Student Organizations



Accounting/Financing Club
Contact: Konnie Wallace
Phone: 575.562.2358
Purpose: To provide the advance study of accounting and promote a closer affiliation of a common interest.


AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts) at ENMU
Contact: David Deal
Phone: 575.562.2729
Purpose: To further excellence in design as a broadly-defined discipline, strategic tool for business and cultural force.
Advisor: David Deal
President: Amanda Lewis
Treasurer: Angela Sanchez
Vice President: Dustin Brady


American Association of University Women ENMU Student Chapter
Contact: Patrice Caldwell
Phone: 575.562.2315
Purpose: Our purpose is to advance equity for women and girls through advocacy, education and research.


American Choral Directors Association
Contact: Dr. Jason Paulk
Phone: 575.562.2798
Purpose: To foster, promote, and encourage choral singing in schools, colleges, churches, and communities.
Advisor: Jason Paulk
President: Colton Hardy
Vice President: Maggie Gomez
Treasurer: Kelsey Wickerham


Association to Help Our Race Advance (AHORA)
Geni Flores
Phone: 575.562.2765
To promote higher education of minorities on and off campus. To promote awareness of Chicano and Latino culture throughout the state by means of ENMU.


Business Student Club
Dr. Pattarapong Burusnukul
Dr. Pattarapong Burusnukul
President: Justin Banister
Treasurer: Tanner Banister
Secretary: Kylie Katalinich


Caduceus Health Society
Contact: Dr. Matt Barlow
Phone: 575.562.2543
Purpose: Dedicated to forming a community amongst allied health students on this campus. We work together to expand our knowledge in the various health professions pursued by each member.
Advisor: Matt Barlow
President: Kyle Stephens
Treasurer: Miel Johnson
Vice President: Megan Beaudcin


Chem Club
Contact: Dr. Elliott Stollar
Phone: 575.562.4973
Purpose: To supplement members' education with current topics, encourage academic success, and aid members in discovering career opportunities and paths.


Circle K
Contact: Susan Larsen
Phone: 575.562.2211
Purpose: Holds the promise of today's college student becoming tomorrow's leader, to meet the personal needs of the individual through qualities of leadership, rewards of service, and the unique spirit of friendship.


Collegiate Future Farmers of America
Contact: Richard Johnson
Phone: 575.562.4124
Purpose: To promote spirit and good fellowship, provide training and leadership through activities of the FFA. To provide agricultural education.


College Republicans
Contact: Andy Nazario
Phone: 575.562.2966
Purpose: To make known and promote the principles of the Republican party among students of the ENMU campus and community and provide a forum for discussion.


CSI (Counseling Student Initiative): Portales
Contact: Dr. Shinhwa Lee
Phone: 575.562.2942
Purpose: To provide opportunities to organize and participate in Educational Awareness, Community Service, and Social Networking Activities related to the counseling field.
Advisor: Dr. Shinhwa Lee
President: Janeesha Pleasant
Vice President: Scarlett Thompson
Treasurer: Librette Tye


Desperate Optimists: The ENMU English Club
Contact: Opal Greer
Advisor: Opal Greer
President: Chelsea Morse
Treasurer: Darian Williams


Eastern Animation Shorts Team (E.A.S.T.)
Contact: Greg Erf
Phone: 575.562.2652
Purpose: Is to inform our members about the State of the Art in the Animation and Digital Arts. Provide the opportunity to network with other professionals and discuss business practices. Events will include: general monthly meetings, student screenings, Art Exhibits, Guest Speakers, Skype interviews with professionals and webinars.


Eastern New Mexico University ACM Student Chapter
Contact: Dr. Tom Brown
Phone: 575.562.2330
Purpose: A nationally recognized chapter that provides social and intellectual events for students from ENMU’s various computer and engineering majors. The chapter sponsors various students and groups seeking to advance their research and career opportunities.


