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The President's Ambassadors is a group of students who demonstrate a passion and love for ENMU. They represent Eastern to prospective students, their families and the community at large in on- and off-campus events such as Green and Silver Preview Day, campus tours, high school visits and the ENMU Homecoming Parade. They also assist Enrollment Services with day-to-day operations which include general office tasks and recruiting-related duties.

The goal of the President's Ambassadors is to accurately inform prospective students and parents about ENMU's mission and philosophy, academic programs, faculty and students, physical facilities, social opportunities, developmental programs, and student services. They personalize Eastern by demonstrating sincerity, enthusiasm, credibility, interest and helpfulness to help campus visitors feel welcome, comfortable and positive about their ENMU interaction.

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Andrew Anaya, Clovis, New Mexico

Andrew Anaya

Initially, I chose ENMU because of a potential track scholarship, but one of the more deciding factors of attending this university was the inexpensive tuition costs, and close distance to home. Be involved! Don’t be “too cool” to be part of a group or to go to all the school functions. Make the most of your time here and give yourself a good college experience. It’s only what you make it.


Lake Baker, Estancia, New Mexico

Lake Baker

Communication with an emphasis in public relations

The main reason I chose to come to ENMU was the communications program along with its smaller size. The smaller size of the school allows students to have more hands-on experience in their professional fields than students at a larger university. The best thing about Eastern is that the staff and faculty’s main goal is to help every student succeed. Eastern is all about helping students achieve academic, financial and professional success. Here, it’s not just about getting a degree: it’s about preparing you for your future.

Justin Banister, Clovis, New Mexico

Justin Banister

Business with an emphasis in marketing, minor in Spanish

I chose to come to ENMU because it was so close to home for me and the price was reasonable. I love my family, and being able to see them whenever I want has been a huge blessing for me. I'm far enough away to love the college life, but I'm close enough to visit whenever I have free time. Don't sweat the small things. Make sure you do the school work and other top priority things first, but don't forget to enjoy yourself. These are your last years of schooling forever and then you have to work for the rest of your life. Make college fun and memorable. Stay on top of your work but don't forget to slow down and realize what you have, because you won't be in college forever and the real world waits for no one.

Bailey Benham, Rio Rancho, New Mexico

Bailey Benham

Biology with an emphasis in pre-medicine, minor in chemistry

The main reason I came to Eastern is for the small class sizes and the one-on-one with faculty. Each and every one of my professors knows me by my name rather than a number. My advice to you is get involved and meet new people. So many connections are built at Eastern by a simple conversation and a hello. I have built not only connections, but lifelong friendships.

Kiersti Bertolas, Las Cruces, New Mexico

Kiersti Bertolas

Forensic Science

The campus! It's gorgeous and small enough to not get lost! Plus, ENMU offers a Forensic Science program, and it is one of about 15 universities that offer it, and the only one in NM. It's a pretty special program. Get involved! Our campus always has something going on from magicians to bouncy houses and dances to everything you can think of! Being a part of a club, organization or ensemble will help you get to know people, build great bonds and have fun. People are super awesome here, if you don't believe me-try it!

Gabby Espinoza, Portales, New Mexico

Gabby Espinoza


I chose to come to ENMU for the small class sizes. Also because the professors try to help me succeed in any way they can. They clearly care about me not only as a student, but as a person and they are always there to me help when I need it

Alyssa Garza, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Alyssa Garza

Biology with an emphasis in pre-medicine
The reason why I choose to come to ENMU is because I could continue to run track while continuing my education. On top of that I loved the small class size and friendly atmosphere. At ENMU everyone knows everyone. The campus is a great size! It's perfect for any type of student and I absolutely love how friendly everyone is! Make the most out of the short time that you have here at ENMU because time flies by! Make memories and friends that you will surely have for the rest of your life. Don't be afraid to go out and try new things. Go to as many school events as you can. Most importantly, make memories and have fun but don't stray away from your goals.

Chloe Rae Hammock, Las Cruces, New Mexico

Chloe Rae Hammock

Theatre and Digital Filmmaking

I like to tell people the reason I came to Eastern is the 3 P's: the people, the place, and the price. I have met nothing but kind, caring people here. Everyone is always willing to help you, no matter what. Also, not only is this campus beautiful, its fun! There's always something to do here, even with the location being in a smaller town. And the atmosphere is so welcoming, I felt at home right away. Lastly, you can't beat the price. At ENMU, you get a quality education that'll last you the rest of your life. Don't be afraid to ask questions. People here are always willing to help you and there really is no such thing as a stupid question. Also, don't be afraid to put yourself out there. Be kind to everyone and don't be afraid to talk to that person sitting beside you in class. The easiest way to make friends is to be one.


