Student Employment

All student positions on campus are classified as either work-study or student hire. On this page you'll find work-study, student hire, internship opportunities and off-campus job postings for students.

The work-study program is administered by the Office of Financial Aid to provide funding for student employment on campus and non-profit agencies in the community. Complete the following steps to determine if you are eligible to apply for work-study positions.

  1. File a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and have the results sent to ENMU.
  2. Register for classes
  3. Check your Financial Aid Status to determine if you have received work-study funds.
    Note: If you decline work-study on the FAFSA or your Estimated Aid Notification (EAN), you are not eligible for either work-study or student hire.
  4. If you have received work-study funds, you may search the available work-study positions and apply to any positions for which you are qualified.

If you are not eligible for work-study funds, you may apply for student hire positions, off campus positions or internships. (You may also register with the Office of Financial Aid at the beginning of each semester to receive work-study funds if they become available.)

Available positions are posted below. Each job announcement will list the contact person if you would like to apply for the position. The job postings on this Website are listed for your convenience. They do not represent an endorsement by the University, and do not imply research into the content of the postings. Please use discretion when responding to the postings and research any position before you apply.

Date Job Title Job Type
05/30/2013Smart Classroom Assistant - Information Technology ServicesWork Study
05/30/2013Receptionist - Information Technology ServicesWork Study or Student Hire
05/30/2013ITS Helpdesk Assistant - Information Technology ServicesWork Study or Student Hire
05/24/2013Summer Teacher's AssistantOn Campus - Summer Job
05/24/2013Front Line Lead Worker - ENMRSH, Inc.Off Campus - Full-Time
05/24/2013ASD Skills Building Specialist - ENMRSH, Inc.Off Campus - Part-Time
05/22/2013Respite Provider - ENMRSH, Inc.Off Campus - Part-Time
05/15/2013Website Builder - Patriot Outdoors
05/10/2013Tournament Operations and Marketing InternshipInternship
05/10/2013Administrative Internship - Hurricane Junior Golf TourInternship
05/08/2013Student Life Safety Inspector - ENMU Safety DepartmentWork Study
05/01/2013Local Yard Work 2 Days Each Week Off Campus
04/30/2013Office Assistant - ENMU FoundationWork Study
04/30/2013Office Assistant - College of BusinessWork Study
04/29/2013Office Assistant - Student AffairsWork Study
04/25/2013Office Assistant - Housing and Residence LifeWork Study or Student Hire
04/24/2013Office Assistant - College of Education Dean's OfficeWork Study
04/15/2013Program Manager - ENMRSH, Inc.Off Campus - Full-Time
04/25/2013Job Coach - ENMRSH, Inc.Off Campus - Part-Time
03/22/2013Political Internship - Project Vote Smart Internship
03/07/2013Care COORD-REG - Plains Regional Medical ServicesOff Campus
03/07/2013RN-REG - Plains Regional Medical CenterOff Campus
03/04/2013Siting and Land Rights Job - Xcel EnergyInternship
02/27/2013PlayStation Event Staff - Focus Talent & PromotionsOff Campus
02/27/2013Telecommunications Assistant - Office of TelecommunicationsWork Study or Student Hire
02/22/2013National Eye Institue Summer InternshipInternship
02/21/2013Transportation Logistics Summer Internship - CH Robinson Worldwide, Inc.Internship
02/07/2013Summer Youth Program Supervisor - Community ServicesOff Campus
02/07/2013Summer Youth Program Lead Transit Operator - Community ServicesOff Campus
02/07/2013Summer Youth Program Aides - Community ServicesOff Campus
02/07/2013Summer Youth Program Assistant Supervisor -Community Services Off Campus
02/07/2013Private Tutor - Statistics 213Temporary Spring Semester
02/05/2013Bug Wars Undergraduate Research - University of North TexasOff Campus
04/10/2013LPN or RN - ENMRSH, Inc.Off Campus - Part-Time
04/25/2013Independent Living Support Staff - ENMRSH, Inc.Off Campus - Part-Time
01/17/2013Operations Intern - The Gavilon Group, LLC. Internship
01/17/2013Merchandising Intern - The Gavilon Group, LLC.Internship
01/17/2013Market Risk Intern - The Gavilon Group, LLC.Internship
01/11/2013Camp Couselor - Camp Zanika LacheOff Campus
01/10/2013Inventory Clerk - Inventory DepartmentWork Study
01/07/2013Head Start Assistant Teacher - Early Head StartOff Campus
01/07/2013Office Worker - College of BusinessWork Study
04/25/2013LPN- ENMRSH, Inc.Off Campus - Part-Time
12/14/2012Villers Fellowship for Health Care JusticeInternship/Fellowship
04/10/2013Therapists -ENMRSH, Inc. Off Campus - Part-Time/Full-Time
11/27/2012Student Security Officer - ENMU Police DepartmentWork Study
11/27/2012Floor Sales Associate - McDaniel’s Furniture & Floor CoveringsOff Campus
01/14/2013In Store Marketing Representative - Sears, Roebuck and Co.Off Campus
11/07/2012Software Development Engineer - AmazonInternship
10/24/2012National Fire Academy Student Internship - U.S. Fire AdministrationInternship
09/11/2012 2013 Summer Volunteer Internship Program - Federal Bureau of InvestigationInternship
04/25/2013Community Living Support Staff- ENMRSH, Inc.Off Campus - Part-Time
10/10/2012Adult Detention Officer - Curry County Detention CenterOff Campus
10/10/2012Booking Specialist - Curry County Detention CenterOff Campus
10/10/2012Banquet Server - Clovis Civic CenterOff Campus
10/10/2012Detention Officer - Roosevelt CountyOff Campus