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Status: Full-time position

Location: Denver, CO

Deadline Date:

Date Available:

Job Summary: Provides clinical assessment of individuals seeking mental health services. Works with treatment team providers and support staff to facilitate appropriate and prompt services. Provides referrals and information to consumers not eligible or interested in MHCD services to the most appropriate resources. Coordinates as needed with the MHCD Access Center. This position’s complexity is moderate. The Mental Health Specialist must be able to exercise good clinical judgment in assessing a wide array of individuals as well as be able to determine the most appropriate course of treatment. The individual needs to be able to work with minimal supervision and possess the clinical respect of colleagues. The individual must be self-directed to insure flexibility in managing time effectively in terms of high activity and low.

Qualifications: Must have a minimum of a Masters degree in a mental health related discipline from an accredited college or university. Must be licensed in the State of Colorado.

2 years of experience in the direct mental health treatment. Familiarity with current DSM manual and competency in accurate diagnosis. Thorough knowledge of clinical pathology, and a broad range of psychosocial assessment and treatment approaches. Knowledge of impact of medical issues and co-occurring disorders on functioning is desirable. Must be familiar with community resources. Proficient level computer and keyboarding skills. Ability to communicate verbally and in writing in a clear and concise way; demonstrated problem-solving, and ability to work harmoniously with peers and professionals in various disciplines and people in the community. Must be governed by a code of ethics of the individual’s professional discipline including rules of confidentiality and rights of privacy. Cultural sensitivity a must.

Customer Service - Demonstrate a consistent positive attitude and efforts toward meeting the needs of internal and external customers and recognizes the need to support the open-access model.

Communication - Use English effectively and professionally to send and receive messages, oral and written, in a clear, positive, prompt, and appropriate manner;

Teamwork - Demonstrate positive cooperation toward co-workers, supervisors, and organization goals;

Dependability - Demonstrate reliability in attendance, in meeting work deadlines, and in performing tasks; and

Adaptability - Demonstrate flexibility in responding to change and in working with diverse groups and individuals. Recognizes the necessity of rapid, positive adaptation to system adjustments and client demand toward meeting needs and improving quality.

Participates in required meetings, MHCD mandated trainings, committee work and special MHCD projects (in-service training, program development, etc.)

Duties: Performs clinical assessments.

Completes face-to-face clinical assessment of all scheduled and walk-in consumers.

Assesses for severity of clinical presentation and makes appropriate decisions about clinical placement within Denver Department of Human Services and/or referral to community providers and/or resources.

Establishes provisional diagnosis.

Completes thorough risk assessments.

Recognizes clinical indicators of a crisis situation and coordinates as necessary with immediate crisis resources.

Ensures that consumers have information (phone numbers, resources, etc.) necessary to seek crisis help if needed after the assessment.

Stays current on clinical models of care and eligibility requirements.

Consults and collaborates with other professionals/agencies on evaluation to maintain continuity of care.

Provide effective liaison, coordination and collaboration that demonstrates the highest quality of consumer service and collegial interaction.

Provide efficient and professional quality clinical and administrative documentation within established time frames.

Completes intake assessment documents completely, ensuring that intake assessments and documentation are completed with a one hour time frame for the most part.

Documents results of risk assessments appropriately.

Documents consultations (medical, psychological, other professionals, etc.).

Requests relevant clinical records via signed releases, contacting other organizations, calling for agency charts, etc.

Other duties as assigned.

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