Action Research Grant Application Guidelines

The Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) of Eastern New Mexico University is offering a unique opportunity for public school teachers to obtain financial support to conduct classroom research on teaching effectiveness and student learning. The Center for Teaching Excellence is interested in diversity and encourages applications from teachers of diverse ethnic, cultural and differently able backgrounds.


To improve student learning by encouraging classroom teachers to conduct action research on innovative instructional strategies to be utilized in their classrooms


Regularly employed, licensed classroom teachers in New Mexico public schools are eligible to apply for funding annually for up to three years (i.e.: year one—new application indicating a multiple year request; year two—new application including brief summary of prior year's research; and Year three – New application including brief summary of prior years’ research). Funding approval is on a yearly basis. Three or more teachers must apply for a single grant together. Only research-based proposals that focus directly on the effects of innovative classroom teaching strategies on student learning will be funded.


Teachers whose proposals are selected will receive from $500 to $3,000 to cover costs of supplies, materials, consultants, data processing, etc. associated with their research.

Support for the research component of the grant can be provided by university faculty. Additional funds (separate from grant funding) in the amount of $400 are available for faculty who collaborate with Action Research Grant recipients.

Grants will not cover grant team member stipends, field trips, purchase of equipment items over $999 (without requested waiver), out-of-state travel or unrelated expenses. Travel costs to share results with others are part of the CTE commitment to grant recipients and are reimbursed from separate funds for the subsequent year.

Grant funding is contingent on annual allocation from the New Mexico State Legislature.


The criteria by which proposals are selected include the following:

  1. Direct focus on effective, innovative teaching/learning research.
  2. Impact:
    1. Direct positive effect on many individuals.
    2. Wide dissemination potential, reproducibility and applicability to other teaching circumstances in New Mexico.
  3. Cost effectiveness and justification of itemized expenditures.
  4. Clear and realistic statement of objectives, implementation and assessment.
  5. Demonstrated need:
    1. Importance of the project to meet the need of students served.
    2. Unavailability of funds from other sources


  1. Answer each question thoughtfully and completely. Number and title each of the five sections. Keep in mind the criteria which the reviewers will use to rate the proposal.
  2. Make the budget requests relevant to the purpose of the grant. Don’t pad your budget. Requests that make a little money go a long way will get high ratings for cost effectiveness.
  3. Consultants can be paid for services at the rate of $15–$60 per hour with a maximum of $300 per day depending on the consultant’s credentials (i.e., maximum of $60 per hour would require terminal degree and lengthy experience; $50 per hour would require terminal degree and some experience; $40 per hour would require masters degree and lengthy experience; etc.).
  4. Please do not duplicate requests for grants from other agencies.
  5. The expertise of university faculty in research, content, and publishing can strengthen the application. A stipend of up to $400 is available to university faculty who collaborate with Action Research Grant recipient teams. This stipend is paid from separate funds.

Reimbursement Procedures

The grant operates through reimbursement to the school/district. The grant team leader will submit a completed reimbursement form to the school/district. The school/district will attach to the reimbursement form a copy of checks, invoices and purchase orders which were issued for the expenses and forwarded to the CTE. Reimbursements will be exempt from any school/district surcharges.


The statewide CTE Action Research Conference is held each June to share the results of these research efforts. Grant recipients will be required to present at the conference. Hotel costs, some meals, mileage and substitute teachers, if needed, will be covered for up to two presenters.

State Conference/Publication: Grant recipients will be required to give a presentation of the research grant project at a state conference or equivalent sharing during the following year. For state conference or be published in a state/national publication, the CTE will pay for substitute teachers, the conference fee and some travel expenses for up to two presenters.

District/School In-service: Grant recipients will be required to keep their school, district, and/or school board informed about the progress and findings of their research. If a presentation is given to other teachers within the district, the focus should be relevant to teachers who may want to try the innovation.

Funds for above requirements are in addition to funds allocated to the grant.


Complete the three-page form, using no more than four additional typed pages, and submit the original and three copies to the CTE (total of four). Proposal must be received by the second Friday in February of each year. If the application is faxed to meet the deadline, the original application and three copies (total of four) must follow by mail to be received by the following Tuesday. Do not consider the fax as a copy or that the application is complete once the fax has been sent. The original with required signatures must be on file for a grant award to be funded. A committee will review the grant applications and make recommendations to the CTE director. Recipients will be notified by May of that year.

Final (or year-end) research grant reports are due at the CTE on or before May 31 of the operating year of the grant. Reimbursement requests are due to the district business office no later than May 31 of the operating year of the grant. All reimbursement requests from the district business office are to be received by the CTE no later than June 15.


Center for Teaching Excellence
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fax: 575.562.2546