Create a New Student Organization

It is highly recommended that anyone wishing to start a new student organization make an appointment with the director of student activities at 575.562.2631 to discuss the process.

Registering a New Student Organization

  1. Make an appointment with the director of student activities at 575.562.2631 to submit your Temporary Status Form and discuss your proposed organization.
  2. Find an advisor. Advisors must be a full time faculty or staff member of Eastern New Mexico University.
  3. Create a constitution. The Web is an excellent resource for examples of organizational constitutions. Search for organizations with similar interests.
  4. Fill out a New Student Organization Registration Form
  5. Return the completed New Student Organization Form along with your constitution to the director of Student Activities and Organizations.

Your application for registered status will be reviewed by the director of Student Activities and Organizations. If your organization meets the requirements of the University, it will be submitted to ASENMU (student government) for final approval.

Benefits of Registering

  • Free campus space reservations
  • Organization information published online and in the Guide to Student Involvement
  • Posting on campus
  • Use of the University wordmark
  • Leadership and personal development seminars
  • Ready references
  • Eligible for ASENMU (student government) funding
  • President’s Student Advisory Council (PSAC)

Leadership Opportunities

  • Student organization programs
  • Leadership programs
  • Community service learning projects and volunteerism
  • Homecoming coordinating committee
  • Associated Students Activities Board (ASAB)

Hints to Avoid Problems

  • Sports clubs, some spirit groups and single-sex organizations require additional steps and requirements.
  • Posting involving money may require solicitation approval through the Office of Student Activities and Organizations six business days prior to posting.
  • Co-sponsorship requires more than just name affiliation/association. In the “spirit of the word,” it implies a joint undertaking.
  • Groups affiliating with a local, regional or national organization must submit one hard copy of that constitution. A copy of your organization’s local chapter constitution/bylaws is also required.

Developing Your Organization

  • Conduct planning sessions to discuss your goals and objectives, then plot out your program calender for the year
  • Formulate budget and brainstorm about fundraising
  • Devise marketing strategies for membership and event participation