Absence Request Form

This section is for faculty and staff only. In order to list your authorized absences in the Greyhound Gazette, you may fill out the online form below, or submit a printed Authorized Absences form and return it to the Office of Student Affairs. You may obtain a printed Authorized Absences form from the Office of Student Affairs.

Please secure the Dean's approval for academically sponsored events or appropriate director of events sponsored by non-academic areas. This request should be mailed one week prior to the activity. This online request will be sent directly to the Office of Student Affairs for Vice President of Student Affairs' approval.

The Office of Student Affairs will forward a copy of the form submission to the Dean or appropriate Director, the submitting party, and the Greyhound Gazette when the event has been approved. If the event is not approved, the Office of Student Affairs will notify appropriate parties via email not less than two days prior to the event.

All students making an authorized trip are expected to return to the campus at the time designated on this form. The sponsor of the trip is not authorized to give permission to a student or a group of students to make any trip except the one indicated below, unless prior permission has been granted by the Office of Student Affairs. Please view the Greyhound Gazette Policy for more information concerning authorized absences.  

Sponsor Making Trip:
Purpose of Activity:
Emergency Phone:
Email Address:
Emergency Address:
Departure Date:
Departure Time (MST):
Return Date:
Return Time (MST):
School Vehicle: Yes  No
Personal Vehicle: Yes  No
Does owner of personal vehicle have medical and liability insurance? Yes  No
Participating Students: (seperate each students name by a comma)
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