Affairs Car Wash
Date: August 23r
Time: 9 a.m.-2 p.m.
Location: Valero Gas Station (Next to Wels Fargo)
Get your car nice and clean and at the same time support Multicultural Affairs at our Car Wash! All proceeds will go towards our events and scholarships that raise cultural awareness to our ENMU community!

Event: Multicultural Affairs Ice-Cream Social
Sponsor: Multicultural Affairs Department
Contact: Hispanic Affairs: enmu.hispanicaffairs@enmu.edu  or 575.562.2451
Date: Sept. 4
Time:6 p.m.
Location: Sandia Room
Description: Meet and greet the members of the Multicultural department and build your own Sundae! Learn about what our offices do, events planned for the semester, job opportunities, scholarships, music, and lots of prizes.

Name: ENMU Hispanic Rey y Reina Competition
Date: Sept. 23
Time: 11 a.m. (Voting Starts from 11 a.m. to 12:45 p.m.)
Crowning: 1 p.m.
Location: Lobby (Campus Union Building)

Description: Contestants will compete for the title of ENMU Hispanic Rey y Reina by votes of faculty, staff, and students. Contestants will be voted by their poster board and photo collage depicting their Hispanic heritage.  Applications can be picked up and submitted no later than Sept. 17 at 4 p.m. in the Hispanic Affairs office. Each winner will receive a $100 scholarship, sash, title and crown donated by Woody’s Jewelry! 

Title: From Controversy to Cultural Pride: Our Complex Relationship with  “Día de la Hispanidad
Date: Oct. 13
Time: 2 p.m.
Location: Pecos

Description: This presentation will explore the complex and nuanced relationship dealing with the names people identify with this day and celebratingel Día de la Hispanidad day as part of cultural heritage.

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ENMU Athletic Summer Camps

Zia Volleyball Skills Camp

July 7- 9: 6th-8th Grade
July 14-16: 9th-12th Grade

Camp runs 8:30 a.m. - 1 p.m. daily
Check in will occur on the first day of each camp at 8:00 a.m.
For more information contact Coach Poyer at (575)-791-3991

Zia Soccer Elite Camp
July 23-27
Girls and Prospective Zias, Grades 8-12 and High School Teams

Cost is $350 for residential and $200 for commuter. For more information contact Coach Morales at 575.562.2275


Hound and Zia Basketball Teams to Face Cross-State Rivals at The Pit
6/27/2014 | General
Friday, June 27, 2014

PORTALES, N.M. - Eastern New Mexico University Athletic Director Dr. Jeff Geiser has announced that the Greyhound and Zia basketball teams have agreed to take on the Western New Mexico University Mustangs on November 22, 2014 at The Pit in Albuquerque, N.M.

The Greyhounds have not played WNMU since splitting a pair of games to open the 2009-10 season, with each team claiming a home victory. The Zias dropped a meeting with the Mustangs last year after not playing them since the 2005-06 campaign.

"We are very excited about the opportunity to play in The Pit against a great opponent in Western New Mexico," said ENMU Interim Men's Basketball Coach Stott Carter. "We hope this gives the city of Albuquerque an opportunity to become more familiar with both programs and it is a great chance for fans and alumni of both schools to see our respective programs compete. We would like to thank UNM and WNMU for this opportunity."

"Our program is very excited about playing in a great venue like the Pit," said Zia Basketball Coach Josh Prock. "It will be great opportunity for us to play in front of a lot of our alumni and fans in Albuquerque and Western Part of the State of New Mexico."

The Greyhounds are coming off a 14-13 season, which marked their first winning campaign in a decade, while WNMU posted a 2-23 mark in the 2013-14 season. The Zias registered a 6-20 mark last year, while the Mustangs finished with an 11-17 record.

Gridiron Hounds Announce Third Annual Greyhound Seven-on-Seven/Lineman Challenge Camp
6/30/2014 | Football
3rd annual Greyhound 7 on 7/lineman challenge Cost is $150 for 7 on7 team, $100 for lineman challenge team Camp is the biggest 7 on 7 event in New Mexico with 40 teams competing in three divisions (big school, small school, and JV). Flyer Waiver Form

Teams play five pool play games in their division, break for lunch then each division is seeded for a single elimination tournament. Lunchis provided. Lineman challenge consists of 10 events such as truck push, tractor tire flip relay, sled push, bench press, etc.

Camp is July 18th. Registration is at 8 am and camp starts at 9 am

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Open Staff Positions —The Office of Human Resources has job listings at http://www.enmu.edu/services/hr/.

[Summer Employment Opportunity]

ENMU Offering Non-Credit Classes For Children and Adults

Distance Education offers non-credit classes for children and adults.

For a complete listing of classes, visit http://www.enmu.edu/academics/distance-ed/non-credit/index.shtml.

For more information, call Kim Lutnesky at 562.2165 or email k im.lutnesky@enmu.edu.

