Consortium Information

What is a Consortium Agreement?

A consortium agreement allows a student to receive financial aid funding at one institution for the combined enrollment hours at two institutions.

Download consortium agreement.


  • Steps to see if you qualify for the Consortium Agreement
  • Have a completed financial aid file at ENMU-Portales
  • Be degree seeking at ENMU-Portales
  • Enroll for at least six hours at ENMU-Portales and the same or fewer hours at the host institution
  • Meet satisfactory academic progress to be eligible for consortium

Paperwork Requirement

  • You are responsible for obtaining all required signatures on this form. The financial aid office at ENMU will not obtain these for you.
  • You must turn in a copy of your class schedule along with the bill from the host institution. You must pay the host institution or make arrangements with it.

Host Institution Responsibility

  • Failure to complete classes at your host institution will make you ineligible for future consortium agreements.
  • ENMU-Portales shall serve as the home institution and shall administer all financial aid for this student during his/her period of enrollment as a degree seeking student with ENMU-Portales. It is further agreed that completion of this agreement precludes the awarding of financial aid for this student by the host institution during this period.

Student Section

  • ENMU-Portales will determine enrollment status cost of attendance as based on actual tuition charged for concurrent enrollment with both institutions.
  • There is no refund if withdrawal takes place after add/drop periods.
  • All recipients must maintain satisfactory academic progress for financial aid under the policy of the home institution.
  • Receiving financial aid from two institutions for the same period of enrollment is illegal.
  • The host institution will not complete this form until you have registered for classes and made arrangements to pay.

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