International Club

The International Club provides a strong support group for international students. The purpose of the International Club is to:

  • Inform students from around the world that they have the opportunity to share their culture with other students
  • Learn from other ethnic backgrounds
  • Hold fundraisers to give scholarships to International Club members
  • All students are encouraged to join the International Club
  • Membership is open to anyone
  • Suggestions are always welcome


Tao Wu

International Club President
Complete Name: Ruijun Xu "Beryl"
Country of Origin: China
Major: Communications (Journalism)
Classification: Senior  “We'll do our best to help everyone who need us; we'll do our best to present more wonderful cultural diversities; we'll do our best to let you know you are the best” -Ruijun

Jingyi Dong

International Club Vice President
Complete Name: Huiyan Cheng "Sherry"
Country of Origin: China
Major: Communication
Classification: Senior International club is a strong backing for international students in ENMU. I hope I can help international students live a pleasant life in ENMU and I am willing to make friends with you all” -Huiyan



International Club Secretary
Complete Name: Yunhao Bai "Josh"
Country of Origin: China
Major: Communicaton/Public Relations
Classification: Junior
“Hi friends! I am Josh. The most exciting thing I have done is joining the International Club this year. Now I am the secretary and I will do my best to help you. International Affairs is always your friend!”

- Yunhao

Qinxue Xiao

International Club Graduate Officer
Complete Name: Priyanka Verma
Country of Origin: India
Master’s: Business
Classification: Graduate Assistant
“Hello everyone! I am Priyanka and I am pursuing my MBA here. I am the International Club Graduate Officer as well. I look forward to help all the international students. ENMU International club maintains a cordial relation with every international student and I feel great to be a part of it”



International Club Non-international Officer Complete Name: Steven Thomas Reese
Country of Origin: United States of America
City and State: Houston, Texas
Major: University Studies
“I am from Huston Texas and I enjoy meeting other people from other countries. I am a person who loves to have fun with friends, but my favorite hobby is gaming and I hope that will never change!”

-- Steven

International ClubSocial Media/Event Coordinator Officer Complete Name: Kexin Wang  
Country of Origin: China
Major: Math in Secondary Education
Classification: Sophomore 
I've been living in the states for quite a while, my goals are using my creative mind to create more unique events and using my personal experiences to help new international students to feel that ENMU-Portales is their home away from home. I'm positive that this journey will be incredible for the international club and myself!” - Kevix

International Club Non-international Graduate Officer Complete Name: Versia Hodges II
Position: Non-international Graduate Officer
Country of Origin: United States of America
Masters: Communication
Classification: Graduate Assistant

If you have any questions please contact:

International Student Affairs
ENMU Station 38
1500 S Ave K
Portales, NM 88130