Learning Communities Participant Evaluation

Who takes it?
All first-time freshmen in Learning Community

When is it administered?
End of fall semester of Freshman Learning Community

How long does it take for the student to complete the instrument?
Approximately 30 minutes

What type of information is sought?
Impact the Learning Community had on the student’s academic experience, study skills, interaction with other students, faculty and University resources

What office administers it?
Director, Title V Learning Communities

Who originates the survey?
ENMU Learning Communities office

To whom are the results typically sent?
Learning Community faculty, college deans and administration.

When are results typically available?
Spring semester

From whom are the results available?
Title V Learning Communities office

Are the results available by division or discipline?
No. (Some data is; contact Director, Title V.)

Are the results comparable to data of other universities?
No. (Some data is; contact Director, Title V.)

Eastern Learning Communities Participation Evaluation