Employees who correctly identified the Mystery Employee as being John Houser were: Dag Sewell, Leticia Schneider, Melveta Walker, Nikie Bonner, John Montgomery, Cody Spitz, Terri Doerr, Nicole East, Gretchen Leigh, Candace Baros, Janine Elder, Denise Alexander, Briana Schulein, Daniel Saiz, Noelle Bartl, Deborah Bentley, Shawn Gore, Russell Johnson, Hamid Allamehzadeh, Diana Cordova, Sara Fares, Deanna Bocanegra and Thalia Pantoja.

Other employees incorrectly identified the Mystery Employee as being:  Steve Gamble (3), Jeff Long (2), Jeff Elwell, Dustin Seifert, Jerry Everhart, John Montgomery and Brent Small.

And the winner of a fabulous ENMU shirt is…


Leticia Schneider was drawn as the winner of the Mystery Photo contest and won a fabulous ENMU shirt. #ENMU #ENMUNEWS

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Leticia Schneider of the Child Development Center


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