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This degree is perfect for you if you are a non-traditional student with extensive field experience in aviation and either an accumulation of a minimum of 30 semester hours of aviation-related credits through other institutions, or you hold an FAA certificate/license.

This BAAS program is also designed for you if you wish to study advanced levels of aviation science as part of a liberal arts program and you intend to continue your career in the aviation industry. The Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences with a major in Aviation Science will provide the advanced academics necessary for advancing you to a higher level in your professional aviation-related career. In this program, you may complete all of your required courses online.

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Career Opportunities

The BAAS in Aviation Science offers you a broad view of aviation and provides an academic foundation necessary for you to pursue a wide range of employment opportunities in:

  • Ground operations and servicing
  • Safety
  • Maintenance
  • Ticketing
  • Scheduling
  • Manufacturing

Most students pursuing this degree have already been working in aviation-related positions and wish to pursue the Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences degree as a means to move into a higher level position within their company.

Service and Interest Organizations

Scholarships and Financial Assistance

We are committed to helping you finance your education. In addition to grants, loans and scholarships offered University-wide, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences offers 50 scholarships for which any student can apply. Additionally, many ENMU students work part-time jobs on campus to help finance their education.

Faculty and Advising

The applied arts and sciences faculty are committed to responsible academic advising. This means we help you schedule the right courses at the right time to help you take this next step in your academic and professional career. Faculty members are specialists in their areas of advising and are current with requirements for admission into the programs they advise, so you get the academic advice you need, when you need it.

BAAS in Aviation Science (44 hours)

Required Core Courses (22 hours)

Course Credits
AVS 110 Introduction to Aviation 3
AVS 300 Aviation Law 3
AVS 301 Aviation Safety and Human Factors 3
AVS 302 Airport Operations OR
AVS 303 FBO Management
AVS 310 Contemporary Issues in Aviation 3
AVS 320 FAA Regulations 3
AVS 494 Senior Seminar 4

Required courses in other areas (22 hours)

Course Credits
COMM 202 Dynamics of Group Communication 3
ECON 200 Survey of Economics OR
ECON 221 Principles of Macroeconomics
ENG 305 Report Writing OR
ENG 325 Professional and Technical Writing
IS 151 Basic Computer Skills 3
IS 281 Spreadsheets and Data Analysis 3
MGT 313 Organizational Behavior 3
STAT 213 Statistical Methods I 4


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