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ENMU Rankings

From 2014-16 Eastern New Mexico University received recognition and regional, state and national rankings from multiple publications, including:

  1. GetEducated.com Ranks ENMU’s Online MBA Ranked #1 in Nation

    ENMU’s online Master of Business Administration has been ranked the #1 “Best Buy” among distance MBAs by GetEducated.com’s national online degree review team.

    This affordability ranking is based on a comprehensive review of over 450 competing MBAs (regionally accredited).

    GetEducated.com’s Best Affordable Online MBA Programs with Regional Accreditation is posted at http://www.geteducated.com/online-college-ratings-and-rankings/best-buy-lists/best-buy-mba-regional .

    The site states: “Colleges never pay to be included in the Get Educated online MBA rankings. These rankings are editorially independent, open to any regionally accredited university which offers a degree that is delivered at least 75 percent at a distance and open to the public.

    A Best Buy ranking award indicates ENMU’s online degree program has been independently reviewed and falls below the national average cost of similar programs.

    The notification to ENMU stated, “According to our survey, which included over 150 schools offering 450+ online MBA programs, the average cost of a regionally-accredited online MBA is $25,869.48.”

    The site lists ENMU’s cost at $8,030.70.

    The notification to ENMU stated, “GetEducated.com would like to congratulate you on providing students with great value in online education. We are pleased to showcase your distance learning MBA and your institution’s achievement of being among the best schools for affordability amongst your regionally-accredited peers. Millions of prospective online students visit GetEducated.com annually seeking advice, reviews and information on which degree programs best suit their needs.

  2. CollegeChoice.net Ranks ENMU’s Social Work Program #7 Most Affordable

    CollegeChoice.net has ranked ENMU’s online bachelor’s social work program the #7 most affordable in the nation.

    At Eastern New Mexico University, cheap online social work degrees are just one of the things the school is known for. It’s also known for being one of the best social work programs, as well as being one of the most affordable, in the country. This school is regionally accredited by the NCACS THLC. The social work program is independently accredited by the CSWE.

    The Bachelor in Social Work at ENMU requires 120 credit hours of coursework along with the 480 minimum clock hours needed for the fieldwork practicum requirement. Students will find that this generalist social work degree will open the door towards getting licensed in the state as well as moving into graduate work with Advanced Standing.

    The cost of an education at ENMU is reasonable, especially for a cheap bachelors in social work. In-state students pay $239.59 per credit hour while out-of-state students pay $480.21 per credit hour. This rate reflects information technology fees and the online education fee.

    This university believes that education shouldn’t be priced out of anyone’s range, which is why it goes out of its way to offer a list of scholarships categorized by merit-based and need-based qualifications. Work-study opportunities are also available here.

    See the rankings at http://www.collegechoice.net/rankings/cheap-online-bachelors-in-social-work/ .

  3. ToBecomeATeacher.org Ranks ENMU’s Teacher Education Program #1 in New Mexico

    TopMastersInEducation.com has published its annual Best Value ranking of the top schools for Residential Masters in Education degree programs. Eastern New Mexico University was ranked #3 overall.

    See the complete listing at http://tobecomeateacher.org/how-to-become-a-teacher-in-new-mexico.

  4. TopMastersInEducation.com Ranks ENMU #3 for Master’s in Education

    TopMastersInEducation.com has published its annual Best Value ranking of the top schools for Residential Masters in Education degree programs. Eastern New Mexico University was ranked #3 overall.

    View the ranking at http://www.topmastersineducation.com/rankings/best-masters-in-education/.

    TopMastersInEducation.com Best Value rankings were designed to help prospective students make a smart choice about where to invest their time and money in earning their online degree. Schools and programs were evaluated based on publicly available information about accreditation, academic quality, student satisfaction, reputation in the field, and cost.

  5. OnlineU Ranks ENMU Number One for Least Expensive Online Degrees

    The online education and business degrees at Eastern New Mexico University in Portales were named the most affordable in the nation by OnlineU, which ranks online colleges on affordability.

    OnlineU’s mission is to “refocus the higher education conversation around affordability and quality and make access to online college information more transparent…and to bring tuition to the forefront of the higher education discussion in the U.S.”

  6. BestCollegeValues.org Ranks ENMU #2 in Online Elementary Education Master’s Degrees

    BestCollegeValues.org has published its first ranking for Top 10 Most Affordable Online Master's Degrees in Elementary Education 2016.

    Eastern New Mexico has been ranked #2 on this list.

