ENMU Branding Quick Reference

As part of ENMU’s efforts to present a consistent, professional public image, all ENMU and department publications, including Web pages, are designed through the Office of Communication Services and printed at University Printing. Departments and offices are required to obtain prior approval for materials not designed in the Office of Communication Services. Printing materials off campus is strictly prohibited.

Consult our team of writers, editors, graphic designers and Web experts when you need help with projects such as these:

  • advertising campaigns
  • brochures
  • ENMU branding
  • news releases
  • postcards
  • posters
  • signs
  • Web pages
  • Web friendly graphics for social media pages
  • photography for program and organizational publicity


Wordmark Usage

The wordmark can be sized accordingly; however it should not be skewed out of proportion. An EPS file of the wordmark can be found on the ENMU website. The minimum dimension is one inch wide.

Color documents

The wordmark may be displayed in ENMU green or reversed text.

Black and white documents

The wordmark may be displayed in black or reversed text.


Slogan and Wordmark


Display as a line of text

Slogan can stand alone as a sentence or phrase. An em dash separates the prepositions.

Display stacked

Width of the second line should not extend beyond the width of the top line. Slogan can be justified left, center or right.

Display with wordmark

Note: wordmark height should exceed the slogan height.





PMS 349 is designated as ENMU green. Eastern’s official colors are green and silver. As silver can be difficult to produce, most shades of grey are acceptable.

Black is considered an accent color only and may be used only when the document is black and white. PMS 349 and black should not be used together exclusively.

Pantone PMS 349

C: 100
M: 0
Y: 83
K: 47

R: 25
G: 96
B: 59


Hexadecimal value


Generally, the graphic standards do not allow for ALL CAPS, underline or italics. Bold is acceptable.


ENMU uses Humanist 521 for headers and other information. Content in paragraph form is Times New Roman except on the website. 

Novelty Items

The predominant colors used for any item must be green and silver.

T-shirts should always be ordered in dark green. The wordmark should always appear on all materials.

The wordmark and tagline should always appear on all materials. In the rare occasion the wordmark is not used, ENMU should be prominently displayed (lapel pins, for example).

Uniform Policy

The official colors of Eastern New Mexico University are green and silver.

PMS 349 is designated as ENMU green. As silver can be difficult to produce, most shades of grey are acceptable.

It is the policy of ENMU and all departments including the department of Athletics to purchase uniforms that are predominately green and silver. This policy is for all game, competition, practice, event and camp uniforms. It is required by all Athletic programs including but not limited to spirit squad, football, soccer, cross country, volleyball, rodeo, basketball, track and field, softball and baseball. A limited amount of accent color, black or white, is acceptable. However, no more than 25 percent of the uniform may be black or white.

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter and other social media network pages should always include ENMU at the beginning of the title (ENMU Department of Mathematics or ENMU ASAB, for example). 

Profile pics should be related to ENMU and your organization. Ralphie ENMU Greyhound should always be listed as an administrator on these pages. While the Office of Communication Services, the owner of Ralphie ENMU Greyhound, does not usually make updates or other changes, this allows for added security.

The Office of Communication Services encourages administrators on ENMU social media pages to “share” campus wide communication such as weather delays, emergency situations and general information pertinent to the campus as a whole.