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Eastern New Mexico University

Past Alumni Scholarship Recipients

Ten ENMU students have been selected to receive the 2006 - 2007 ENMU Alumni Association scholarships totaling $10,000. All recipients participate in college and community service activities and possess excellent academic credentials.

The scholarship was established in 1993 by the alumni association's Board of Directors to help past ENMU graduates' children and grandchildren pursue degrees at Eastern. Since that time, the board has awarded 80 scholarships totaling more than $58,150.

The MBNA affinity credit card program sponsored by the association produces income for the scholarships.

2006-2007 Scholarship Recipients2006 - 2007 Scholarship Recipients

Kayla Britain

Kayla is a sophomore from Portales. After graduation, she plans to enter the work force and use the skills she has gained from her education at ENMU to build a successful career. Her grandmother is Jolene Henington (BS71).

Charles Britton

Charles is a sophomore Theatre major from Portales. After graduation, he plans to further his education by obtaining a Masters in Theatre with an emphasis in directing. From there he plans to open his own theatre and production company in Texas or New Mexico. His parents are Ron Britton (AA85) and Emma Romero Britton (BBA86).

Erin Chaney

Erin is a senior English major from Artesia. She plans to teach high school english or mathematics and would love to coach basketball. Erin plans to further her education by working towards her masters in education. Her parents are Tom Chaney (BSE90) and Shanna Chaney (BSE90).

Hilaree Chavez

Hillaree is a freshman Communication Disorders major from Rio Rancho. Upon graduating, she wants to work with deaf and hearing impaired children. Her parents are Lawrence Chavez (BS82 MS87) and Rose Chavez (BBA82).

Oma Creighton

Oma is a sophomore Business Administration major from Portales. After graduation, she plans on becoming a representative for a sales company. Oma would like to help her brother in their family business and someday own her own business. Her father is Gary Creighton (BS77) of Portales.

Jennifer Gheer

Jennifer is a sophomore Business Administration major from Ruidoso. After recieving her degree, she plans to further her education by pursuing her doctorate in choral music. She plans to teach choir to all ages from middle school to the college level. Her parents are Carl Efurd (BA59 MED70) and Betty C. Efurd (BBE60 MBE70) of Ruidoso.

Christina Helland

Christina is a sophomore Biology major from Albuquerque. After completing her Bachelor's degree, she plans on attending Veterinary School and working as the head Veterinarian at a zoo. She would also like to open her own Veterinarian Hospital. Her mother is Verna Rodriguez (BA80) of Albuquerque.

Matthew Morin

Matthew is a sophomore Biology major from Bloomfield. After recieving his degree here at Eastern, he plans on attending medical school at UNM. His grandfather is John J. Kieffer (BBA73 MBA76) and his parents are Lamar Morin (BMED84) and K. Lynn Kieffer Morin (BS84).

Hannah Richards

Hannah is a junior History major from Portales. After obtaining her degree, she hopes to teach history and biology in high school and junior high. After gaining some experience, she would like to pursue her Masters degree and specialize in history or biology. Her father is Harold Pearson (BS84) and her grandmother is Dorothy Torrez (BA79 MED81).

Lauren Standefer

Lauren is a sophomore Physical Education major from Tularosa. She plans to further her education by obtaining her master's and pursuing a career in physical education. Her parents are James Steve Standefer (BS86) and Ann Lester Standefer (BBE80 MBA85).

For more information, call 575.562.2125, email janice.cowen@enmu.edu, or write to:

Alumni Scholarship
ENMU Station 48
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