Fall Non-Credit Courses

Trainings and Certifications


Trainings and Certifications

Phlebotomy Technique Training

*Registration begins: Sept. 2, 2014 in Education Room 102

Instructor: Mike Blankenship, ASCP Certified Medical Technologist Women's Medical Clinic
Phone: 575.562.2165
Email: mblank@wmcofclovis.com
When: Sept. 23, 2014 to Dec. 9, 2014 Tuesdays 5:30 – 9 p.m.
Where: ENMU-Portales Education Building Room 120
Enrollment Limit: 20 Students
Course Fee: $700 due at registration

Prerequisites for Phlebotomy Technique Training
**Note: All prerequisites and proof thereof must be turned in at the time of registration of the course. If a student is unable to gather all this information prior to registration, they will need to postpone their registration until the next semester that the course is offered, no exceptions. It is recommended that students call the Distance Education office at 575.562.2165 prior to paying for the listed prerequisites to make sure that the class has a spot for them.

  1. Course fee of $700
  2. Student must be 18 years of age or older
  3. Proof of high school graduation (diploma), GED, or college transcript (unofficial)
  4. Photo ID (driver's license or passport)
  5. Social Security card
  6. Parking permit from ENMU Campus Police is required to park your vehicle on campus. A permit can be obtained from the ENMU police office for no charge. Vehicles that do not display a valid permit will receive a citation.
  7. Immunization Requirements for Course Clinicals: All healthcare workers must be immunized for certain diseases as part of their employment. Phlebotomy students must have verification of the following immunizations or immunity to the following diseases before registering for the course. Immunization requirements are subject to change and vary depending on clinical assignment.
    • Hepatitis B: Students must have completed the Hepatitis B series before they can register for the Phlebotomy course. This immunization is a series of three injections. You will need to provide documentation. The cost for the Hepatitis B vaccine can be as high as $100 per injection. A total of three injections (each two months apart) are required.
    • MMR (measles "rubella", mumps, rubella): Students must show proof of at least two MMR immunizations during their lifetime and/or provide lab results that show proof of immunity.
    • Varicella (chicken pox): Students must show proof of immunity to Varicella, have a physician's record of having the disease or proof of immunization.
    • PPD (Tuberculosis skin test) Students must show evidence of a negative PPD (tuberculosis) test within the past 6 months. If they have a history of positive PPD test, they must show a negative chest x-ray within the past 6 months. For shot records or immunizations, check with the following:
      1. Your primary care physician
      2. La Casa Clinic: 575.763.9154 in Clovis or 356.6695 in Portales
      3. Walgreens: 575.762.3851 Clovis
      4. RGH Clinic: 575.356.6652 Portales
      5. Curry Co. Public Health Dept.: 575.763.5583 Clovis
      6. Portales Health Office: 575.356.4453
  8. Criminal Background Check: All students will be required to have a criminal background check prior to registration for the Phlebotomy Training. The student will need to come by the Distance Education office at least a week or more prior to registration in order to have time for fingerprint processing. This is paid with a money order made out to 3M Cogentin the amount of $73.30. A listing of felony convictions which disqualify an applicant or caregiver from employment, contractual services, or student placement with a care provider can be found at http://dhi.health.state.nm.us/cchsp/index.php by clicking on the link "7.1.9 NMAC Caregivers Criminal History Screening Requirements", scrolling to page 6, section "Disqualifying Convictions, A through H". Digital fingerprinting is done at the following places/times:
  9. ENMU Campus Police

    Wed. Thu. Fri.

    8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

    Clovis Police Station

    Tuesday-8 a.m. to noon

    Thursday-1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

  10. Liability Insurance: Students must purchase liability insurance through www.hpso.com at a cost of $37.00 paid with a credit or debit card online. Please bring proof of purchase to the Distance Education office at time of registration.


Course Information

Clinical Rotation Information: Rotations are estimated to begin during the second or third week of the semester. The location (usually in Clovis) and schedule (100 hours total) will be arranged with the instructor. Clinicals must be completed within a five week period and can only be done Monday through Friday. The clinical schedule will be arranged and discussed by the instructor during class. Students will be required to sign various documents including, but not limited to: agreements for medical records confidentiality, non-discrimination, limits of liability and clinical dress code at the time of registration and at the first class lecture.

