ENMU ESL Institute

The English as a Second Language Institute at Eastern New Mexico offers courses to assist international students or others who need to improve their English in order to succeed in their university studies. Courses are taught at the high-intermediate and advanced levels and focus on academic skills.

  • Courses offered in the ESL Institute:
  • Academic Listening and Speaking
  • Academic Reading and Writing
  • Academic Vocabulary and Grammar
  • Research Writing
  • Integrated Skills
  • Integrated Skills Lab
  • Conversation Practice

Students in the full ESL program take 18 hours of classes each week. Students who qualify by virtue of a placement test and oral interview may be enrolled in fewer hours of ESL, allowing them to begin study in their majors while continuing to improve their English.

A full schedule of classes is offered in the fall and spring semesters. One course is offered online in the regular summer session, and eight hours of face-to-face classes are offered during the summer institute.