Department of History, Social Sciences and Religion

Humanities consists of branches of learning concerned with social and moral thought. This includes history, literature, the arts, religion and philosophy. Humanities offers a broad perspective on the relationship between self and society.


The study of history helps the you better understand the context of the events you see in the news and fosters an enjoyment of our interconnected, globalized world history. Coursework you'll take in the history program involves training in the use of historical sources as a means for developing a critical faculty, and a spirit of inquiry and open-mindedness. In addition to history's cultural significance, a historical approach to problem solving for modern-day events is valuable if you are interested in teaching, law, journalism, politics, ministry, or civil or diplomatic services. A major is also offered to teach at the secondary level (the licensure is secondary social studies).

Bachelor of Science in History History Teaching Degree


When you study sociology at ENMU, you'll learn about the social forces and influences that structure human activity and experience. This discipline gives particular attention to configurations of groups and relationships as well as routines of everyday and organized social life. By examining cultural values and meanings through which humans express and define themselves, sociology offers you special insight of how larger social and cultural patterns infuse peoples' lives.

Bachelor of Science in Sociology

Criminal Justice

If you are interested in criminal justice at ENMU, you'll study the nature, types, causes, conditions and consequences of crime in society. The program devotes significant attention to society's organized response to crime in the form of police, courts, judicial processes and corrections. Closely allied to sociology in both content and perspective, criminal justice gives you the opportunity to learn about cultural differences in how societies view crime and administer justice. The criminal justice program will prepare you for a career in criminal justice or related fields.

Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice


The ENMU Department of Religion was established in 1936 and is one of the oldest university religion departments in the Southwest. It is staffed and maintained by cooperation between several denominations and churches. Each church body established a Bible chair or chair of religion with its own classrooms and facilities adjacent to the main campus. The programs explore the major world religions, particularly those in the Judeo-Christian tradition. The courses emphasize the foundational texts, history and languages of the religions. The courses also include practical aspects of religious ministry, and the development of spiritual and ethical values. The department seeks to acquaint students with the methods and techniques of scholarship, particularly as applied to the field of religion.

Bachelor of Science in Religion

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