Advising Center

At the Advising Center, we help you

  1. Clarifying your educational goals, and
  2. Learn educational options available at ENMU.

Academic advising is an important part of your success at Eastern New Mexico University. The University's Advising Center:

  • Typically assists students who have less than three college semesters completed and students who have not declared their major register for classes each semester.
  • Assists students in declaring their majors.
  • Supports all new incoming freshman and readmitted students with initial registration.

Career planning assistance is available at Career Services.

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How do I register if I have declared my major?

  1. Access and review your CAPP degree evaluation from the myENMU Portal? See your advisor or department secretary.
  2. Use your degree evaluation to review all the classes you have completed or are taking.
  3. Make a list of classes you want to take this semester. Check the course schedule.
  4. Check the course schedule for classes that you need for your degree. Write down the CRN numbers for your chosen classes.
  5. Check your student records for any holds. Some holds must be cleared before you can register for classes. These include an Admissions Hold, Student Accounts hold, or ENMU Police Department hold.
  6. Make an appointment with your advisor. Who is your advisor? Your advisor is listed on your myENMU Portal homepage. If you still don't know, ask your department chair or department secretary.
  7. Meet with your advisor regarding your CAPP degree evaluation and list of classes you want to take.
  8. Register online after your advisor removes your advising hold.


How do I register if I have not declared my major?

  1. Check your student records for any holds.
  2. Review your CAPP degree evaluation for unmet general education requirements.
  3. Review one of the General Education Checklist.
  4. Make a list of classes you want to take this semester. Check the course schedule.
  5. Make an appointment with the Advising Center. We are located in the Student Academic Services Building, Room 214. Call 575.562.2338 for advising and registration appointments.

Declare a Major

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