Heads Up Landscape Contractors - Internship

Job Type: Internship
Department: Heads Up Landscape Contractors off campus
Date Posted: 06/13/2014

Summary: To provide experience to supplement and enhance an individual’s formal education. The landscape industry is in need of more individuals who possess both technical skills and field experience. An individual with strong field and technical skills is better prepared to enter and succeed in the industry upon graduation.
Please submit a current resume to lfrancis@hulc.com or fax to 505-923-9802
Compensation provided at
Rate-$11.00 per hour for three months.
Housing Allowance-$250 per month for three months.

Qualifications: The intern will spend time working in the specific area in which they are chosen Construction, This position will be working in the field. You will participate in the installation of a job from beginning to end. You will learn about layout/plan reading, soil preparation, planting process and irrigation procedures.
Grounds Maintenance, This position will also be working in the field most of the program. You will learn gardening, irrigation, small install technical skills and work with all varieties of equipment tools. Enhance your customer service skills while touring with our Account Managers.
Design, This position will be working with the Designers. You will learn CAD, estimating and take-offs, irrigation design and go on occasional site visits.

Grounds Management Schedule
Ground Maintenance Crew -4 weeks
Irrigation Technicians -3 weeks
Enhancement Crew -1 week
Account Manager/Outside Sales -1 week
Branch Manager/Department Manager -1 week

Duties: The student intern is responsible for the following
Performing duties as described in the Internship Agreement and/or as assigned by the employer.
Each student must meet his or her school’s employment work time requirement. In addition to the time requirement, each student is required to meet the quality standards of the employer.
Participating in conferences at a time convenient to all parties to discuss current progress and future work assignments.
Submitting progress summary/reports as assigned.
The employer is responsible for the following:
Providing the intern with a variety of industry-related experiences.
Conducting conferences on student’s performance and future assignments.
Submitting the employer evaluation forms regularly or as requested by the school.

For more information, contact:
Leslie Francis , Human Resources Manager

Albuquerque or Santa Fe