Preparing for transfer is about getting ready to succeed at Eastern. It's about making the right choices for you, based on your major and the campus you hope to attend. Transferring from one college to another can be challenging; ENMU is committed to making the transfer process as simple as possible.

As a transfer student, you can transfer courses you've already taken to count toward any one of our undergraduate degrees. You can find out what courses will transfer by checking out our TES (transfer evaluation system), or contacting one of our admissions recruiters for more information.

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Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences (BAAS)

If you have already earned your associate degree and are looking to transfer to ENMU, our BAAS program provides a path to a bachelor's degree. Each BAAS degree plan requires you to have a primary and a secondary concentration area. Your vocational/technical credit applies to your primary concentration area, and this program is designed to allow you to earn your bachelor's degree within two years of full-time enrollment.

ENMU BAAS Programs

Transfer Partnerships

ENMU has 2+2 partnerships with several community colleges which allow you to follow a very specific curriculum while attending your first two years at your school and then transfer into your intended major at ENMU. Each 2+2 agreement is constructed to allow you to efficiently progress toward completion of your chosen bachelor's degree program. This means your credits will transfer and you can earn your bachelor's without losing any of your course credits to the transfer process. View the degrees available under these partnerships:

Transferring from another ENMU Campus

If you've taken courses at ENMU-Roswell or ENMU-Ruidoso, you will need to fill out our Intra-Campus Application to take courses at ENMU-Portales. You should fill out this form during the semester prior to the semester you want to take ENMU-Portales courses.

Intra-Campus Transfer Application

Application Information for Transfer Students

Transferring between campuses can be challenging and ENMU is committed to making the transfer process as simple as possible.

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