ENMU All-Out Gaming
Advisor: Greg Erf
President: William Bailey
Treasurer: Giovanny Cordoba
Secretary: Nickkole Williams


ENMU Anime Club

Contact: Mr. David Deal
Advisor: David Deal
President: Cairrean May
Treasurer: Grace Mauldin
Secretary: David Sanchez


ENMU Family Consumer Science (FCS) Student Unit
Contact: Dr. Cherylann Dozier
Phone: 575.562.2516
Purpose: To improve family life, strengthen leadership and life skills, as well as, promote occupations in the field of Family and Consumer Sciences.


ENMU Film Club
Contact: Jon Barr
Phone: 575.562.2229
Purpose: To develop leadership skills as well as socializing and having some fun to relieve the stresses of school through the enjoyment of film.
President: Anna George
Vice President: Amy Carter
Treasurer: Michael Poyner


ENMU History Guild
Contact: Dr. Dale Streeter
Phone: 575.562.2510
Purpose: To bring together those on campus with an interest in history.


The ENMU Krew
Contact: Bryan Hahn
Phone: 575.562.2778
Purpose: The purpose of this organization is to provide a safe, secure, positive environment for students to express themselves through the recreation and art of dance.


ENMU Table Top Gamers
Contact: Jon Barr
Phone: 575.562.2229
Purpose: To keep kids off of the streets by bringing them together in order to game competitively.


ENMU Pre-Vet Club
Contact: Dr. D.L. Smith
Phone: 575.562.2521
Purpose: It serves to inform its members on career options within the animal science and veterinary medicine fields. Advisor:
President: Kylee Rose
Vice President: Christina Wisenbaker
Secretary : Heidy Ramirez


ENMU Student Veteran's Organization
Contact: Dr. Robert Elliott
Phone: 575.562.2732
Purpose: Develop a community where military veterans will have the opportunity for academic and personal growth.


Fish and Wildlife Club
Contact: Ivana Mali
Phone: 575.562.2723
Purpose: To promote the concept of scientifically managed wildlife and fisheries and encourage students in the profession of wildlife and fishery science.
Advisor: Ivana Mali
President: Justin Kessler
Vice President: Jared Burns
Treasurer: Austin Wilson


Forensic Science Society
Contact: Dr. Kenwyn Cradock
Phone: 575.562.2078
Purpose: Established for the purpose of obtaining knowledge and career skills in regards to Forensic Sciences.


Friends of Trio (F.O.T.O.)
Contact: Reta Neal
Phone: 575.562.2455
Purpose: Guide and assist students in their academic studies and educational objectives, as well as provide opportunities for development in leadership, social relations, and personal goals.
Advisor: Reta Neal
President: Tyler Bock
Treasurer: Jacobus Aubuchon
Secretary: Stephanie McCorkle


Fusion Funk Collective
Contact: Yolanda Chavez
Phone: 575.562.2333
To promote cultural awareness, individuality, diversity, and creativity through seminars, workshops, and events.


The Grub Club
Contact: Dr. Charles Broz
Phone: 575.562.2075
Purpose: The purpose of the Grub Club is to share our passion of cooking food with the Campus as well as the community.


Greyhound MMA
Contact: Brad Mauldin
Phone: 575.562.2392
Purpose: Advance members’ knowledge of jiu-jitsu, wrestling, boxing and kickboxing while maintaining a healthy mind, body and spirit.


Hound Waves (ENMU Student Radio)
Contact: TBA
Phone: TBA
Email: TBA
Purpose: To provide an alternative source of music, talk, and community programming via our 24/7 online stream that listeners can't find on commercial radio. Open to current students as well as ENMU alumni, faculty, and staff.


International Club
Contact: Diana Cordova
Phone: 575.562.4914
Purpose: To provide a platform for social interaction among international students and the ENMU student body, to act as a support group for international students and to contribute to the community by providing volunteer services


Latter-day Saint Student Association
Contact: Heidi Greathouse
Phone: 575.562.2622
President: Debra Johnson
Treasurer: Brittanie Owen
Purpose: To encourage and support members of the LDSSA in achieving their academic goals and maintaining a balanced life while on campus; also to influence for good through activities on campus and in the community. Advisor: Heidi Greathouse
President: Mark Higginson
Treasurer: Brittanie Owen


National Panhellenic Conference
Contact: SueB Bracksieck
Phone: 575.562.2868
Purpose: To promote and coordinate the interests of the women's fraternities that are a part of this council.


