Hispanic Queen / Reina Hispana


1. What made me want to run for ENMU’s Reina was that I wanted to do something out of my comfort zone and get involved with ENMU.

2. I decided to attend ENMU because it was the closes university to my hometown.

3. I am originally from Clovis New Mexico, My family ancestors originated in Spain and somehow throughout the century’s, migrated to New Mexico.
4. I feel like I can contribute a positive attitude and a helping hand in promoting different cultures as well as events.

5. I would say to talk about the history of their culture and help others understand the meanings of certain things, language, and to never deny where they came from!

6. So far, I really enjoyed judging the Miss Native Contest it was very interesting and I thought the banquet was very nice.

7. My favorite thing of ENMU is that it is not a huge school so getting to know people is easy and everyone is usually very polite.

8. Being Reina has allowed me to appreciate my culture much more by learning more about the history and meeting people who have made a difference in the Hispanic community.

9. I believe Hispanics are very prideful and family oriented. Family is something to always be passionate about no matter what culture you represent!

10. Passionate, prideful, and loud! It might be just my family who is loud but we love to celebrate and laugh and just have fun! Passionate because Hispanics have many traditions and history that we also take pride in.

11. My favorite part about being queen is that people actually recognize me as Reina not just Monica or the girl from class.

12. My biggest influence would be my grandparents because they are not only supportive but they are very much into keeping traditions alive. I have always admired that.

13. I would want people to know that the Hispanic culture is so much more than just being able to speak Spanish.

14. Future advice would be to step out of your comfort zone and be proud of who you are and where you come from. Also represent your culture in a positive and respectful way. Always have a good attitude towards yourself, others, and pretty much just anything!