Prerequisites for Clinical Rotation:

  • Proof of immunizations: Hepatitis B, MMR, TB-PPD, and Varicella (chicken pox)
  • Proof of liability insurance. Liability insurance can be purchased online at www.hpso.com
  • Acquisition of approved scrub uniforms

Textbook Information: Textbooks are available at the ENMU Bookstore. For hours of operation, please call 575.562.2721 or 877.499.2665. Textbooks may also be purchased online at www.enmu.edu using the "Quick Links" tab, or at alternate Web sites such as www.amazon.com. EBOOKS are also available at the ENMU Bookstore: Phlebotomy Handbook for $35.45 and Success in Phlebotomy for $34.75. Below are the required and recommended textbooks

  • Required Phlebotomy Handbook: Blood Collection Essentials (8th Edition) by Diana Garza and Kathleen Becan-McBride, (cost approx. $66.15)
  • Recommended Success in Phlebotomy: a Q & A Review (7th Edition) by Kathleen Becan-McBride & Diana Garza, (cost approx. $64.90) and Merriam-Webster's Medical Dictionary, 2006 (cost approx. $8)

Scrub Uniforms: Scrubs must be acquired before starting clinical rotation. Some students may already have acceptable scrubs or may be able to find acceptable second-hand scrubs. A description of approved uniforms and clinical dress code requirements will be discussed at first lecture class meeting. The cost of new scrubs is approximately $60.

Class Information: Both lecture and clinical lab are included in this intensive accredited phlebotomy technique training course. All aspects of drawing and processing laboratory specimens, rules and precautions featuring infection prevention will be presented in a controlled environment. This program consists of 40 lecture hours at ENMU-Portales and 100 hours of clinical laboratory experience (clinical rotation) at the Plains Regional Medical Center in Clovis (or others to be arranged). This course will help prepare students to take the American Society of Clinical Pathologists (ASCP) exam for certification as a Phlebotomy Technician (PBT). Students who successfully complete this course will receive a completion certificate from Eastern New Mexico University. However, job placement is not guaranteed, and students are encouraged to take the nationally recognized ASCP certification exam which must be arranged and paid for by the student. Information can be found at www.ascp.org/Board-of-Certification/GetCertified). The approximate cost for the ASCP PBT certification exam is currently $135. The closest testing sites are in Albuquerque, Amarillo or Lubbock.

In-Class Practice: During class students will practice venipuncture on each other; therefore, they will have the same exposure to blood borne pathogens as if working in a hospital setting. Should a student have concerns or a condition that would endanger other students, please address this with the instructor before starting the venipuncture. Due to the potential risk of an accidental needle stick (either in the classroom or during clinicals), it is strongly recommended that students are covered under a medical insurance plan to help defray medical costs associated with an accidental needle stick. Eastern New Mexico University and/or Tricore are not liable for any costs acquired with said treatments.

Financial Aid Information: Because this course is non-credit (certificate only), most scholarship and college financial aid programs do not apply. However, students may seek financial assistance through the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation. Eligibility information can be obtained by calling the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation at 575.763.3437. Private scholarships may applied to the cost of the class. In addition, payroll deduction through ENMU is an option if a parent or student is employed by ENMU.


Withdrawal Information:

Withdrawal after the first lecture class meeting but before 5 pm on the date of the second lecture:

Students will receive 100% refund of the course fee if official withdraw from this course has taken place; however, the cost of the background check and other expenses will be nonrefundable.

The cost of textbooks, supplies, uniforms, and all other costs related to immunizations and liability insurance are the sole responsibility of the student and will not be reimbursed by ENMU under any circumstances (except as contracted with Vocational Rehab). This policy also applies if there is a change in the course schedule or cancelation of the course, if a student officially withdraws from the course (by choice or necessity), or if a student does not successfully complete and/or is terminated from the course due to disciplinary action or discovery of criminal disqualification. Also, any costs or losses incurred by the student for transportation/food/housing, contracting child care, reduction in work hours, or finance charges on loans/bank accounts, etc., are the responsibility of the student and will not be reimbursed by ENMU under any circumstances.

In order to officially withdraw from this course and/or request a refund, a student must notify the Department Secretary or Coordinator in Distance Education, either in person or by telephone at 575.562.2165, andmust also notify the instructor, Mike Blankenship, in person or by telephone at the Women's Medical Center at

575.762.8055. Refunds are made in the form of a check from the University Business Office, and processing usually takes 10-14 days.

Please Note: Students are required to sign a letter at the time of initial registration in the Education Building (Room 102) acknowledging that they have read and understand the refund policy for this course.

Please be aware that class scheduling/fees are subject to change after publication, and that Distance Education may find it necessary to cancel the course, for unforeseen reasons.

$ 700.00 Registration fee
  73.30 Background and Fingerprint fee
  66.15 Textbook
  60.00 Scrubs
  135.00 Certification exam
  37.00 Liability insurance
$ 1071.45 Approximate total cost

(Required immunization costs are not included in the estimated cost)

Check off list for Phlebotomy:

Course fee of $700.00

High school diploma, GED, or unofficial college transcript

Photo ID (driver's license or passport)

Social Security card

Money order for $73.30 to pay at fingerprint destination

Parking permit (obtain at ENMU Campus Police – 1 block south of Taco Box)

Proof of all required immunizations (Hep B series, MMR, TB, Varicella)

Proof of liability (malpractice) insurance (obtain at www.hpso.com) $37.00

Textbook (purchase at ENMU Bookstore or online)

Scrubs – not needed until you start clinicals