Conference Housing

We offer comfortable facilities and a wide range of services and activities for summer conferences at ENMU. Please review the information below to begin planning a successful and rewarding event. If you have questions, please contact the Housing and Residence Life Office at 575.562.2632 or via email and we will be happy to assist you.


The primary summer conference facilities are Bernalillo and Eddy halls. These halls are located on the south end of campus adjacent to the Campus Union Building. Other residence hall facilities can also be used for larger conferences. All conference housing can accommodate 30-400 persons per building in double occupancy rooms.

Services Available

Bernalillo and Eddy are equipped to provide many services for the summer conference guest. They include:

  • Laundry facilities
  • Ice machines
  • TV lounges
  • Casual lounges
  • Basketball courts
  • Pay phones
  • Recreation equipment
  • Barbecue grills
  • Volleyball pit
  • Kitchens

Food Service

The Campus Crossroads Dining Hall can serve up to three meals per day, all you can eat, for a very reasonable rate. Special events such as banquets and luncheons can also be arranged. The food service facilities are located in the Campus Union Building. For information and prices, contact the Sodexho Food Service Office at 575.562.2190.

Conference Participant Responsibilities

All conference participants should know and observe all residence hall regulations. It is the conference sponsor's responsibility to inform participants of the following prohibited policies:

  • Use and/or possession of alcoholic beverages and their containers in and around the residence halls
  • Use, possession and/or sale of any narcotics or other dangerous drugs as defined by local, state, and federal laws within and around the residence halls
  • Use and/or possession of firearms, fireworks or other dangerous chemicals in or around the residence halls
  • Misuse, abuse or neglect of any residence hall property
  • Use of cooking appliances in the residence halls
  • Unauthorized guests
  • Tampering with any residence hall lock or door
  • Tampering with any residence hall fire alarm, fire hose, extinguisher or smoke detector
  • Unsanitary conditions
  • Throwing any object(s) out of a residence hall window
  • Possession of any pets in the hall/room
  • Failure to cooperate with University officials in the performance of their duties
  • Violation of the Housing and Residence Life smoking policy
  • Use of candles or incense

Conference participants will be asked to leave immediately for violation of any Housing and Residence Life or University Policy.

Room Rate Information

Room rates are based on the number of nights the conference participant spends in our facility. Early arrival and/or late departure requests can be arranged with notice to the Housing and Residence Life Office prior to the conference.
The following are the rates for the 2010 summer program:

  • $12.00 per night per person for a double room
  • $16.00 per night per person for a single room

Conference participants must bring their own linens and towels.

Room Rate Discounts

For any summer conference group, these room discounts may be available:

  • $1.50 off nightly room rate for groups of 50+ (not including sponsors) for four nights or more
  • FREE sponsor rooms for groups of 50+

Conference Staff

The facility is managed by a full time residence hall director. The director will also have a staff of Resident Assistants (RAs) to help provide assistance and act as resource persons. All are well trained to handle most situations and are responsible for the security of the building.

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