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  1. Site Structure
    1. Main Page
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      3. Section Links
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  2. Sections
    1. Announcements
      Previously titled "Notices," the Announcements Section is used to announce happenings, events or other miscellaneous items that do not fit in the following categories. Meetings (see below) are listed on the lower portion of the Announcements page.
      1. Announcements can be submitted in via online submission.
      2. Submission information should include the phone number or e-mail address for the contact person or department.
    2. Authorized Absences
      Authorized Absences are used when instructors or University staff members are coordinating off-campus activities.
      1. Faculty or staff must secure Dean’s or Department Director’s approval before attempting to report Authorized Absences.
      2. Any Authorized Absence request should be submitted one week prior to the activity.
      3. Requesting party will receive approval/denial from the Vice President of Student Affairs no later than two full days prior to the activity.
      4. Authorized Absences may be published at any time (may be before or after the date of publication).
      5. Authorized Absences may be reported via:
        1. Online Submission.
          1. Dean or Department Director approval must be secured before requesting approval.
          2. Information must be submitted online no later than one week prior to the activity.
          3. The Office of Student Affairs is required to send a copy of the approved form submission or notice of denial to the dean or department director, the requesting party and the Monday Memo no later than two days prior to activity.
    3. Classified Advertisements
      The Classified Advertisement section is continued as a service to the Eastern New Mexico University community.
      1. Advertising submitted by persons outside of the University community is not permitted.
      2. Classified Advertisements will expire after 10 days.
      3. Classified Advertisements may be resubmitted after the expiration date.
        1. The 10-day period begins when the advertisement is published, not submitted.
      4. Classified Advertisements resubmitted before the expiration of the 10-day period will be disregarded.
      5. Advertisement Information
        1. Advertisement must contain off-campus phone number only. Listing an on-campus number in the advertisement renders submission unusable for publication.
        2. Advertisements received may range from items for sale or rent, to services wanted or available
        3. Advertisements may include a contact e-mail address.
        4. Advertisements may include a URL only if deemed appropriate by Monday Memo staff.
      6. Monday Memo staff reserves the right to refuse any advertisement deemed inappropriate.
    4. Feedback
      The Feedback section is designed to give readers an option for airing comments or questions concerning Monday Memo information, site design or other related issues.
      1. Submissions will be reviewed and considered by Monday Memo staff members.
      2. Any change resulting from a submission will be completed as deemed necessary by Monday Memo staff.
    5. Meetings
      Meetings in the Monday Memo include a schedule of on and off-campus meetings as submitted, and are located on the announcements page.
      1. Meetings can be submitted via online submission.
      2. Meetings published in the Monday Memo are considered public.
      3. Submission information should include:
        1. Name of the meeting or organization
        2. Date (including day of week and time)
        3. Location
        4. Subject
    6. General News
      The General News Section includes any news deemed appropriate by Monday Memo staff and the Office of Communication Services. This section also includes Announcements submitted by University Community members.
      1. General News can be submitted two ways:
        1. Stories from Office of Communication Services.
        2. Online submission.
          1. Information should include any pertinent information including contact information and description of item.
    7. Personnel News Briefs
      The Personnel News Briefs section contains information or announcements concerning University Personnel achievements or activities. This section will be on the main Monday Memo page.
      1. Personnel News Briefs can be submitted via Online submission.
      2. Items will be listed in alphabetical order.
      3. Items will be online for one week only.
    8. Wellness
      The Wellness Section is provided as a service to the University Community by the Health and Physical Education Department. This section contains information concerning health and wellness.
  3. Publication Information
    1. Monday Memo will be published as outlined in the Monday Memo publication dates.
    2. Monday Memo is a University Publication and is governed by any applicable University Publications standards or guidelines.
    3. Monday Memo submission deadlines are governed by the publication deadlines schedule.
  4. Submissions
    1. Each submission is considered for publication in one section only. Persons wishing to submit an item to more than one section should submit that item separately for each section.
    2. All submissions must comply with the deadlines outlines in the Monday Memo Publication Dates, or will not be considered for publication.
    3. All submissions must comply with the specified guidelines for each section or will not be considered for publication.
    4. Monday Memo staff reserves the right to rewrite or paraphrase submitted items to correct any grammatical or other informational mistakes.
      1. The submitting party will be contacted with changes prior to publication.
      2. At this time, submitting party has the opportunity to withdraw the item if so desired.
      3. No approval from submitting party is required for publication


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