Taking an Online Course

Join the ranks of those who take advantage of Eastern New Mexico University's distance education programs. As an ENMU student, you can complete many of our degree programs with the convenience of online courses. Many of our online courses use Mediasite, a live and on-demand lecture capture tool that brings you, the student, into the classroom.

ENMU faculty also drive to off-campus locations to teach upper-division and graduate courses that lead to degrees in education.

Online courses are available 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

  • Learn more about online programs (those delivered through the Internet).
  • Learn more about Mediasite and Blackboard (the virtual learning environment you'll use as a distance education or online student at ENMU).
  • Learn more about our dual enrollment program (receive college credit while you are still in high school).

We're Here for You

As a distance education student, you have the same access to resources like financial aid, counseling and career services and other resources that are exclusively for distance education students.

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Registering for an Online Course

Registering for an online course uses the same process as an on-campus student. The first step is to have applied and be admitted to ENMU.

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If you are taking an online course, you'll be using Blackboard, ENMU's online learning management system (a Blackboard account is automatically created for all admitted students, and is used to deliver most online courses). Each campus in the ENMU system has its own Blackboard system and unique login page. All courses offered through the Portales campus will have a “P” designation as part of the course code (e.g. IS 151 P 001.) Ruidoso and Roswell classes will NOT appear on the Portales Blackboard site.

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What Happens Next?

After you've been admitted to ENMU and have registered for your online course, you log in to Blackboard to start the course. Blackboard may be accessed through the MyENMU Portal or by using the direct link at enmu.blackboard.com. The benefit of logging in through the portal is the convenience of logging into a single place; from there you can access all of your ENMU accounts (email, student account information, Blackboard, etc.) without having to log into separate systems.

You will need your ENMU account information to log into the MyENMU Portal and Blackboard. Chances are, if you've already registered for a course, you have your ENMU account information including your ENMU student ID and your network login information. If you do not have login information for the portal or Blackboard, your first step is be to pick-up your account information.

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Accessing Your Course and Starting Your Coursework

To access your ENMU-Portales online course, once you log into Blackboard, your courses will appear on the “My Classes” page two weeks before the semester begins. Please check the start dates of your second 4- or 8-week session. If you register late for a class, please be aware it can take several hours for the registration system to show your course information in Blackboard.

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Success with Online Courses

Success with online courses requires a different set of skills than that used in a face-to-face course. You must be self-paced, self-controlled and diligent about your coursework. Also, you must have access to a computer that is powerful enough to be able to access the course materials and have Internet access.

If you answer "no" to any of the following questions, you will probably need to make adjustments in order to succeed in online courses.

  • Are you self-paced?
  • Do you usually finish assignments on time?
  • Does the computer that you will use to access the course meet or exceed the following specifications?

Helpful Tips for Taking Online Classes

When you're taking an online course, it's best not to wait for your instructor to contact you. You are responsible for completing your coursework and interacting with the other students on your own. Be sure to note all due dates and test dates and follow all rules posted in the course. Read every page in your Blackboard course to be sure you have not missed anything. If you have questions, communicate with your instructor.

  1. Read and refer to the course syllabus often. This document outlines the expectations for the course and often has guidelines for success.
  2. Always keep a copy of all of the documents and work that are created for a course in a folder on a flash drive and/or on the computer.
  3. Set aside time to work on your course each week – this is your class time.
  4. Never procrastinate or get behind in your course. It is nearly impossible to catch up in an online class once you get behind; there is simply too much reading and writing involved. Make a note of all due dates or deadlines, and complete work early.
  5. If something unexpected happens that affects your participation in a course, or, if you have other questions about the course, contact your instructor as soon as possible.

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