NSSLHA (National Student Speech Language and Hearing Association)
Contact: Dr. Adrienne Bratcher
Phone: 575.562.2823
Purpose: To encourage professional interest in the study of human communication sciences and disorders.


Advisor: Micki Muhlbauer
President: Timothy Blossom
Vice President: Tatyana Scott
Treasurer: Sandra Hidalgo
Secretary: Angela Sanchez


Pre-Dental Society
Contact: Dr. Matt Barlow
Phone: 575.562.2543
Purpose: Prepare ENMU students that are interested in a career as a dentist, show them the proper steps to getting into school and prepare them for it.


Pregnancy Resource Center
Advisor: Cherylann Dozier
President: April Roberts
Vice President: Caylie Smith
Treasurer: Jacki Adkins


Psyched In!
Contact: Dr. Leslie A. Gill
Phone: 575.562.2045
Purpose: To provide opportunities for the ENMU student community to learn about and participate in the field of psychology.


Social Work Club
Contact: Patricia Saylor
Phone: 575.562.2504
Purpose: To promote learning and exposure to the Social Work Profession.


Spanish Club
Contact: Gloria M. Jurado
Phone: 575.562.2138
Purpose: Encourage participation and communication among students, faculty and administration; and promote and increase interest in the Hispanic language, heritage and culture.


Student-Athlete Advisory Committee
Advisros: Bryan Principe and Darren Pollock
President: Kris-Ann Walters
Vice President: Jacob Cluff
Treasurer: Kyle Godfarb


Student Research Group
Contact: Dr. Kenwyn Cradock
Phone: 575.562.2078
Purpose: The organization was created to assist in the development of research techniques used in student research for both undergraduates and graduates, in all majors. Learning to critique primary literature, practice presenting research, and attending research conferences are all objectives of this organization.


Students For Bernie
Advisor: Dr.Chelsea Starr
Phone: 575.562.2301
President: Maria Elena Martinez
Treasurer: Matthew Kauffman


Students for Equality - Gay Straight Alliance
Contact: Dr. Jerry Everhart
Phone: 575.562.4311
Purpose: Established for the expressed purpose of educating the community and promoting tolerance and acceptance of all people, beliefs and choices.


Students of Health and Physical Education (SHAPE)
Contact: Dr. Mary Drabbs
Phone: 575.562.4344
Purpose: To support healthy, physically active lifestyles among people in our community


St. Thomas More Newman University Catholic Center (TMNCC)
Contact: Steven Brust
Phone: 575.356.2509
Purpose: To help enlighten students of the community through our Christian faith and provide support as they pursue their education.
Advisor: Steven Brust
President: Abigail Tarin
Treasurer: Jose Mendoza
Vice President: Alexis Young


The Criminal Justice League
Contact: Dr. Michael Ryan
Phone: 575.562.2232
Purpose: Established for raising awareness about the political process, social justice, and responsible citizenship; furthering career and personal opportunities, networking and debating public issues.


Contact: Dr. Dawn Browder
Phone: 575.562.2482
Purpose: To provide a platform for communication among students, staff, faculty and administrators. At meetings, students have an opportunity to discuss current issues and concerns in education, plan activities and learn about volunteer opportunities.


Contact: Dr. Donald C. Elder
Phone: 575.562.2601
Purpose: To introduce college students to Jesus Christ and call them to walk with Him for a lifetime through worship, Bible teaching, and resources.


Yoga Warriors
Contact: Yolanda Chavez
Phone: 575.562.2784
Purpose: To provide a platform for communication among students, staff, faculty and administrators. At meetings, students have an opportunity to discuss current issues and concerns in education, plan activities and learn about volunteer opportunities.