Regional Wildlife Biologist/Landowner Sportsmen Coordinator - Idaho Department of Fish and Game

Status: Full-time position

Location: Coeur d'Alene, ID

Deadline Date: 7/23/14

Date Available:

Job Summary: The Department of Fish and Game is seeking a Regional Wildlife Biologist / Landowner Sportsmen Coordinator at our Panhandle Regional Office in Coeur d'Alene.

Qualifications: Respond to complaints concerning wildlife depredations.
Develop partnerships with farmers and ranchers experiencing wildlife depredations and provides solutions to minimize losses; designs and implements data collection programs to estimate yield losses.
Design and implement research to address depredation and landowner/sportsman issues.
Develop positive relationships between landowners, sportsmen, and the Department.
Participate in conducting public meetings and hearings on wildlife regulations.
Participate in aerial survey counts and classification of ungulate populations.
Monitor wildlife movements and activities; design and implement wildlife data collection programs.
Administer a private lands access program for hunters and fishermen.
Administer portions of private lands habitat improvement programs.
Supervise and train employees in depredation management and collection of data on wildlife use and crop damage.

Duties: To minimally qualify for this position, a candidate must have completed a master degree in wildlife management or closely related field or completion of upper division coursework that resulted in a bachelor degree in wildlife management or a closely related field that includes courses in zoology, wildlife management techniques, wildlife habitat relationships, population dynamics and wildlife behavior and professional field work equivalent to that received in a master degree program in wildlife management.
Experience demonstrating good knowledge of ecology, habitat requirements, taxonomy, and population dynamics of wildlife.
Some knowledge of forest management, range management, or agricultural wildlife habitat.
Experience developing, evaluating, or implementing management plans or development plans, hunting regulations or species management plans.
Experience conducting wildlife field research to include the design, collection and analysis of wildlife data, writing a report of findings and giving an oral presentation of project results.
Experience working with private landowners on private land access programs, depredations, or habitat improvement projects.
Willing to participate and instruct in hunting activities.
Possess a valid driver's license.
Design and implement wildlife data collection programs.

To Apply: Follow the link provided to apply online:


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