International Club

The International Club provides a strong support group for international students. The purpose of the International Club is to:

  • Inform students from around the world that they have the opportunity to share their culture with other students
  • Learn from other ethnic backgrounds
  • Hold fundraisers to give scholarships to International Club members
  • All students are encouraged to join the International Club
  • Membership is open to anyone
  • Suggestions are always welcome


Tao Wu

International Club President
Complete name: Tao Wu
Country of origin: China
Major: Information Systems
Grade: Senior

"I started to pursue my Bachelor's Degree at ENMU in Fall 2012. ENMU is far from my homeland. I had to leave my friends and family. But now it seems I made a good choice.
I have met many new friends and kind professors, learn so much, and become a member of a big family which is Multicultural Affairs.
I have had a wonderful experience here!"

- Tao

Jingyi Dong

International Club Vice-President
Complete name: Jingyi Dong "Jenny"
Country of origin: China
Major: Public Relations/Communication
Grade: Junior

- Jingy

Qinxue Xiao

International Club Secretary
Complete name: Qinxue Xiao "Caroline"
Country of origin: China
Major: Public Relations/Communication
Grade: Junior

"After studying here, I become more and more brave and can do everything by myself. ENMU can give you a lot of choices, you must hold the choice and do them better.
live stronger!
Be strong, be brave, do everything by yourself!"

- Caroline


If you have any questions please contact:

International Student Affairs
ENMU Station 38
1500 S Ave K
Portales, NM 88130