Dual Enrollment Courses

What is dual enrollment?

The dual enrollment program at Eastern New Mexico University provides academically advanced high school juniors and seniors in participating New Mexico schools the opportunity to earn college credits prior to completing high school.

What are the benefits of dual enrollment?

The program allows high schools students to pursue or explore professional career possibilities that stem from particular interests not available at the high school level in addition to earning college credit for dual enrollment courses completed.

What courses can dual enrollment students take?

Students can take online courses, as well as courses at the ENMU campus that have been approved by both their high school and ENMU. A select number of courses are also offered at area high schools and are taught by high school instructors.

How much does dual enrollment cost?

There is no tuition cost to New Mexico high school students participating in this program. Many high schools cover the cost of textbooks for their students. If the high school does not cover the expense the student is responsible for purchasing the textbooks.

How do dual enrollment credits count?

Courses completed under the dual enrollent program will count as regular college credits earned at Eastern New Mexico University and are transferable to other New Mexico universities. Dual enrollment students simultaneously earn credit toward high school graduation.

Dual Enrollment Admission Requirements

High school juniors and seniors who have been approved by their high school representatives are eligible to enroll in dual enrollment courses. The student must be in good standing at their high school and maintain at least a 2.0 GPA.


Dual enrollment is available to homeschool students. The course fees will be waived but the student is responsible for purchasing their own textbooks. In order for homeschoolers to register for dual enrollment classes they must have a STARS ID number. This number can be obtained by contacting Lisa Salazar at the NMPED.

The information required by the NMPED to issue a STARS ID includes:

  1. Name of student (including full middle name)
  2. Date of Birth
  3. Gender
  4. Ethnicity
  5. Grade level

Once the student has a STARS ID number they can complete the Dual Credit Request form and return it to the Distance Education and Outreach office.

Information for High School Counselors

In order for students at your high school to enroll in dual enrollment courses through ENMU there must be a Master Agreement between your high school and Eastern New Mexico University on file with the NMPED. Each class students are enrolled in must be included in the Appendix of the Master Agreement. If you have any questions about a current Master Agreement or would like to create a new one with ENMU please contact the Dual Enrollment Coordinator for Eastern New Mexico University.

Please see Placement Guide for selecting student's English and Math Courses.

Dual Credit Request Form and Instructions

In order to register for classes for dual credit at ENMU students must completely fill out the Dual Credit Request Form. This form must be signed by the student, parent (if student is under age 18), and high school representative. Failure to completely fill out the form will cause a delay in processing the request and the student may miss the opportunity to enroll in the class of their choice. Completed forms must come from the high school representative and can either be emailed to ciara.gilliland@enmu.edu or faxed to 575.562.2168.



To find out what textbooks are needed for classes and to order your textbooks please visit the ENMU Bookstore.


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