James Idsinga, Portales, New Mexico

James Idsinga

Social Work
I came to ENMU based on my Uncle Paul's recommendation. Besides being an awesome uncle, he is also an ENMU alumni that now serves as a TV station manager who has created and produced his own show. He felt that the hands-on experiences which ENMU had to offer would prepare me for success in the field. The advice I'd have for any incoming student is to get connected on campus. If there is an organization/club on campus which appeals to you, go join it! Chances are you will meet some great friends there. Also, never be afraid to get in touch with your professors. I'd be willing to bet that most of them will be happy to help you succeed!

Ryli Johns, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Ryli Johns

Communicative Disorders
The main reason I chose to come to ENMU was because of their CDIS program. I did some research and found out how amazing theirs was compared to some other schools. Not only was the CDIS program the reason I chose to come here, but a huge advantage is that I got really good scholarships and it is affordable to attend. My advice to an incoming student is if you need help seek it out. Everyone here is all for your success so if you need help someone will try and help you or they will find someone that will. Also get involved. It doesn’t matter how. If you want to join an actual sports team, Greek life, co-ed sports, or a club, do it.

Rocio Avitia Lerma, Roswell, New Mexico

Rocio Avita Lerma

Communication with an emphasis in public relations, minor in graphic design
The main reason I chose to come to ENMU was because I loved the campus and the people that were here. When I took my tour, everyone was super nice and they really made me feel important. Since the classes are smaller I don’t feel like just another number. The best thing I like about ENMU is that I have been able to grow as a person and achieve many positive things while attending college here. The advice that I would give to an incoming student is to get involved as much as possible. Being involved with organizations can make the transition into college a lot easier.

Ryan Pecotte, Farmington, New Mexico

Ryan Pecotte

Biology with an emphasis in pre-medicine, minor in theatre
I chose to come to ENMU because they gave me a chance to play baseball beyond my high school years. Now that I no longer play baseball I still love my time here because of the small town feel and laid back atmosphere. I'm learning new things about myself and becoming a better person here at ENMU. My advice to an incoming student is to become involved on campus. Stay busy and don't stay in your room all day. College will be much more fun if you get involved and have a fun time. Also, avoid driving too much when it rains.

Sydney Romero, Clovis, New Mexico

Sydney Romero

I chose ENMU because it is close to home for me and because of how welcome everyone made me feel when I came for my campus visit. They made me feel like the transition into college wouldn't be so intimidating. Don't be afraid to try new things and put yourself out there! You never know the opportunities that could come from just introducing yourself to something outside your comfort zone.

Kendall Schneider, Los Alamos, New Mexico

Kendall Schneider

Communication with an emphasis in public relations
The main reason I chose to come to ENMU is because of the size. I wanted a small school filled with friendly people, and that is exactly what Eastern is! If I could give advice to an incoming student I would say to get involved on campus as soon as you get to school! There is always so much going on and there are so many new things to experience.

Leonard Tapia, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Leonard Tapia

Communication with an emphasis in broadcast journalism
I selected to attend Eastern because of the many pleasing features I had heard about the university as a perspective freshman. The affordability and small class sizes are definitely a plus, however, what enticed me most about ENMU is the caring and friendly nature of my diverse peers and faculty members. One factor that I would greatly stress to any incoming student is to get involved! Whether you find yourself joining a club or association of some sort, getting involved is a great form of networking which can lead to numerous beneficial opportunities within and outside the Eastern community.

Dominique Zamora, Raton, New Mexico

Dominique Zamora

Biology with an emphasis in pre-medicine
I chose to come to ENMU because of the small class sizes, I like the teacher student relationships. The best thing I like about ENMU is how helpful everyone is! Anytime you need help with anything, you are guaranteed to fine someone who can help you. Being here, I have met someone wonderful people. I have met lifelong friends as well as professors and staff who have helped me become closer to reaching my goals. I would give any incoming students the advice to get involved! Join sports, clubs. You will have a better experience if you go out and meet people.

Mariah Zerr, Los Alamos, New Mexico

Mariah Zerr

Criminal Justice, Psychology and Sociology
The class sizes on campus allow for a more personal touch with my professors. It’s all about building connections and ENMU makes that easy to do! The people make the campus! Everyone here is beyond friendly and always willing to help. Watch those sneaky class rotations! Some classes are only offered one semester every other year and if you miss them, ENMU does their best to keep you on track to graduate, but keep on top of when your classes are offered and do your best to not miss it.

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