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  • JAN01

    January Newsletter



January is only a half month for us, but a critical one. We anticipate that your students will return to us fully rested and healthy. Those in the residence halls are most at risk for colds and flu, since they live closely. We hope they got the flu shot at home, but if not, we will set up clinics in the lobbies of the residence halls for them to make it convenient and quick. It's never too late.


The end of the semester was busy, but the break has been quiet. Guadalupe Hall opens on Sunday, January 13th. Our former Bernalillo residents were assigned to the new hall and moved their belongings in before they came home for winter break. As with any new structure, we expect some glitches and will add them to the "punch list" immediately. Landscaping will continue through the winter as our students who put up with Bernie Hall in the fall relax in their new state-of-t he- art rooms. They deserve it!


This January our Health Services Center is fully operational. Our former Director, Kristin Kuhlmann, PhD(c), RN-BC, FNP, has returned to her post. She will still do instruction for the Nursing program, but will operate the Health Services Center full time. We are relieved she accepted our offer and have the greatest confidence in her skills and management abilities. During the fall semester, your students were understanding and patient. Their wait is over and they should be happy to return to Nurse Kuhlmann's care.


For the second winter in a row, ENMU has an 8-week a self-improvement program underway. In fall semester we offered four tips to students to help them professionalize their vocabulary and electronic presence. Tips included eliminating the words "like" and "really" from their vocabulary. They also reviewed their professional presence on electronic media, phone rings and messages. All we ask is that they give it a try, count the number of times they succeed and fail with the week's tip, and become aware. This spring, students will see four more tips and be invited to attend our second annual Etiquette Dinner in February. They will be instructed on how to manage a formal dinner similar to one they may experience when interviewing for jobs. It should be another fun evening with lots of information for them to consider.


We expect your students to return before classes begin on Monday, January 14th. Faculty are rested and ready to begin instruction. The spring semester usually starts out at a more rapid pace than fall. Please be aware that students will be facing some rather fast-paced courses and academic demands.


You are invited to everything we do on campus and we look forward to having you visit. Give your students time to tidy up before you arrive, then drop in for a visit. Your presence in their lives remains vital to their wellbeing and enjoyment. Be prepared to take a whole group of them out to dinner so your student can have bragging rights!



Judith Haislett
Vice President for Student Affairs