Sr Transportation Planner - City of Odessa

Status: Full-time position

Location: Odessa, TX

Salary: $2883 - $4750 monthly

Deadline Date: Until Filled

Date Available:

Job Summary: Performing various travel model activities and reviewing results for technical accuracy and soundness. Development of highway and transit forecasts for regional and corridor analysis. Analysis of model output for various applications serving the MPO’s needs. Working with team members in updating the model process. Preparing and presenting results in both written and electronic formats, and interfacing with consultants on a variety of model development and data collection tasks.

This is an administrative position involving professional and supervisory work assisting the Executive Director. Work includes preparing long-range comprehensive/transportation plans, sub-area studies, short-range transportation improvement programs, urban and regional transit planning, annual work programs, and other pertinent MPO documents, policies, and programs. Knowledge of federal transportation planning regulations pertaining to MPO functions is essential.

Qualifications: Education
Bachelor's Degree or Master's degree preferred in urban planning with an emphasis in metropolitan transportation planning and a minimum of 3 years of planning experience, including one year of administrative/supervisory experience.

One to two years of experience with GIS programs, TransCAD, Microstation, travel demand modeling, and metropolitan plans.

Equivalent combinations of education and experience may be considered in lieu of Master's Degree.

Valid Texas Driver License

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
Working knowledge of--
Modeling principles and practices
Concepts, techniques and tools used in planning, designing and implementing database management systems and relate technologies
Budgeting methods and procedures
Transportation funding programs
Applicable federal and state transportation legislation
Policy development and methodologies and procedures
The legislative process

Proficient skill in--
Scheduling work assignments
Supervising and directing small groups
Planning methods, techniques and strategies
Research and analysis methodologies
Researching, evaluating and interpreting complex information
Public relations for maintaining effective working relationships with individuals and groups
The use of basis mathematical fundamentals
Analyzing and organizing technical documents
Prioritizing and organizing work assignments
Preparing technical/statistical reports

Abilty to--
Develop and give technical presentations to small and large groups
Establish close working relationships with transportation partners and stakeholders
Effectively organize one’s time
Handle and prioritize multiple tasks
Set, attain and meet deadlines
Work in an office where re-prioritization or multiple changing events drive the day-to-day activities.
Support multiple staff members, committees and the public.
Operate a personal computer using various planning, plotting and mapping software packages like, Audocad, Transcad, Rinfo, GIS, CUBE, including Adobe Suite, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel and Internet Explorer
Take initiative to problem solve by researching, suggesting and implementing solutions
To work under short timelines with limited supervision
Ability to use basic office equipment
Ability to interpret and effectively communicate written and verbal information including rules, regulations, policies and procedures to MOTOR staff and external stakeholders, while verbalizing ideas, communicating, concerns and providing critical analysis in a tactful manner
Ability to train others
Ability to promote a unified work environment

Duties: In conjunction with the Administrative Planning Assistant and Mobility Manager, conducts research and analysis of information and adherence to specific (MAP-21) legislation, TxDOT & FHWA requirements to fulfill the mission of MOTOR.
Prepares, revises and administers the planning and special studies sections contained in the UPWP. Provides revisions, manages contracts and consultants as they are relevant to these portions of the adopted UPWP, and prepares amendments for consideration.
Attends Regional Planning Committee and collaborates with the Midland Odessa Urban Transit District to collaborate on urban and regional public transit methods.
Answers inquiries and disseminates information upon request to other agencies, consultants and the public.
Prepares correspondence, reports, studies and makes presentations regarding program/project activities; assists in researching and preparing appropriate response for technical assistance requests.
Reviews and monitors plans and related documents to ensue compliance with applicable state or federal requirements and conformance to acceptable professional standards.
Monitors and ensures information regarding MOTOR programs, (UPWP, MTP, TIP, and STIP) is accurate and maintained on the MOTOR website and distributed both externally and internally.
Monitors and ensures project selection, scope and funding are accurate for highway and transit projects in the MTP and TIP.
Assists with the planning, development and management of strategic planning efforts related to transit issues. This includes feasibility studies for an intercity transit connection between Midland and Odessa.
Assists with the selection and development of transit-related developments, upgrades, planning and projects in the Midland – Odessa metropolitan area, while monitoring federal and state legislation that facilitates or otherwise affects the delivery and operation of urban transit.
Assists with planning, coordinating and conducting the community involvement portion of MOTOR’s Public Participation plan in efforts related to transit issues, both to maintain regulatory requirements and to respond to public needs.
Assists with building and maintaining strong working relationships between the urban transit district, TxDOT and other transportation funding entities, including the Federal Transit Administration (FTA), the Cities of Midland and Odessa.
Develops planning documents and interprets and develops data analysis.
Prepares presentations for and attends interagency meetings, and local government meetings.
Monitors activities of assigned area and provides information regarding their impact; analyzes needs/changes/enhancements and making recommendations.
Assists in carrying out the short and long-range plans and projects in the MOTOR Metropolitan Area Boundary.
Manages the collecting and analyzing of data that includes conducting feasibility studies. This includes study/evaluation/conceptual design plan for a Regional Transportation Management Center that would provide the following levels of management: arterial, freeway, transit, incident, emergency (to include hazardous materials management, emergency law enforcement and medical services, and response and recovery), traveler information, crash prevention and safety, and roadway weather management. 9-1-1 Operations will be part of this evaluation.
Development of a regional level operations plan that will include the development and implementation of system performance measures and identification of performance problems, gaps and opportunities in the transportation improvement programs.
Performs drafting and graphics work.
Performs local and regional transportation alternative analysis.
Collects, maintains, analyzes and prepares data used for travel demand estimates and modeling.
Assists in monitoring funds through application, contract review and approval, procurement of equipment, billing and reporting.
Works with consultants, vendors and other external entities
Assists in the preparation of agendas, memorandums and official correspondence of MOTOR.
Handles inquiries by phone providing general information or referring callers to the appropriate individual and resources as needed.
Serves as liaison between the Executive Director and other transportation agencies, government entities, legislators and the public at large with strong attention to sensitive or confidential information.
Performs other job-related duties as assigned by the Executive Director.
Takes initiative to perform other duties to maintain MOTOR operations. Promotes and demonstrates appropriate respect for cultural diversity among coworkers and all work related contracts.
Attends work regularly in accordance with MOTOR leave policy.
Develop quarterly newsletters to keep the public informed about the planning progress of the MPO.

To Apply: Application must include three letter of reference.
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