Parking at ENMU

All motor vehicles, including motorcycles, must have a valid and current University parking permit to park on campus at any time. A permit authorizes the vehicle to be parked on University property in accordance with these regulations, but it does not guarantee a specific parking place. Students, faculty and staff may obtain parking permits in person at the ENMU Police Department (ENMUPD). There is no charge for a parking permit.

Applications can be downloaded from the website, printed out and submitted during regular business hours at the ENMUPD. No permits are mailed in order to ensure the accuracy of information. Vehicle information and limited personal information is required to obtain a permit.

Parking Permit Application

Permit Placement

The permits are self-adhesive and are properly displayed when affixed with the provided adhesive to the rear window of the vehicle in the lower left corner (driver's side). Expired parking permits must be removed prior to the new permit being placed on a vehicle (see diagram for proper placement). Alternative placement for vehicles with convertible tops is on the left corner of the vehicle rear bumper. This alternative placement also applies to all vehicles on which that the sticker cannot be properly placed. There are no other exceptions.


Bicycles do not require a permit. However, it is recommended bicycles be registered with the ENMU Police Department to enhance the chance of recovery should the bicycle be stolen. Visitors and Temporary Permits

Visitor and special parking permits shall be issued by the ENMU Police Department at no charge. Such permits shall not be issued to persons who are students, faculty or staff or who are otherwise receiving compensation for their work on campus. Visitor permits and special permits shall be limited to the place(s), dates and times written on the permit. Visitor permits and special permits may be obtained at the ENMUPD.

A temporary permit may be obtained at the ENMUPD at no charge to persons who have temporary business on campus but are not regularly associated with the University. Temporary permits shall specify date and time limits for validation on the permit. Individuals who would utilize temporary permits are those persons contracted by the University to perform construction maintenance, or utility work for a limited time, and who are not considered regular employees.

Where to Park

  • General use: All University parking lots shall be generally open for parking to students, faculty and staff displaying valid and current University parking permits on their vehicle(s). Parking lots may be closed for a limited time by law enforcement and/or University officials for general maintenance, construction, and/or special event purposes.
  • Guest and special use: University parking lots are open to guests and temporary permit holders during the validation periods specified on their permits.
  • Special events: Parking lots may be opened for general use without permits for the duration of any special events (e.g. community, athletic and/or theatre events).
  • Curbs and signs: Regulations regarding curb markings and signs are in effect in all parking lots. It shall be expressly known that painted curbs absent of sign postage prohibiting or specifying parking will still constitute a violation. Likewise, sign postage prohibiting or specifying parking absent of painted curbs will still constitute a violation.

Curb markings with the following colors represent certain regulations. Familiarize yourself with rules to help find the parking spot that is appropriate for you:

    • Red: These are designated as fire lanes. Do not park. Vehicles are subject to impoundment.
    • Yellow: These are safety zones. Do not park in these zones.
    • Blue: These are handicapped zones. Do not park, except with valid N.M. handicap parking permit or a temporary University handicap permit issued by the Office of Services for Students with Disabilities.
    • White: These are designated spaces for University maintenance vehicles only. Do not park in these zones.
    • Green: These are reserved for visitor(s) parking only. Visitors are defined by both individual and vehicle characteristics. Visitors are those persons who are not faculty, staff, students or contract employees and whose vehicles do not bear any ENMU parking permit of any kind.

Failure to comply with the regulations may result in a fine, loss of driving privileges on campus or vehicle impoundment. The registrant of the ENMU parking permit is responsible for paying all costs and any fines levied.

The University assumes no responsibility for damage to motor vehicles, theft or any other loss for any reason while a vehicle is operated or parked on campus.

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