Mediasite allows students to view their classes live or on-demand and helps reduce the distancing associated with online classes. With Mediasite, students can access previous class lectures throughout the semester. This on-demand viewing makes it really nice for the student that has to juggle employment, family and education. Mediasite is lecture-capture software. It has limited interaction options for students. Students can ask questions and take part in polls but it is not a stand-alone educational tool. Many instructors are combining other interactive tools such as WIMBA and Skype during their class sessions to provide the element of interaction among classmates. Mediasite was fully implemented at ENMU in the Fall of 2011 and is now frequently used by many online classes. Look for classes with an SW section when registering for a Mediasite class.

All New, Support for Mediasite playback on mobile devices (iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, Android)

Does Mediasite playback work on devices such as iPads, iPhones, Blackberry, and Android?

Mediasite 6.0 introduced support for iOS devices, as well as other mobile platforms. Playback requirements for mobile platforms are as follows:
iPad requirements

  • iPad, iPad2, or iPad3
  • iOS 4.3 or later
  • Apple Mobile Safari™
  • Wi-Fi or cellular data connection (3G or higher)

iPhone/iPod requirements

  • iPhone 4.0 or later, iPod Touch 4th generation or later
  • iOS 4.3 or later
  • Apple Mobile Safari
  • Mediasite iPhone/iPod app (free download available from the Apple app store)
  • Wi-Fi connection

Blackberry requirements(on-demand playback only)

  • Blackberry devices running Blackberry OS 7.0 or later
  • Playbooks devices running QNX
  • Blackberry browser
  • Wi-Fi or cellular data connection (3G or higher)

Android requirements (on-demand playback only, Mediasite 6.0.2 or later)

  • AndroidZ™ 4.0 or later
  • Android browser
  • Wi-Fi or cellular data connection (3G or higher)

Is Your PC Ready for Mediasite?

Please use the following steps to see if your computer is ready to use Mediasite.

  • Visit Blackboard and Log In.
  • Username: bbguest       Password: welcome
  • Find and select the "Explore: Blackboard" class
  • Follow the instructions for Mediasite

Test Your Computer

Click to test your computer to see if it meets the minimum requirements to run the Mediasite Player.

If You Are Taking A Mediasite Class

Your professor will provide a web link by email or on Blackboard. When the link is clicked, students will be prompted to log in. Students should use their SD\userid (same username as Blackboard) and password (the initial password is their ENMU ID number.)

Mediasite login page.

Please contact the ITS Helpdesk at 575.562.4357 for problems with logging into Mediasite.

Mediasite will generate a window if a Silverlight player needs to be installed on the computer to view the session follow directions when prompted.

The mediasite help menu.

Once the Mediasite viewer appears, click on the Help (question mark) to display more information about using the Mediasite viewer.

Mediasite Help Desk

If you need help with Mediasite Log-in, please call 575.562.4999 or use our toll free number: 877.755.ENMU (3668). Listen for the correct prompt.

Mediasite assistance is available Monday through Saturday from 8 a.m. - 10 p.m.