The Department of Theatre and Digital Filmmaking offers minors in theatre and digital filmmaking. Courses required for each minor are listed below.

Theatre (15 hours)

Students earning a major in theatre may not minor in theatre.

Theatre Course Requirements (9 hours)

Course Credits
Digital Filmmaking 115 Dramatic Analysis 3
Theatre 101 Introduction to Performance 3

Theatre 213 Theatre History I OR
Theatre 214 Theatre History II



Elective Courses (6 hours)
Choose two of the following.

Course Credits
Theatre 201 Costume Construction 3
Theatre 204 Stagecraft and Graphics 3
Theatre 301 Intermediate Acting 3
Theatre 302 Writing for the Dramatic Medium 3
Theatre 303 Directing Actors 3
Theatre 402 Open Lab 3


Digital Filmmaking (18 hours)

Students who major in digital filmmaking may not also minor in digital filmmaking.

Digital Filmmaking Course Requirements (15 hours)

Course Credits
Digital Filmmaking 109 Introduction to Film Analysis 3
Digital Filmmaking 110 Location Shooting for the Edit 3
Digital Filmmaking 115 Dramatic Analysis 3
Digital Filmmaking 312 Designing the Shot OR
Digital Filmmaking 313 Advanced Lighting for Digital Filmmaking
Digital Filmmaking 314 Production Sound for Digital Filmmaking 3


Elective Course (3 hours)
Choose one of the following.

Course Credits
Digital Filmmaking 320 Sound Design 3
Digital Filmmaking 340 Writing the Screenplay 3
Digital Filmmaking 360 Postproduction 3
Digital Filmmaking 375 Preproduction 3

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