Tuition Assistance Application Process

  1. Login to AF portal

  2. On the right-hand side Click on AFVEC Air Force Virtual Ed Center

  3. New window comes up
    Right hand side- Click Apply for TA

  4. Begin Tuition Assistance Application

  5. Select type of TA applying for
    Active Duty etc.

  6. Select enrollment reason
    CCAF Degree
    Civilian Degree etc.

  7. Select School attending
    Type in name of school
    Click “find”
    Select school from list

  8. Select exact start/end dates
    Located on your registration for classes receipt

  9. Select your course from next window

  10. If your course is not listed
    Add course manually:
  11. Course Code: eng 102
    Title: English Composition
    Level: Undergrad/ Grad
    Location: Off base/ on base/ online (distance learning)
    Hour type: Semester/ Qtr
    # Of hours
    Cost per hour
    Add any lab fees that may apply

  12. After all information has been added click “Add course”

  13. Confirm course information and total cost requested

  14. Add any additional fees
    Registration and Enrollment Fees

  15. Verify all information is correct, especially your email address

  16. Agree to the conditions applied

  17. Once the application is complete allow 24-48 hours for approval

  18. Approved! Print out a copy and send to your school