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Portales MainStreet Program would like to thank Coach Josh Lynn and ENMU's Greyhound Football team for volunteering for the 14th Annual Heritage Days 5K/10K Fun Run. Some players of the team helped with the water stations for the runners, while others helped monitor traffic and keep a record of times for the runners. The event would not have been a success without the help of the coach and team. We appreciate all you do. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


Feel free to submit a general comment or compliment about anything or anyone at ENMU at monday.memo@enmu.edu.

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"The Roman Republic was bothered by intestinal wars." – from a student essay in Non Campus mentis, compiled by professor Anders Henriksson

ENMU alumnus steps up at Roosevelt General Hospital – [pntonline.com]

KFDA covers ENMU algae research – [newschannel10.com]

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The Coop Scoop

The Coop Scoop is written by Desiree M. Cooper, a student writer and assistant editor for the Monday Memo.

In her weekly column, the junior communication major from Roswell gives her generation's perspective of whatever is on her mind.

Contact Desiree M. Cooper at: desiree.m.cooper@enmu.edu


Harry Potter Hype Heightens

As soon as I stepped off of the plane and into the Orlando International Airport, I saw the face of everyone’s favorite wizard everywhere. As I navigated through the crowds to pick up my luggage, I heard excited conversations about the boy-who-lived. Once I finally got past airport security, I stepped into the Universal Studios Harry Potter gift shop.

The shop contained a small portion of merchandise that can be found at Universal Orlando Resort. The resort is preparing to expand on its massively popular “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter” section to include “Diagon Alley.” The expansion is set to open on July 8 and fans can’t wait.

I became a Harry Potter enthusiast in 2001, when I went to the theater with my family to watch the first film of the franchise. That movie set off a magical chain of events: I eagerly purchased each new book in the series, waited in line for every movie’s midnight release and dreamed about getting a letter from Hogwarts.

While I, and many other Harry Potter fans, never got that letter, “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter” has given us a chance to experience magic in our muggle world. The park, which opened in June 2010, continues to draw in major crowds who want to see Hogwarts castle, go on the “Ride of the Hippogriff” roller coaster and buy wizard-related merchandise.

While I did not get an opportunity to visit the park (I wanted to wait until the extension was finished), I did buy plenty of quirky items from the airport gift store. Their offerings included replica wands for each character (I bought a Hermione Granger model), cloaks for each house, time turner key chains and bizarre candies similar to the ones in the films and books.

It was magical.

Graduate Student Commons Opens Facebook page

The Graduate Student Commons has a Facebook page with information about free student services offered on campus.

Visit www.facebook.com/graduatestudentcommons.

You may now order your textbooks for the FallOrdering early will give you the best chance at receiving used books whether you purchase or rent. You may order your books on your portal page under the registration tab or at the ENMU Bookstore page (enmu.bncollege.com). When ordering please be aware of the following:

Credit card orders for both terms will be processed as soon as your textbooks become available.

Student Account orders for the Fall will be processed in the order they are received beginning on or around 8/1/2014.

Bookstore Buyback Policy Change – Due to the growing popularity of the rental program, the bookstore will be adjusting their buyback policy. The bookstore will now buy back books during the last week and finals week of classes each semester including the summer.

This change will allow Barnes and Noble to better judge their buyback needs and offer better prices during these times each semester. The next buyback period will run from July 14 - 25.

The Bookstore is open normal business hours throughout the summer. Books for the summer and fall may also be ordered at enmu.bncollege.com.

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Teens are invited to a special night just for them at the ENMU-Roswell swimming pool on July 11. The pool will be open for swimming from 8 p.m. to midnight. The cost per person is $3. For more information, call 624.7195.                               

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Desirae Available for Adoption

Name:  Desirae
Age: 16
Story: Desirae wants to be part of a family who can provide her with individual attention and time to build a trusting relationship. Desirae is a personable young lady who gets along better with adults and older children. Desirae tries hard and is adaptable. 

She is going into 11th grade. Desirae would like to be in 4-H and really enjoys caring for goats. She has experience showing goats at 4-H competitions.

She enjoys reading, drawing, and listening to music. Desirae likes all kinds of music especially Hip Hop, Country, and Rap. She also enjoys watching television.  

Desirae is uniquely multi-cultural: 1/8 Hopi, 1/16 Navajo, and 1/16 Tohono O'odham Tribes, and Caucasian. An adoptive family with experience with children in foster care would be preferred with knowledge about attachment.  

We are accepting inquiries from all approved adoptive families at this time.


For more information about foster or adoptive parenting through the New Mexico Children, Youth and Families Department, please call 1-800-432-2075 or visit www.cyfd.org

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Fingerprinting at the ENMU Police Department- The ENMU Police Department now has the capability to do digital fingerprinting for employment, concealed carry applications, background investigations, etc. 

For more information, please visit the 3M Cogent website at https://www.cogentid.com/index.htm for details. 