    Best College Values is an online resource for prospective undergraduate and graduate students seeking an education that will not leave students floundering in student loan debt. Best College Values strives to provide the most comprehensive and rigorously researched set of online resources identifying where college affordability, educational quality, and educational outcomes intersect, allowing individuals pursuing higher education to make informed decisions about what and where to study.

    "Pursuing an online Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts in Religion at Eastern New Mexico University is a bit like taking a trip back in time. In addition to studying the state of contemporary religion and its role in the world today, students in ENMU’s online theology degree study biblical Greek and Hebrew to take a closer look at the foundational texts upon which their faith is built.

    In fact, many students take this pursuit so seriously that the program boasts numerous recipients of the Zondervan Award for excellence in these biblical languages."

  7. Nursing Program Ranked Among Most Affordable

    TopRNtoBSN.com has published its 2016 listing of the 50 Most Affordable Online RN to BSN Programs. Eastern New Mexico University was ranked #13 overall.

    Their description of the ENMU RN to BSN program:

    A public university located in Portales, ENMU is home to the Jack Williamson Library which houses one of the top science fiction collections in the world. The RN to BSN program is completely online. The usual number of credits taken in a semester is six which allows students to complete the program in under three years.

    Out-of-state tuition is waived for students who take six or less credits a semester. 46 credits upper division nursing classes; 128 to graduate

    TopRNtoBSN.com rankings were designed to help prospective students make choices based on the things they care about most. In order to calculate affordability, they began by considering fully accredited schools that offer an online RN to BSN program. They then determined the following values a) tuition for students taking only the core nursing classes, b) tuition for those taking nursing classes and the general education requirements, and c) the “net cost” (average cost of tuition and fees minus financial aid) as determined by the U.S. Department of Education

    The three scores (converted to “z-scores” for the purposes of comparison) were then averaged. Each of these measures were equally weighted and were derived from the published tuition rates of each school and the National Center for Education Statistics.

    For more information on this analysis, contact Tim Otto, Editor, TopRNtoBSN, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or 415.735.6471.

  8. BestValueMBA.net Ranks ENMU’s Program #15 in Most Affordable

    Eastern New Mexico University has been identified as one of the most affordable colleges for online marketing MBA programs in their recent ranking. The ranking considered data from the NCES College Navigator Database.

    The editor noted, “Students planning to enroll in this online marketing MBA part-time, taking six credit-hours or less per semester, can take classes at the incredibly cheap in-state prices regardless of residency status.”

    Best Value MBA’s mission is to provide assistance in selecting the best MBA program that offers both high value and affordability by providing rankings of affordable business schools and lists of MBA programs by state.

    Find the rankings at http://www.bestvaluemba.net/rankings/most-affordable-online-marketing-mba-programs/ .

  9. TopManagementDegrees.com Names ENMU MBA Program 17th Most Affordable

    TopManagementDegrees.com named the Masters of Business Administration (MBA) program at Eastern New Mexico University in Portales as the nation’s 17th most affordable.

    The following is from site:

    Average graduate student tuition and fees per year: $4,990

    “Eastern New Mexico University is a four-year, public university seated in Portales, right on the border of New Mexico and Texas. ENMU is ranked as one of the most affordable tuitions in the state and the country. ENMU offers more than 60 degree plans at the associate, bachelor’s and master’s level.

    “The MBA at ENMU is designed to be flexible and affordable. MBA students are offered the choice of taking courses on-campus or by web-based instruction. The MBA consists of 30 course hours and allows students to graduate in as little as two years.”

    Find the rankings at http://www.topmanagementdegrees.com/most-affordable-mbas/ .

  10. OnlineColleges.net Ranks ENMU Top Affordable Online School in New Mexico

    OnlineColleges.net ranked Eastern New Mexico University the top affordable online school in New Mexico.

    The following is from their website:

    Eastern New Mexico University
    City: Portales
    per credit online: $215.34

    School Profile

    Through the popular course management system Blackboard, ENMU delivers its student-centered distance courses. Classes are formatted to be asynchronous, but there are weekly deadlines and due dates for assignments, projects and quizzes. Throughout each week, students interact and communicate with each other via threaded discussion boards.

    Most of the bachelor programs are designed for students already holding an associate degree or who have career-related credits and wish to complete their four-year degree. GBC’s bachelor programs are meant to be finished within two years.

