Test Accommodations

The primary alternative testing accommodations are extended time and/or a distraction-reduced environment, or individual area, if specified in the documentation. These arrangements are to be made with the Disability Services Office (DSO).
Requests for extended time and/or a distraction-reduced, individual environment is a general request for many disabilities. Should the documentation support the need for an oral exam, reader or alternative format, special discussions with the instructor will be made. These discussions should begin the first week of the semester. The Director of Disability Services will act as liaison.

Extended time does not mean unlimited time.
Testing Guidelines

  • Students must give an Accommodation Form to the instructor within the first two weeks of the semester.
  • Students must complete an Exam Request Form with their professor and submit the completed form to the Disability Services Office (DSO) 48 hours prior to the date of an assigned test.
  • If it is a night class, students need to discuss with the instructor when s/he wants the student to take the test. They may do it earlier the same day or the next day, as all tests taken in the DSO must be completed by 5 P.M.
  • Students are not to transport tests for the faculty. (An exception is made for those students who are work-study employees for the DSO or the faculty.)
  • The exams will be taken in the DSO facilities. If a student has a behavior that is distracting to other students or the disability is such that it is impossible to be in a room with others, the student should point this out to the person scheduling the test.
  • Students needing adaptive equipment, scribes or readers should inform the person scheduling the test of this.