When you register for fingerprinting, at the 3M Cogent website, you may be asked for an Originating Agency Identification (ORI) number.  This number should be provided to you by the organization requesting the fingerprinting or background investigation. 

Please make sure you use the correct ORI number.  Incorrect ORI entry may result in delayed processing, additional fingerprinted fees, and an inability to process your background check.  The ORI number, listed and assigned to the ENMU Police Department by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), is for law enforcement purposes only. 

Please make sure that you use the correct ORI number and do not use the ORI number assigned to the ENMU Police Department.  An indication you may be entering the incorrect ORI would be in the drop down menu for the reason fingerprinted.

If the only option under the drop down menu is "Law Enforcement / Employee" then you are using the wrong ORI. This menu selection is for law enforcement employment background checks only specifically authorized and conducted by the ENMU Police Department. 

We appreciate your cooperation and assistance with this matter.  Please feel free to contact the ENMU Police Department if you have any questions at 575.562.2392.

Online Consultation Available for Employees – Employees now have access to free online consultation and referral services through the Solution Group Company.

This service provides childcare, legal, parenting, education, health care information, elder care, daily life advice and much more.

For assistance, call 1.866.849.7695 any time or log on to www.solutionsbiz.com using ENMU as the corporate log in.

For more information, contact Human Resource Office at 562.2115.

Professional Counseling Assistance Offered for Employees – Human Resources is offering an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) through The Solutions Group company. This program is a free (ENMU pays the entire cost), professional and confidential counseling program designed to assist ENMU employees and their immediate family members with anything they perceive to be a problem.

The counselors are licensed professionals with extensive experience. The intent is to problem-solve within a brief period of time.  If the issues require additional services they will help you access longer term services.  All an employee or immediate family member has to do is call 1.866.254.3555.  Counselors are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Some issues that are addressed through this program are:
Marital Conflicts
Drug/Alcohol Abuse
Workplace Issues
Family Challenges
Grief and Loss
Conflict Resolution
Relationship Issues
Child/Elder Care

Each employee or family member receives six sessions per a problem, per problem year.

You also receive a Work-Life Benefit that can assist you to make time for what matters most (referred to as your Work-Life Consultation and Referral Service) such as Child Care, Legal, Parenting, Education, Elder Care, and Daily Living Activities. 

For assistance regarding this program, call 1.866.849.1695 or log on to www.solutionsbiz.com with the corporate log in: ENMU

For more information, call the HR office at 562.2115.

Non-Emergency Number for University Police is 562.2392 – The non-emergency number to reach University Police is 562.2392. The 311 number is no longer used.

ENMU Has Fraud Hotline – If you have knowledge or suspicion of fraud committed by an employee of the University, call 1.866.788.7016 or 562.4150 and the Office of Internal Audits will investigate and report it to the proper authorities if necessary.

Please provide the following:

Any other information you believe may assist in the investigation.

You may remain anonymous, however, please feel free to contact the auditor, directly at 562.2105 or leave your name and number at the end of the message and she will contact you.

How to Perform CPR – When an adult suddenly collapses, call 9-1-1 and immediately begin chest compressions.  Do so by placing both hands in the center of the chest, on top of the other, and push hard and fast until help arrives. Learn more at http://www.handsonlycpr.org.

Friendly Tips About Monday Memo Style – For anyone who thinks that we arbitrarily change the way that they submit items to the Monday Memo, we are simply using (mostly) Associated Press style.

We do try to make items friendlier by using Dr. for professors (which the AP does not) and first names or Mr. or Ms. with last names for others on second reference – versus AP style of using last names without Dr., Mr., Ms. or Mrs.

We always capitalize and spell out days of the week: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

We spell out March, April, May, June and July. We abbreviate Jan., Feb., Aug., Sept., Oct., Nov. and Dec. (We do spell out all months in headlines.)

We write times as 6:30 a.m. or 7 p.m. – not as 6:30 am or 7:00pm.

We write dates as March 3, 2011, or Sept. 10, 2011, – not as Mar. 3rd, 2011 or September 10th 2011.

We do not capitalize majors: anthropology – not Anthropology (unless the word would normally be capitalized: English, Spanish).

We use professor of music – not Professor of Music.

We do not capitalize fall semester or spring semester.

We use "and" instead of "&" – spring and fall, not Spring & Fall.

We do capitalize formal names of departments or colleges – Counseling and Career Services, College of Business, Department of Communication (but not communication department).

We also go easy on exclamation points – if you win the lottery, it might be worth three !!!

We never capitalize every letter in a word – FIRST FOOTBALL GAME SATURDAY NIGHT!!! (unless it's the correct spelling for a company, restaurant, etc. – ECEL, TGIF).

We are not trying to offend anyone by editing their copy – just following guidelines.

This is just a friendly explanation.

For questions, email monday.memo@enmu.edu. Thank you.

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