Building Codes Inspector - City of Odessa

Status: Full-time position

Location: Odessa, TX

Salary: $2789 monthly

Deadline Date: Until Filled

Date Available:

Job Summary: Will perform the work of an inspector for the Building Inspection Division to assure compliance with the codes and ordinances adopted by the City of Odessa as they pertain to the Building Inspection Division. The inspection work is of average difficulty to insure compliance with codes, ordinances and State Laws related to work performed in the building, electrical, plumbing, fuel gas and mechanical and other related trades.

Must cross train in Building, Plumbing, Electrical, Fuel Gas, Mechanical, other codes and city ordinances. Must obtain and maintain required licenses and certifications.

Qualifications: It is preferred the applicant for this position has extensive knowledge of the electrical trade, electrical and other related codes and related ordinances adopted by the City of Odessa, State of Texas electrical licensing laws and related items. A State of Texas Master, Journeyman, or Residential Wiremenís license based on the passing of a State mechanical exam is desired.

Minimum of a high school diploma or GED certification required.

Two years experience in commercial and/or residential construction. Must have considerable knowledge of one or more of the major construction trades in the construction and installation of building, electrical, plumbing, mechanical/ heating and air conditioning.

Possess a valid TExas Driver's License. Must be able to obtain and maintain certifications and trade license as required for inspection assignments.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
Considerable knowledge in one or more of the construction trades in the construction of buildings, electrical wiring, plumbing, mechanical/ heating and air conditioning. General knowledge of all types of building trades, construction, materials and methods of construction. Must be able to correctly read and interpret plans, specifications, codes and City ordinances related to building construction, electrical, plumbing and mechanical installations. Must be able to demonstrate the ability to use a keyboard and computer systems to perform daily record keeping and in performing inspection tasks. Must have the ability to deal effectively with the public. Must be able to recognize conditions and installations that do or do not comply with codes and City ordinances. Must recognize faulty and hazardous conditions created by deterioration or misapplication of regulations and respond with appropriate actions for corrections or solutions. Must be able utilize a process of supervised and self education processes and training to train and cross train in/and inspections and inspection procedures for Building, Electrical, Plumbing, Fuel Gas, Mechanical and other codes and ordinances adopted by the City.

Duties: Knowledgeable of all codes, city ordinances, state laws and the process and procedures for the issue of permits and enforcement of codes and related City ordinances and state law.
Conducts independent on site field inspections in a timely manor for areas of code enforcement, city ordinances and state laws involving building, electrical, plumbing, fuel gas, and mechanical codes, related city ordinances and state law.
Inspects construction, alterations or repairs with project plans and specifications to insure compliance with the codes and zoning and related City ordinances.
Produces and files inspection documenting the results of each inspection and investigation reports in a timely fashion
With computer generated and written documents, must document and maintain records of inspections and inspection division related enforcement actions daily in a timely fashion. Advises property owners, contractors and other interested parties on matters concerning all the codes. Must demonstrate the ability to use a keyboard to enter information and operate a computer to enter and process inspections and information.
Performs investigations of violations of building, electrical, plumbing, fuel gas and mechanical codes and related City ordinances. Contacts responsible parties and advises of methods of compliance. Develop and process related materials and documentation for the issue of notices of violation and citations. Recommends prosecution of code violations and issues appropriate, authorized citations for related violations.
Must participate, advises and assist in training activities with the inspectors and inspection staff. Must cross train in duties performed by the inspection division for each trade and office duties.
Be knowledgeable in building codes and City ordinances applicable to the issuing permits and answering questions from home owners, contractors and other parties as required in the performance of assigned duties.
Must maintain inspection related licensees and certifications as required.
Performs other duties as assigned.

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