Noncredit Course Proposal Instructions


The following steps must be completed:

  1. The instructor will complete the Non-Credit Course Proposal form for review with
    the Continuing Education Coordinator of Distance Education and Outreach.
  2. All individuals proposing to offer accreditation or certification courses must fulfill
    all requirements as determined by the Continuing Education Coordinator.
  3. Publicity will not be initiated until the course has been approved. All publicity
    items must be cleared by Distance Education and Outreach.
  4. Instructors are paid 60% of the total enrollment fees collected for the course.
    Distance Education and Outreach receives 40%. Please consider this when
    planning course fees, expenses, and supplies needed to teach.
  5. Course applicant/instructor will be responsible for all fees, maintenance, and
    keys to any off campus facilities used for their course.
  6. Most courses will require a minimum number of enrollees to cover the budget. A
    determination as to cancellation will be made by Distance Education and
    Outreach with the consultation/recommendation of the Continuing Education
    Coordinator and the instructor.
  7. Applicants/instructors who propose courses to include child enrollment must
    authorize the ENMU Human Resources Department to conduct a background
    check, and final approval will be dependent upon results of that investigation.
  8. Return proposal to the Distance Education and Outreach office either in person,
    by fax (575-562-2168), or email to