Currently Available Documentary Films

Blood Tests: Native American Gamble (available through 3/1/15)
Analyzing Fitness (available through 8/20/15)
Evaluating a Training Program (available through 8/20/15)
Coaching Styles for School Sports (available through 8/20/15)
Individual Differences: Gender, Training and Physical Performance in Sport (available through 8/20/15)
Political Philosophy (available through 1/15/16)
Sources of Law (available through 3/1/16 via Mediasite)
Intent: Searching for Meaning in the Constitution (available through 3/1/16 via Mediasite)
Law and the Legal System (available through 3/1/16 via Mediasite)
Legal Precedent (available through 3/14/16 via Mediasite)
Constitutional Law: The USA Patriot Act (available through 3/14/16 via Mediasite)
Among the Wild Chimpanzees (available through 2/12/17)