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  • Mar.01

    March Newsletter




Spring Break (Sat. 3/8– Sun. 3/16) is just around the corner. Please remind your students to change their room/apartment clocks to Daylight Savings Time before they leave to come home. We will send out reminders too.


March also brings the 8-week mark in the semester. ENMU offers full 3 credit courses at the 8-week mark in the semester. Your student can add these classes and change the landscape of their spring semester. As the name suggests, these courses last for the final 8 weeks of the semester, carry full credit, and are a bit more intense due to being condensed from 15 to 8 weeks in length. If your student is a full-time student, there is usually no charge for adding 8 week classes.


The 8-week classes begin March 17.


The courses are valuable because
1) they are free to full-time students
2) your student can learn something new by adding a new free course
3) your student can protect their grades point average by dropping a 15-week courses in which they are not performing and adding a course in an 8-week format.


Sometimes students may even be able to add back the same courses they dropped. If they choose to drop and add back, the course may proceed more rapidly; however, they will also have absorbed some of the material already. You can counsel them to get tutoring from the start of the 8-week course giving them a better chance at finals time.


Protecting your student's grade point average is something ENMU endorses. The grades they earn should be fair representations of their ability; however, your students should have every opportunity to ensure they are learning the course material. If you are residents of New Mexico and your student has a Lottery Scholarship, it is especially important to turn in a grade point average at or above a 2.50.


Please advise your student to consider 8-week classes. Advisors are ready to consult with them, but they will need to have advising done before the March 17th deadline. March 17th is very late, so the earlier your student can seek advising and registration help, the better. Remember Spring Break will immediately precede the start of 8-week classes and faculty may be easier to reach before Spring Break. If your student does not have a faculty advisor yet or does not know who that person may be, please have them call the Advising Center at 575.562.2338. The Advising Center staff will help them arrange an advising appointment.


Here is a tip for parents: If your student has a scholarship, including Lottery Scholarship, you should know most scholarships require a minimum number of hours per semester. This week is a perfect time to be sure your student is carrying the minimum number of hours required by each of their scholarships. Add classes at the 8-week mark if they are not meeting the minimum. It is heartbreaking to see a student lose a scholarship due to having dropped a course or lab. Be sure to check with us while we can still fix the problem. Advising Center staff can help and the Financial Aid office are good resources to check the stipulations of each of your student's scholarships.


The Advising Center is on the second floor of the Student Academic Services building and can be reached at 575.562.2338. Financial Aid can be reached at 575.562.2194. You are welcome to call my office as well at 575.562.2221.


The rule of thumb is that March is the month when most of your student's grades are established. Of course they can go up or down in April and May, but usually what is on the grade books in March shows up on the final grade report. Academic achievement is vital during this month and cannot be emphasized enough. A solid performance at midterms or an immediate contact with our Tutoring Services after midterms can make all the difference for your student. Please ask them how they are doing and I suggest you ask for exact grade numbers, such as 87%, 92%, instead of responses like "OK" or "B". They should have a good idea of what they have earned by now and, if they cannot tell you, you may want to intervene. Again, we hope your student has a good spring break and comes back rested and caught up. Call my office at 575.562.2221 if I you want to talk or need assistance.


Judith Haislett