Alumni Survey

Who takes it?
A sample of 5-year and 10-year University alumni.

How long does it take for the student to complete the instrument?
20 minutes by paper or on ENMU web page.

What type of information is sought?
The Alumni Survey asks basic demographic information on the former students. The alumni are also asked when they graduated and what their highest planned degree is. Other information is sought about why ENMU was selected and how they financed their college education. Alumni are then asked to rate various aspects of their university and curricular experiences and their satisfaction with different services on campus. Alumni are asked about how their major affected their knowledge, abilities, and attitudes. They are asked about how their experience affect their ability to continue their education (if they did) and to select and carry out their employment. Finally alumni are asked whether they are willing to have their employer be sent a survey and whether they wish to add any additional comments.

What office administers it?
The Assessment Resource Office

 When are results typically available?
Usually it takes about 9 months from when the surveys are first sent out until they are processed and a final report is ready.

From whom are the results available?
The Assessment Resource Office

Are the results available by division or discipline?
Yes, if requested.

Are the results comparable to data of other universities?