    Online Undergraduate Degrees

    • Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences
    • Bachelor of Aviation Science
    • Bachelor of Communicative Disorders
    • Bachelor of Occupational Engineering Technology
    • Bachelor of Religion
    • Bachelor of Social Work
    • Bachelor of University Studies

    Graduate level programs can be completed in just one or two years, depending on the number of courses a student takes each semester. Online Graduate Degrees

    • Master of Business Administration
    • Master of Education Administration
    • Master of Pedagogy and Learning
    • Master of Career and Technical Education
    • Master of Reading and Literacy
    • Master of Secondary Education
    • Master of Special Education

    Online services for students include: tutoring, access to the writing center, access to Golden Library, disability services, career counseling, academic advising and the bookstore. Students may earn college credit towards their degree if they receive a satisfactory score on either an AP or CLEP exam. All ENMU students who qualify, including distance learners, are eligible to receive financial aid and/or scholarships. Military students and their families may receive a tuition waiver.

  11. Eastern New Mexico University Masters in Education Ranked #3 Overall

    TopMastersInEducation.com has published its annual Best Value ranking of the top schools for Residential Masters in Education degree programs. Eastern New Mexico University was ranked #3 overall.

    See the rankings at http://www.topmastersineducation.com/rankings/best-masters-in-education/ .

  12. ENMU Ranked #20 Online Master in Elementary Education Degree Programs

    Eastern New Mexico University's online M.Ed. in Elementary Education degree program ranked #20 in the article titled “The 20 Best Online Master in Elementary Education Degree Programs” by TheBestSchools.org.

    TheBestSchools.org selected Eastern New Mexico University's online program based on several weighted factors, including: academic excellence, course offerings, faculty strengths, and reputation, including reputation for online degree programs. The following is from their website.

    Eastern New Mexico University, a state university opened in 1934, enrolls over 6,000 5students across four colleges and a graduate school. Eastern New Mexico University offers more than 60 associate, bachelor and master degree programs such as music, education, biology, and more.

    Eastern New Mexico University’s Master of Education in Elementary Education online degree program provides advanced knowledge for educators to become curriculum leaders, enhance their professional status or continue professional development. The university offers three options for the 36-credit-hour online Master’s degree in Elementary Education—thesis, graduate project, or non-thesis.

    Regardless of the selected option, all students must complete at least three credit hours in reading, written comprehensive exams, and a writing proficiency.

    All students must also complete three core courses: Teacher as Researcher; Seminar in Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment; and Critical Pedagogy and Educational Reform. The Higher Learning Commission provides accreditation to Eastern New Mexico University.

    Eastern New Mexico University received accreditation from the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education.

    See the rankings at http://www.thebestschools.org/rankings/best-online-master-elementary-education-degree-programs/ .

  13. Couponsdaily.com Ranks ENMU #3 Among Cheapest College Towns

    "Let’s be real — college isn’t cheap. So when you want to receive your college diploma at an affordable price, comparing tuition costs and living costs is important to do before choosing a college. Because scholarships don’t always cover all of your tuition anymore, it’s even more vital to pick the most economical college for you."—(blog by Lindsey Carlton, March 24, 2015)

    Portales, New Mexico

    • College: Eastern New Mexico University
    • In-State Tuition: $2,924 (2015 figure)
    • Average Cost of Living Overall: 87
    • Average groceries Costs: 96.9
    • Average Transportation Costs: 96

    "With a population of 12,280, Portales is home to Eastern New Mexico University, which is the third largest university in the state. Known as the “City of Porches”, Portales offers college students affordable living as well as cheap tuition. Between historical sites and a vibrant community, Portales is one of the greatest, as well as cheapest, college towns across the U.S.

  14. USA Today Ranks ENMU Among Five Best Bargains in Nation

    USA Today listed ENMU among the five best “bargains” in the nation, with tuition and fees for full-time in-state students at $2,428 per semester.

  15. Chronicle of Higher Education Ranks ENMU 4th Most Affordable in Southwest

    In its 2015 ranking of 80 public universities in the Southwest, the Chronicle of Higher Education ranked as the fourth least expensive.

  16. ENMU Ranked 42nd Best for Hispanic Students

    BestColleges.com ranked ENMU as the 42nd best university in the nation for Hispanic students.

    See the rankings at http://www.bestcolleges.com/features/top-50-colleges-for-hispanic-students/ .

  17. The Chronicle of Higher Education Lists ENMU as 18th Fastest Growing

    The Chronicle of Higher Education listed ENMU as the 18th fastest growing university in the nation that offers master's degrees.

    University's Response to Accolades:

    In commenting on ENMU’s state, regional and national rankings, Dr. Steven Gamble, ENMU president, said, “We are gratified that our efforts to provide a quality education at as an affordable price is being recognized. Although as a regional school ENMU is not as well-known as some national universities, we believe our graduates are as prepared as any in the nation to succeed in their respective fields.

    “We are especially proud that most of our graduates do not enter the workforce with excessive student debt weighing them down.”

    For more information, call Dr. Gamble at 575.562.2121.